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Gigi Vallejo
· 5 hours ago
My compliments to your driver today in bus # 1217. Traveling by vbmc hgn er just now at 445pm. We have so many issues with vehicles not giving us right of way crossing that location from er across to... our clinic. He waited even tho he had ample time to proceed without me being close to street yet! Please compliment him for me!!! See More
Virginia Martinez
· August 16, 2016
The Mission 7 a.m. bus leaving McAllen, the bus driver is rude.He has no manners he wouldn't give his name,but he always drives the 7 a.m. bus to Mission.
In general the fare is reasonable, but the ...buses are always late, and break down. The Valley Merro needs a re-structure in all areas. First they need better customer service. The majority of the people taking the Valley Meteo are humble (poor), but that does not give this company the right to be rude to them. The girls in office have a (don't bother me additude). Some of the bus drivers are rude. The company also needs certified mechanics, that know how to fix their buses. Inaddition they need more driver's and more schedules. See More
Joann Salazar
· May 17, 2016
So iv been waiting here in Weslaco to go to Harlingen since 9:37 am to catch the 10 am bus..well its 11:23 the bus never got here..i called the office n the bus had to catch the expressway because it ...was already an hour late according to Angie who answered the really upset cause i have my kids out here waiting in this to wait for the 11am bus n its obviously late..the struggle of not having a running vehicle is real.. See More
Samantha Quade-Herrera
· December 5, 2014
I love riding the bus and it's very convinient for me. I just wish route 45-1 had a bigger bus. It gets really packed when it leaves the Bmetro station to UTB because a lot of the students have to sta...nd up, and it gets very hot in there. Other than that, great job! oh and please make sure route 41 has a radio lol! See More
Joe Mata
· November 16, 2014
For the most part i had a pleasant experience. I only rode on one route and was late only a couple of times due to changing busses along the route at the Weslaco base. I believe the base needs to do... a better job to facilitate the transition between busses. Also, i believe the company needs to become more strict in not allowing people who are under the influence to board the bus. See More

NOTICE: the following Routes will begin at the following times tomorrow:
RT 43- 9:55 AM
RT 44- 8:30 AM
RT 45-1 - 10:40 AM
RT 45-2 - 9:15 AM...
RT 50-1 - 8:30 AM
RT 50-2 - 8:45 AM
Purpleline - 9:05 AM
Greenline 1 - 9:00 AM
Greenline 2 - 9:40 AM
RT 60/61/62- 9:00 AM

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NOTICE: the following Routes will begin at the following times tomorrow:
RT 10- 8:30 AM
RT 12- 9:05 AM
RT 14- 8:30 AM
RT 15- 9:00 AM...
RT 20- 8:30 AM
RT 21- 8:40 AM
RT 30- 8:45 AM
RT 31-1- 9:00 AM
RT 31-2- 9:00 AM
RT 32- 9:00 AM
RT 40- 8:30 AM
RT 41- 8:30 AM
RT 42- 9:25 AM

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NOTICE: Due to inclement weather and for safety reasons, Valley Metro will be beginning services a little later than usual tomorrow. Stay tuned for more information on. Please call 1.800.574.8322 for more information

Valley Metro phones lines are down and will be up and running again within an hour.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

you can also download our Double Map app to track your bus in real time.

Great News! We will begin serving @STVT in Weslaco beginning January 2nd, 2018.

For more information on this please call 1.800.574.8322

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NOTICE: Valley Metro will not be in service January 1st in observance of the New Years Holiday. Service will resume on the 2nd.

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NOTICE: Valley Metro will not be in service during the days of December 25th & 26th in observance of Christmas. Service will resume on the 27th.

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Services in Starr County will end at 4:30 PM due to the Christmas Parade except the Greenline. The Greenline will operate normally.

For more information regarding our delayed service please call 1.800.574.8322. Dispatch will gladly answer any questions you might have or provide you with any information you need. Remember, beginning tonight weather will be abnormally cold and wet so stay safe and stay warm.

Due to severe weather conditions, Valley Metro will delay the following routes:

Route Starting Route Time
Route 10 8:30 AM
Route 12 9:05 AM ...
Route 14 8:30 AM
Route 15 9:00 AM
Route 20 8:30 AM
Route 21 8:40 AM
Route 30 8:45 AM
Route 31-1 9:00 AM
Route 31-2 9:00 AM
Route 32 9:00 AM
Route 40 8:30 AM
Route 41 8:30 AM
Route 42 9:25 AM
Route 43 9:55 AM
Route 44 8:30 AM
Route 45-1 10:40 AM
Route 45-2 9:15 AM
Route 50-1 8:30 AM
Route 50-2 8:45 AM
Purple Line 9:05 AM
Green Line -1 9:00 AM
Green Line -2 9:40 AM
Route 60 9:00 AM
Route 61 9:00 AM
Route 62 9:00 AM

All other rural service will start at 9:00 AM

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NOTICE: Valley Metro will not operate on Thanksgiving Day. Service will resume on Friday the 24th.

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Route 30 is now back in service. For more information please call 1.800.574.8322

NOTICE: RT 30 has been cancelled until further notice. For more info please call 1.800.574.5322, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Valley Metro will not be in service tomorrow in observance of Veteran's Day. The following routes will be in service:

Route 12
Route 14

Valley Metro will be observing Veteran's Day next Friday and not Saturday. Meaning that there will be no service next Friday and service will resume on Saturday.

For more information please call 1-800-574-8322

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