Started in 2010
Long-acting nonhormonal male contraceptive. Get more info and get notified when U.S. clinical trials start:
Company Overview
Vasalgel is being developed as a social venture by a nonprofit foundation, so it will be priced high enough to keep the company afloat, make the venture, and return supporters' investment if possible, but not enough to be a burden to users. There is no excuse for a $10 product to be priced at $800. Our mission includes availability and affordability for all.

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General Information
Social Media Rules for Engagement

We want Facebook and social media to be a forum where everybody can discuss thoughts in a productive and thought-provoking wa...y. Everybody’s thoughts are important, but we will hide comments that do not respectfully further the discussion and allow room for others’ thoughts too.

We take a stoplight approach:

"Green" situations: Friendly, respectful, inquisitive, and general comments are welcomed and encouraged. Please remember that our fans include people of vast differences, including age, religion, region, etc. Please keep all language as readable as possible, and remember that youth as young as 13 years of age are participating.

Our actions in response: We will reply, as possible and/or needed, and encourage conversation, and even friendly debate.

"Yellow" situations: If comments are disrespectful and/or use possibly objectionable language or graphics. They may include inappropriate advertisements for other pages, products, or content with which we do not have an active partnership.

Our actions in response: We will delete or hide comments, as needed and deemed appropriate for the majority of our constituents. We will attempt to post a comment on the post when this occurs and remind people of our social engagement policies, linking here.

"Red" situations: Comments that are spam, pornographic, harassing, violent, harmful, advertisements, and/or any continued actions from individuals who have been previously warned regarding engagement policies.

Our actions in response: We will block the user(s) in question, and may report harassing, pornographic or spam to Facebook, as deemed appropriate. If you have been blocked from engaging on our Page and wish to request a change in status, please email us at info at ParsemusFoundation dot org.


Comments that are not acceptable include
- anti-woman. We're all in this together!
- anti-man. Each man deserves to be seen on his own merits, not as a stereotype.
- homophobic, including casually-used slurs
- racial stereotypes
- personal attacks or name-calling, such as calling someone stupid for having a different opinion.

A quick test, when in doubt: Is this posting an "I" statement?
(But not an "I think that you..." or "I feel that you..." statement hiding as an "I" statement.)

Examples of "I" statements (GOOD):
- I disagree, and here's why.
- I don't see it that way.
- I don't agree with that line of thinking.

Examples of unacceptable "you" statements and silencing statements:
- You must be dumb to think that.
- Only an ignoramus would think that.
- The world would be a better place if people like you would shut up.

Examples of "I think that you" statements masquerading as "I" statements:
- I think that you are an idiot.
- I feel that you must be deluded.

Remember, when in doubt: Does it leave room for everybody?


Thank you for joining the discussion on Facebook! We are so glad to have a forum to hear everybody’s thoughts and have your thought-provoking, productive contributions and support!
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