The Odyssey of the Apostrophe

Our song 'Shadows in our Wake' has been featured on the Metal Observer's Secret Steel compilation Power Metal 1: Genesis. The idea of the compilation is to be an ongoing source of exposure for kickass underground metal! Cheers!!

Welcome to Secret Steel, the new project of The Metal Observer, welcome to “Power Metal 1: Genesis”! We have sifted through and evaluated countless bands and we have hand picked 10 of the best that power and heavy metal has … Continue reading →

Any keen fans that know the lyrics to Ageless Stranger were inspired by Stephen King's The Dark Tower. Hmm, I think our song could have worked well in the trailer or movie

In a world full of superheroes, there’s only one Gunslinger. From the epic best-selling novels by Stephen King comes #DarkTowerMovie In Theaters August 4. Su...