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Greg Kettering
March 6, 2012
Hey George, tell me about this.
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September 3, 2013
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Some exciting news here at ValueAppeal was picked up by Geekwire.

Four years ago, Charlie Walsh attempted to appeal his property tax assessment, only to find that the process was painfully time consuming. With a degree in real estate development from MIT, Walsh knew there had to be a better way. So, he created ValueAppeal, a fast-growing Seattle startup that just ...

Davison County, South Dakota is starting a revaluation job that could take four years to complete. In some cases, homes there haven't been reassessed in almost 25 years.…/…/id/70736/group/homepage/

Assessors to establish new values of residential properties for tax purposes

Can a judge force someone to apologize for filing a lawsuit? A North Dakota judge is attempting to do so with a group that tried to get property taxes abolished in that state. What do you think? Should a judge be able to force an apology?…/article_88a66252-0bf0-11e2-8ad…

BISMARCK, N.D. — Supporters of a failed campaign to abolish North Dakota property taxes say a judge is trampling their free-speech rights by ordering them to apologize to their opponents.

Just got off the phone with Edmund, a client in Spring Lake, New Jersey. He reported that he accepted an offer that lowered his assessment from $844,787 to $700,000, which will save him about $940 a year!
He said, "I was very happy with the outcome. I was scheduled for a hearing and was prepared to make my case, but the assessor contacted me the afternoon before the hearing and made an offer which I accepted. I'll be referring ValueAppeal to my children for next year."
Thanks Edmund, that's a great way to start October!

Happy October 1! Are you excited for Fall or sad to see Summer go (or both)? Let's start the week off with the latest from the Los Angeles County assessor's office scandal. A potential LA mayoral candidate allegedly received unfair property tax treatment and made a major donation to the embattled assessor's campaign fund:…/billionaire-developer-of-…/

Rick Caruso, potential candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles received special treatment and substantial property tax reductions for The Grove, then donated thousands to embattled assessor’s political efforts.

Property tax rates - and thus, overall government property tax revenue - is going up despite the fact that assessed values are going down. Say what?…/usa-realestate-taxes-idINL1E8KPJ232…

Sept 25 (Reuters) - Property tax collections by U.S. cities,towns and other local governments jumped 6.2 percent to $91.1billion during April, May and June from 2011's second quarter,the U.S. Census

A 47,000-square-foot medical building somehow disappeared from the Los Angeles County tax rolls for three years. Just another day in the ongoing LA County assessor's office scandal:…/la-me-assessor-20120927,0,3717044.…

The Prospect South Bay Medical Center in Redondo Beach is home to dozens of doctors' offices — cardiologists, obstetricians and an urgent care center.

The Beaufort County, S.C. assessor put 2011 on the most recent assessment notices when it should have been 2012, costing the county more than $5K to correct it. Ooops!…/beaufort-county-assessor-noti…

Beaufort County reissued assessor notices to nearly 9,000 property owners Saturday because an earlier version contained a typographical error.

Hundreds of citizens rallied at the Pennsylvania Capitol Tuesday asking for property tax reform.…/ci_…/county-tax-foes-invade-capitol…

Two bus loads of Lebanon County residents joined hundreds of others from around the state demanding property tax reform in Harrisburg on Tuesday.

The race for Connecticut's Senate seat currently held by Linda McMahon has dissolved into a war of "Who pays their property taxes on time?"…/hc-sen-mcmahon-taxes-0925-201…

Although Linda McMahon has been sharply criticizing her Democratic opponent Chris Murphy for not paying his bills on time, it turns out the Republican senate nominee also has her own history of late...

We got a great mention in this story by Elisabeth Leamy, the Consumer Correspondent for Good Morning America:…/best-ways-lower-your-property-t…

Here's how to lower your property taxes by appealing your bill and claiming tax breaks based on your age.

A New York assessor likely speaks for many assessors when he says he's being unfairly blamed for his town's financial woes. What do you think? Are assessors taking too much blame for a town's economic struggles?

An assessor can be an easy target for blame in a sluggish economy when property owners are struggling with rising taxes.

Another New York story to share: Between 2008 and 2011, the median household income in the state dropped 1.4 percent while property taxes went up 18 percent.…/New-York-Property-Tax…

Between 2008 and 2011, the median household income in New York fell 1.4 percent to $55,246, and property taxes increased 18 percent, according to U.S. census data released Thursday.