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FUGAZI Entry Contest!
Day 4 of 22 #22PushUps #22Kill 22 more elevated push-ups for Kenn tonight. The grips/weights really help keep those wrists straight, and encourage general form altogether. I'm doing push-ups to raise awareness for the issue of veteran suicide...on average 22 a day. Go to to see what you can do to help. Craig and I were challenged by Warrior State of Mind team Captain, Mario Herrera, and we hereby challenge YOU! Ready..set..GO! JOIN US for a good cause and support our veterans! #SUPPORTINGVETERANS #WSOM Post a video of you doing 22 push-ups for 22 days and challenge a friend to do the same and together we can spread the word and raise money.

Anyone know a good gym with incredible trainers... 🤔
RFT Coaching people, go vote!
Here is the website as it asks for it

Nominate your favorite fitness companies, people, and trainers today. Nominations end on Sunday.

Best of Utah Awards – these are awarded to companies and individuals who have delivered unique value, inspiration, and/or premium products & services to Utah communities. *Utah companies ONLY

For all of you who are attending, or considering attending, the Vegazona Super and/or Sprint, we would love to have you join us on the Warrior State of Mind team. Not only will you get all the perks of the biggest team, but you'll also run with some of the best people in all of OCR.

Let us know in the comments below if you'll be joining us or have any questions on how to register for the team (even if you're already registered).

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If you haven’t already signed up for Terrain Racing yet, here’s your chance! It’s already the best bang for your buck in the OCR industry. This deal makes it even better!

Be sure to join Kenn and Craig on the Warrior State of Mind team. They made us use a password, so use “warrior”.

See you there!

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Oh my gosh! Look who shared our story! Thank you, Spartan Race, for sharing! Click the link for the full story.

And look how awesome my wife is!

Check out our friend, Brooke Bowen, in another feature from Spartan Race!

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Know what we love? That moment of exhilaration when you conquer an obstacle and ring that bell. There's no feeling quite like it.

What... pushes you to the top of the rope or the other side of Olympus, Spartan? What goes through your mind in that moment?

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This just might be the best Spartan video ever.


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Posted by Spartan

Us: 🥇🏁🔥🛡⚔️🏟 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏾‍♀️🌏🌎🌍

Them: 🤡

Get ‘em while you can! This is Warrior State of Mind’s unique endurance event. You won’t find another event like it (until the Spartan Hurricane Heat comes along in July)!

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Warrior State of Mind

LAST CHANCE for early bird pricing for FUGAZI IV! This is the lowest rate you will see before prices go up at midnight tonight! Learn all about teamwork and more at Draper City Park in Draper, UT on March 30! Don't miss out on the first Fortitude event of the year!

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Thanks, Kid Snippets, this is all I will be thinking about as I'm running tonight. 😆

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Lesson #7: My Worst Race Was Also My Best Race

There are a few ways in which we measure success in obstacle racing. Some people consider just finishing an obstacle race to be a success. It is very common for people to consider finish time as a measure of race success. An elite racer will look at his or her placement at the end of a race. As for me, I look at my overall time, along with the number of failed obstacles.

With all of those measurements and the huge amount of v...ariation between race companies and even between same-company races at different venues it’s hard to say exactly which one of my races has been the most successful. However, it’s easy to say which one was my worst. That was the Utah Spartan Super in August of 2015. But here’s the weird thing about that race…

It was also my best.

Let me tell you about that race. It was August and the Utah heat was blazing. It was, if I remember right, about 100 degrees on a clear cloud-free sky. As always, I was nervous prior to the start with those dang butterflies that go away within about 30 seconds after the start of the race, but make the half hour leading up to it kind of miserable. However, I was racing with a friend who was racing her first Spartan Race so I did my best to keep my cool. We took off out of the starting chute and we made our way at a slow pace up the long eastern mountainside of Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah. We worked through a couple obstacles. I’m proud of my obstacle performance and I didn’t disappoint that day. At every step of the way I was able to help my friend, sometimes literally carrying her through some of the obstacles. We struggled after about a mile and a half. As my friend was coming down from the first seemingly never-ending mountain, she rolled her ankle. From then on, success was indicated by one thing that day: finishing the race. We slowly trudged up and down that mountain. Where obstacles were failed, which was fairly often, we did the burpees together. My friend was able to overcome the mountain, the obstacles, her pain and her fear. At the end of a VERY long and exhausting 8 hours on that hot mountain we finished the race. I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired or more pleased in my life!

