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Created in February 2011
Antiquated understandings of comic books as “children’s trash” having no redeeming or literary value have been replaced in recent years with an explosion of int...erest in using graphic novels and sequential art for innovative educational programs.

There are now literally hundreds of college and university courses worldwide, and a skyrocketing number of K-12 classrooms, that integrate Comics Studies in their curriculum. Comics are a proven resource for motivating reluctant readers, engaging multiple learning styles, and developing multi-media critical literacy, which involves the ability to thoughtfully analyze and evaluate combinations of text and imagery.

Graphic literature not only addresses a wide variety of social issues and cultural topics, but also invites development of skills in
critical thinking, visual rhetoric, deductive reasoning, and aesthetic as well as philosophical judgment. Comics Studies thus offer ideal pedagogical materials for interdisciplinary studies since ‘Sequential Art’
explores these diverse intersections of the artistic qualities
for literature, art, and cinema while also providing thought-
provoking mythic allegories for historical, political, and
philosophical issues.

And students love it!
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UNT's Comic Studies Conference--will feature local and national scholars, artists, and writers whose work focuses on or in graphic novels.
This conference will explore:

*Comics Across the Curriculum
*Comics Across Culture,
*Comics Across the Community, and ...
*Comics Across the Classroom.

Highlighting the diverse UNT faculty who use comics or graphic novels in their teaching and research, panels will also examine the community
connections and interdisciplinary value of bringing comics into student-centered learning environments!

Papers and panel submissions due by February 4.
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