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Kevin Merrick
· July 8, 2017
Forget poor service, more like NO service!! I use Cabinet Vision, I paid $16,000 for the lifetime software liscense and I just got a letter stating that unless I pay $2250 a year for useless support, ...they are going to sabotage my software in October by putting it into "Sunset state" so it is no longer supportable, upgradable, maintainable in any way. If I ever have problems I would have to buy the entire software package again. The first year of support I paid for, Vero refused me access to online support for 7 months, they were unreachable in any way I had to raise hell at their booth at AWFS to get anywhere. They sold me training classes that they did not honor, they blew me off for a year and then said "oops too late, your support expired".
Why would I buy a support and maintenance package when you cant get these people on the phone, look at all the other reviews complaining about the same lack of support. The big upgrade to version 10 consists of almost nothing the change from ver 8 to ver 9 had 2 changes and they weren't useful changes. If I run this program for 10 years and pay support every year I might as well buy new software anyway. If I need to buy new software it will certainly not be anything from greedy Vero. Wood CAD/CAM or Microvellum would've been a better choice in software.
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Katy Melstrom
· April 21, 2017
Customer service with this company is awful. We called and their CSR deleted a program from our computer, couldn't figure out what they were suppose to do, abandoned the call and after 20 hours we sti...ll haven't heard back or have had a response to the many calls and emails we've sent. Very poor service!!! See More
Donny Marthin Panjaitan
· September 6, 2017
this is good software for CAM System, they make automatic CAM System
Pat Malley
· May 25, 2017
the new job reports portal is very unprofesional looking and is slow and not user freindly. older version was somewhat better.
Cyrille Vue
· May 5, 2014
The only company that make promise since 2 years and still not want to answer to my request !!
you can contact me :
Franklin Suntaxi Simbaña
· June 9, 2015
Excelente software
Contiene cad-cam-cae , ingenieria inversa,simulaciones dinamicas y moldflow
Vero Intro Number 2 - Which is best ? #VeroIntro
Vero Software Intro video #VeroIntro
We met up with Marc Freebrey, Marketing Director for Vero Software to review the success of 2017, and look ahead to what new products customers might expect to see at MACH 2018.

Read the full article about Cabinet Vision playing a vital role in the recently introduced automated manufacturing process of a high-end interior design and furniture company, contributing to their growth.

Cabinet Vision Saves Time And Labour For Langstaff-Ellis

“Cabinet Vision now produces all our technical drawings in half the time, and as the sales team also us...e it, our technical design costs have reduced significantly.”

A high-end interior design and furniture company says Cabinet Vision from Vero Software plays a vital role in their recently introduced automated manufacturing process, contributing to their growth.…/langstaff-ellis-automated-pr…

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A high-end interior design and furniture company says Cabinet Vision plays a vital role in their recently introduced automated manufacturing process, contributing to their growth.

Three Cabinet Vision Orders Through IndiaWood

Vero Software’s presence at the IndiaWood exhibition in Bangalore led to three orders for Cabinet Vision
Alphacam-Vero also attracted numerous leads, along with inquiries from potential partners and educational institutions interested in working with the brand.

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