In Canada we have limited opportunity to make vitamin D from sunshine. Watch your shadow to judge for yourself.

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Vitamin D Council

Are you curious about how much vitamin D you're making as we approach summer? Here's a helpful hint!

This study looked not only at how long but how WELL people slept and markers of brain health. In my 4 Weeks to Better Sleep course, I teach people with insomnia how to improve sleep quality AND sleep duration.…

Study shows that compared with those with best sleep efficiency, those with the worst efficiency were more likely to have amyloid deposition.

Concerned about fluoride? Here's a balanced and informed look at the issue by a dentist.…/the-fluoride-debate-t…/

The fluoride debate has been ongoing for 50 years. In the past few months I sense a renewed vigor on the side of organized dentistry to promote water fluoridation. For example, a recent study from ...

Here are 27 good tips for keeping your healthy food fresh longer.…/2013/03/25/food-storage-tips.…

Here are 27 easy tips to help you extend the shelf life of your fresh foods.

Although it was one of my favourite 80's songs, Kim Mitchell was wrong when he wrote 'might as well go for a soda, nobody hurts, nobody dies'.…

In a global epidemiologic study, slurping back too many sugary drinks was linked with hundreds of thousands of BMI-related deaths from CVD, diabetes, and cancer each year.

Eating fruits and veggies may improve your mood the following day according to this research. In case you needed another reason.…/2013-01/uoo-nss012213.php

Eating more fruit and vegetables may make young people calmer, happier and more energetic in their daily life, new research from New Zealand's University of Otago suggests.

Enjoyed speaking to a nice group of people from Better Living Community Health Services today. The topic was Sleeping Better, Naturally.

"Dr. Robert Heaney recommends people achieve a daily intake of 35 IU of vitamin D per day per pound (75 IU per kg) to help ensure you reach optimal levels vitamin D blood levels of 100 nmol/L (Can) or 40 ng ml (USA)."

The Vitamin D Society wants to make the public aware that current vitamin D intake recommendations for adults are low in comparison to levels prescribed for infants. After a recent review of the IOM vitamin D recommendations the Vitamin D Society discovered that the vitamin D dose per pound was subs...

Having trouble resisting processed foods? It's no accident. These foods are scientifically engineered to be hard to resist. This article is long but an enlightening read.…/the-extraordinary-science-of-junk-…&

Inside the hyperengineered, savagely marketed, addiction-creating battle for American “stomach share.”

Simple. Delicious. Healthy. Cheap. I'm trying this!

I absolutely love simple recipes. Few, but wholesome, ingredients that explode with real flavor are the kinds of dishes I like to serve to my family. As far as veggies go, I always strive to offer variety to my children, but often find myself serving the same tried and true recipes over and over aga...

Enjoy your pancakes today! But skip the soda.…/256949-A-Can-of-Soda-a-Day-Can-Increa…

A new medical study poses huge questions for the future of soft drinks. According to a Swedish study from Lund University recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it takes a single daily can of soda to increase a man's risk of...

If you're having trouble falling asleep, turn off the screens at least an hour before bed time. Here's why.…

Using a tablet or computer in the late evening disrupts the body's melatonin production

A recipe for home made vapor rub to keep the sinuses open through cold season.

Maybe we don’t all call them the sickies. Maybe you have a more ‘grown up’ name to call it. The point is, we all feel like total poop from time to time.

Some information on the dangers of sleeping pills. Dr. Kripke's research is behind a few important aspects of my 4 Weeks to Better Sleep Program.…/…/11/dangerous-sleeping-pills/

I came across Dr. Daniel Kripke’s book Dark Side of Sleeping Pills while finishing yesterday’s post on undisclosed risks of medical treatments. I had written an almost-complete draft a year ago. One line in the draft said “undisclosed risks of sleeping pills” with no additional information. I couldn...

Yes, a hot bath or shower can help you fall asleep by affecting your body temperature if done with the right timing (not immediately before bed). Just make sure your hair is dry to prevent bed head

Sleep usually follows the cooling phase of the body's temperature cycle, so taking a hot shower or leisurely warm bath before bedtime is...

I love the idea of making your own junk food! How much healthier would you be if you resolved to only eat junk food if you made it yourself? No deprivation, fewer additives, possibly less sugar, the joy and feeling of accomplishment of creating food... I can think of many benefits. Just be sure to share it with friends (like me )

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Food Inc

8 simple tips to ditch processed foods:

I don't put much emphasis on the mattress when working with insomnia patients. They generally have a minor influence on sleep quality. But, if you're in the market for a new one, here are some tips.…/exc…/best-mattress-good-nights-sleep…

Buying a new mattress? Experts offer their tips for choosing the right mattress so you can sleep better.