Google posted the code of Chrome 66 that will prevent websites from play videos with sound.
Also gets HDR support on Windows along with Meltdown and Spectre patches.
Update your Browser is feeling thoughtful.
January 15

Ever thought this way?

Since its debut, Chrome has grown in popularity, though its once-stellar reputation has taken a bit of a hit as of late. Examples of Chrome-only sites are more and more common, reminiscent of the days when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer dominated the web browser market. It’s been shown to be a ma...


It’s part of Google’s push to support the Coalition for Better Ads (mentioned in an earlier Tech+), an industry group that realized digital ads were being ignored because too many peopl…

Which one is your goto browser?

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With 150 million users, uTorrent is still the most popular torrent client in the world. It’s surprising. Most of its best features came from an update five years ago, when the service unveiled version 3.0. Since, growth has stalled, and new feature releases have been all but nonexistent. Founder Bra...|By Bryan Clark
Google has deployed the first code for a new feature called Copyless Paste in its Chrome app for Android. The feature is meant to take data from your Chrome usage and use that to improve the experi…

It's getting better

The Chrome 58 browser update for Android is now rolling out, and it adds support for running full screen web apps, among other new features.


That's right, Internet Explorer's old versions are finally losing support from Microsoft.


Microsoft is aggressively pushing its new web browser, Edge, to Windows 10 users when they attempt to search for other browsers - like Firefox or Chrome - using Microsoft's own browser. The tactic...

Last breath for Flash!

The change, originally announced in June and enabled for beta users, goes into effect for everyone on Sept. 1.
Windows 10’s swanky new web browser, Microsoft Edge, isn’t to everyone’s taste. Here’s how to change your default browser to Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.
Flash is relatively easy to disable if you know where too look. Check out our guide on how to remove it from Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.
From the tarnished ashes of Internet Explorer came Microsoft Edge, an all-new browser built from the ground up for Windows 10. When we first went hands-on with the browser –…
Microsoft's new Edge promises faster browsing, annotations and better compliance with Web standards
For all its popularity, Chrome can still be an irritating browser to use — soaking up processing power and draining battery life. And while these issues are true on any platform, they seem...