This just in from the State House! The House Agriculture Committee has voted H.722 out of Committee with a vote of 9-1 in favor of the bill!

Can you believe we are still fighting this battle? Believe it!

We don’t have much time. Tell em' what you think, again and again!

We don’t have much time. Tell the USDA we’re still here and we want GMO labeling NOW!

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Last year, Congr...ess passed a disappointing so-called “compromise” bill on GMO labeling that was seen as a huge gift for industry. But a lot of the details about how the labeling would happen were left undecided. We need to take everything we’ve got and tell USDA once and for all that GMO labeling MUST be clearly labeled on the package, on all GE foods, and accessible to ALL Americans!

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Don't hide behind high-tech codes!

Although they get some things quite wrong (what else is new?) this NPR story covers some interesting territory.…/labels-and-the-gmo-debate-in-new-e…

Writer Caitlin Shetterly suffered for years with a series of puzzling symptoms: constant colds, tingling and numbness, rashes, and all-over pain and weakness. She tried every treatment she could fin

Good article that chronicles the peoples' fight for GMO labeling, featuring two of New England's labeling heroes Martin Dagoberto of Massachusetts Right to Know GMOs and Andrea Stander of VT Right To Know GMOs.…/gmo-labeling-congress-corpora…

Tuesday, Oct 11, 2016, 3:07 pm Activists to Congress: This New GMO Labeling Law “Doesn’t Pass the Laugh Test” By Tracy Frisch Share TweetReddit0 StumbleUpon1EmailPrint Email this article to a friend your email your name recipient(s) email (comma separated) message captcha Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)...

Vermont champion activist Brigid Armbrust, now 14, wrote an essay for Beyond GM about her experience fighting for GMO labels.

"On the way home from the meeting I was feeling frustrated and angry because it seemed there was nothing kids my age could do about this issue, which had suddenly become so important to me. Then I had an idea. With help from friends in the VT Right To Know GMOs Coalition, most importantly Cat Buxton and later Andrea Stander, I started a children’s letter writing campaign to support the labeling effort. We wrote to many people, including Governor Peter Shumlin, key senators on the Agricultural and Judiciary committees, the Commissioner of Health, and the Attorney General. Aside from this I also attended many protests and committee meetings, as well as debates and votes."

We are so pleased to have yet another articulate young person contributing to our Our Food Our Future campaign…. In this article teen campaigner Brigid Armbrust looks back on the Vermont GMO labeling initiative – and her role in encouraging kids to get involved. If you ever wondered what it was all about here's one of the clearest explanations we've read!

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UK campaign to raise public awareness and engagement in the GM food debate.

While oligarchy is not the goal, informed consumers who want clean food, living soil, healthy ecosystems and a viable livlihood for farmers are having a strong impact on agriculture. Keep up the great work building localized food systems that support people!

"It’s not just a case of American farmers needing more technologically advanced tools; it’s also a white flag from big agribusiness companies struggling with the fact that, despite all their efficiencies and inventions, the US market is demanding supplies that let farmers grow more profitable and less complicated organic and all-natural foods.
Whether that trend continues remains to be seen. For now, the mergers are a clear sign that companies that invest in high-tech seeds and chemicals are going through a rough patch, and they think consolidation is their way out of it."

Monsanto and other agriculture companies want to get bigger.

We are very proud of the work we did together as the VT Right To Know GMOs Coalition. While we are honored that our fearless leader, Dr. Will Allen received an award for that work we are outraged that Politico fails to see that Senator Stabenow actually sabotaged Vermont's law and find it darkly hilarious that they have coupled her back-stabbing antics with Will's heroic food activism by presenting an award to them both.

"The odd pairing of Allen and Stabenow, and spinning i...t as if they worked together when, in reality, Stabenow sabotaged Allen’s work, is even more odd when considering Politico’s own reporting of the GMO-labeling battles."

To get the REAL story, please read the full Press Release here:…/

The Vermont Right to Know GMOs Coalition is a collaborative effort:
Rural Vermont, VPIRG. NOFA-VT, The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic at Vermont Law School, Cedar Circle Farm, Grow More, Waste Less. Our work in Vermont could never have been so successful without all of these groups, many incredible legislative leaders, a strong grassroots citizen movement, hundreds of business supporters, and generous and continuous support from our national partners and food heroes everywhere.

Help us to get the real story out there. Please share!

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Regeneration Vermont

Ironically, Politico has Allen sharing the number 36 spot with U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), the legislative architect of the federal law that effectivel...y killed what was a Vermont labeling law victory, at least for the 28 days it was law before Stabenow stabbed it. To say that Stabenow is a pariah to the grassroots food and agriculture movements right now would be kind, having undercut years of effort in her buckling to Monsanto & Co.