So why do I say this 8-hour burpee-filled race was my best race? That answer has nothing to do with my time, and everything to do with my friend. I met her 22 years ago. 20 years ago she made me the happiest man in world by becoming my bride. 15 and 12 years ago she gave me the matchless gifts of my daughter and son, respectively. She has been with me through every high and every low. Every success I have, on AND off the course is because she inspires me to be the kind of man she deserves. It was a privilege and an honor to be with her through that long, hot, miserable, yet wonderful day - her first Spartan Race.

That is why I can say, without hesitation, that my worst race was also my best race!

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I love it when celebrities help bring our beloved sport to a bigger audience. Great job and AROO, Serena Williams!

Thanks for the heads-up, Misty Diaz!…/serena-williams-competes-spartan-o…/amp/

Serena Williams competed in a Spartan race with her husband Alexis Ohanian and other friends in Southern California

Today is the last day for early bird pricing to the Salt Lake Terrain Racing. Get it while you can! Use code Conquer25 for an addition 25% off.

Salt Lake CityMay 12, 2018Salt Lake City Equestrian Park$30 Sale Ends on January 17 and then goes up to $60 Register Now Are you ready to conquer obstacles in Salt Lake City? Crawl over obstacles and through mud pits at Salt Lake City Equestrian Park. Conquer over 20 obstacles with friends for the r...

Lesson 6: It’s a lifestyle

On the surface, obstacle racing appears to be one of those things that you do one weekend and then forget about it; sort of like going to an amusement park. It’s a ton of fun, you spend time with awesome people, eat some things that you probably shouldn’t and then go home. I don’t think every day about going back to the amusement park, but it’s something that gets checked off my list every summer.

While recognizing that some people look at obstacl...e racing that way, I’ve seen countless people who have a very different reaction. Obstacle racing is life changing. Indeed, obstacle racing is a way of life.

Obstacle racing has changed my fitness. In all my pre-obstacle racing life workouts I would push myself ridiculously hard. I would run until I was gasping for air. I would haphazardly do bodyweight exercises. I would go to the gym and kinda-sorta work out on some machines because I really had no idea what I was doing. In all this effort, I achieved a whole lot of nothing. At least, I don’t think so. I wasn’t tracking anything so how would I know? I didn’t understand how to work out properly so I did it poorly and was miserable doing it. Now I run, but keep myself within desired heart rate zones. I do proper push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and squats. I know exactly what machines I’m going to use when I walk in the door, how many sets, and how many reps. Now I track my bodyweight, my reps and weights, my running time, length of runs, time in heart rate zones and other data.

Obstacle racing has changed my career. I am more dedicated and hardworking now than I was in 2012 prior to my first race. I am more likely to seize hold of opportunities and take calculated risks.

Obstacle racing has changed my family. I am more driven and I use that drive to inspire my children and serve my wife. We eat healthier food. We are more active. We spend more quality time together as a family and do fun things like hiking in the stunning scenery of Utah’s Wasatch mountains. Obstacle racing has made me a better husband and father.

Obstacle racing has changed my community. I am quicker to reach out to friends in need. I am more willing to experience discomfort in the service of my friends and neighbors. I have friends who have been inspired to get in shape and in some cases run their own races. It is a humbling and fulfilling thing to see others take steps to improve their lives because of things that they’ve seen you do.

In the end, obstacle racing isn’t something I do on a few select weekends a year. It’s something I would do every weekend. It has changed who I am. Obstacle racing is a lifestyle.

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Plans to run the Utah Terrain Race? Get a discount for the next couple of days. Registration’s only $30 through Jan. 10.

Salt Lake CityMay 12, 2018Salt Lake City Equestrian Park$30 Sale Ends on January 10 and then goes up to $60 Register Now Are you ready to conquer obstacles in Salt Lake City? Crawl over obstacles and through mud pits at Salt Lake City Equestrian Park. Conquer over 20 obstacles with friends for the r...

It took some time, but it will be worth the wait! Terrain Racing is coming back to Utah, with a great new venue! This was a fantastic race two years ago, and is expected to be even better this year. Kenn and Craig are excited! Who’s with them?

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Posted by Terrain Racing
Sat 8:00 AM MDTSalt Lake County Equestrian CenterSouth Jordan, UT
Fitness · 461 people

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