“While we are pleased with the recognition of those efforts,” wrote Allen to his Vermont coalition partners, “we are extremely dismayed by Politico’s blindsiding us in pairing me with Debbie Stabenow and concluding that we changed American agriculture. The Vermont bill certainly influenced the debate, but Stabenow’s efforts just prove the power of corporate control. We are not surprised that U.S. journalism pretends to be fair and unbiased without a moral compass. After all, they paired Bernie with Ted Cruz.”

The odd pairing of Allen and Stabenow, and spinning it as if they worked together when, in reality, Stabenow sabotaged Allen’s work, is even more odd when considering Politico’s own reporting of the GMO-labeling battles. It’s as if the award side of Politico never talks to the journalists at Politico, because the reporting at Politico clearly showed that they understood the great chasm between Allen’s call for full disclosure and Stabenow game of labeling hide and seek. Consider, for example, the article published by Politico late last spring that reports on the “…proposal from Sen. Debbie Stabenow on how best to preempt Vermont’s GMO labeling law…” Even the headline from the May 11, 2016 article highlights the divide between the factions: “Senate Working On ‘Middle Ground’ GMO Labeling Bill to Prevent Vermont Law.” Read the full Press Release here:…/ #politico50 #regenerators #GMOs #labelGMOs #righttoknow #regenerationvt #regenerativeag

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Losing our law totally sucks but there is this...
"Small as Vermont is, the(ir) law put the entire American food economy in a bind."

Read more:…/…/2016/will-allen-debbie-stabenow…
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For making food transparent.

We like the sound of this...

The new labeling rules may be weak but could be leveraged to push food producers to disclose more about what we eat.

What you need to know about GMOs and dairy, in Vermont and everywhere else. Regeneration Vermont

In a nutshell...NO! Not at all. And Center for Food Safety plans to file a federal lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. Please support:

In a nutshell...NO! Not at all. And CFS plans to file a federal lawsuit challenging its constitutionality. Please support:

Well folks, it's a fact. The U.S. now has a federal GMO-labeling law. But just what the heck does it do? You'll be surprised.

GMO labeling is no longer mandated in Vermont, but the Vermont Retail Grocers Association, which advocated a single, national rule, is telling its retailer and supplier members that they may continue disclosing GMO information if they choose.

GMO labeling is no longer mandated in Vermont, but the Vermont Retail Grocers Association, which advocated a single, national rule, is telling its retailer and supplier members that they may continue disclosing GMO information if they choose.

Thank you Senator Richard Blumenthal. We agree that the DARK act is not a solution and will not help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. This law was designed to protect industry and keep consumers in the dark.

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Citizens For GMO Labeling

Thank you Senator Richard Blumenthal for continuing to stand with the American people and not giving up on our fight to know what is in our food. As Blumenthal... so brilliantly stated, “Consumers can vote with their feet and their pocketbook even if their elected representatives are not voting as they would like. Every survey of public opinion shows that the American people want this information.” The bill that was signed into law last month is not a GMO labeling law, it's sole purpose is to keep Americans in the DARK about what we are eating. Monsanto and other special interest money may have sway over senators, but it certainly won't impact moms when they are shopping to buy food for their children. #RepealDARKAct #LabelGMOs…/blumenthal-says-he-will-fight-federa…/

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"One major concern about the new bill is that it does not require the clear language that Vermont’s labeling law did. The new law allows certain companies to use a QR code or call a number in order to obtain information on GMOs, whereas Vermont’s law required on-package labeling."

The Vermont Retail Grocers Association encourages continued GMO labeling even after the invalidation of the Vermont GMO labeling law by a new federal law.

"This fight's not over. It's moved to Washington, D.C., now, " said Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell.

Vermont's GMO labeling law lasted all of three weeks before it was trumped by a new federal law. Was it worth it?

Professor Laura Murphy, director of the The Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic at Vermont Law School, observed that the new law, in fact, does the opposite of creating consumer transparency for GMO food.
“If Congress were really interested in providing consumers with information, it could have adopted Vermont’s on-package label that companies are already using across the country,” Murphy explained. “Instead, Congress created a mechanism for companies to hide behi...nd QR codes and trample on state efforts to provide their citizens with actual information. As if this weren’t bad enough, the federal law has a confusing definition of ‘bioengineering’ that gives USDA the authority to determine how much of a product needs to be bioengineered before a label is required, and prevents even the food companies from certain types of disclosure. “

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In a stark demonstration of the power of the agrochemical industry to convert the U.S. government into a fiefdom for corptocracy rule, Presi...

“When we started seeing labels on products not just here but in other states, we realized, wow, we really did force the industry’s hand on this one.” ~ Teo Zagar, champion legislator in Vermont

Vermont’s experiment with GMO labeling was brief, but memorable. In July, the single month that House Act 120 was in effect, consumers saw new signs popping up at grocery stores — just not the type many were envisioning. “We apologize that we can no longer offer this product to you,” reads one such…