Congrats Cpl. Leavey and Sgt. Rex!

A US Marine Corps veteran and the military dog she served with during the Iraq War have been inducted into the New York State Senate Veterans' Hall of Fame.

Semper Fi, Robert! Good luck in med school!

Robert Athey’s mind is on medical school after wrapping up his senior year at Baylor University and a demanding research internship at Waco’s Veterans Affairs Center. But his mind often
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Rob Mcnally
· May 1, 2018
They tell vets that they want to help. But the only thing I'm seeing is exactly what the late President Regan said, I'm from the government and I'm hear to help. The VA is the biggest scam to vets on ...the planet. The ebenefits webpage never works. That alone screws vets over from doing anything. I can't even type in my social because of the garbage system. I have to type it in backwards for it to come up right and then the system still won't recognize it. When will we get a system and a VA that gives half a damn about vet? I still don't see it. See More
Luanne Salvi
· April 13, 2018
Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the VA was supposed to help veterans. My dad has been trying to get help for years and all we get is another packet of paperwork to fill out. Asking for the sam...e information we already sent in. Or we get an excuse. Oh, you missed a signature. Then when that is proven wrong they come up with something else. My dad is in a nursing home, he has spent every last cent paying for it. Thanks VA! Are you waiting for him to die or for us to get tired of all the bs red tape so we give up? He is more than eligible, you just get paid to NOT help. Way to go. See More
Alan Cady
· May 10, 2018
Trying to find out who is really the clinic head in the pulmonology clinic is or seems to be impossible. I had a younger doctor from the clinic, that told us (my wife, daughter and myself that he was,... but I have found out later it is unlikely. All he did that last time was tel;l me it was my fault that I have an advanced case of Pulmonary Fibrosis. He also said he is the only Pulmonologist in the state of Oklahoma, includes the VA pulmonologists, that is qualified to diagnosis P. F. And furthermore there Pulmonologist I now see in Midwest City is totally unqualified to do it.
He then, after I told him that the VA Radiologists were not nearly as good at reading the CT scans as he is. He is such a jerk, I, have stayed away from the VA in OKC. I just found out that the clinic head may have a last name of Brown? I would like to talk to him. If I don't answer the call, please leave a phone number Thank you.
Alan Cady DDS
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Stan-Sue Allen
· May 9, 2018
My husband is a Vietnam Veteran living in Australia. He is enrolled in the Foreign Medical Program and it’s terrible the way they deal with claims. It takes us so long to get our money back after we p...ay upfront and they make so many mistakes. They deny things he is rated for and then we have to appeal. They also have sent cheques to providers after we have paid the bills. We returned 3 cheques in December and have still not been reimbursed. To top things off they don’t direct deposit our returns and it is becoming so difficult to cash cheques in Australia. Yesterday we had to pay out $100 to cash 2 cheques. $25 per cheque plus a dreadful exchange rate. This could be overcome if the FMP could get into the 21st century. His monthly compensation is direct deposited so I can’t see what the problem is. If I could give no stars I would! See More
Randall Barker
· May 2, 2018
Anytime I deal with the VA I am usually disgusted. First they enter my brothers name misspelled in the system. Pensacola did a biopsy, now Biloxi wants to do another one. Guess Pensacola can't do it ...correctly maybe? So got an appointment in Biloxi and they said get a cat scan in Pensacola first, easy, just walk in. Pensacola basically said NO. We are booked this month. Walk-in, not happening. So now waiting on Biloxi to figure out what we're doing.
I stopped going to my primary care at the VA. Last trip they turned the lights out with myself and another vet in waiting room. When I told the receptionist I was leaving she just said "Oh" as she put on her sweater to leave.
I can deal with my pain. Yes it sucks being in pain but I can't get to the VA every month to renew my prescription. I can't stand to see my brother in pain so guess I have to deal with the VA and see if maybe I can get help from someone with common sense.
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Vicki Russell
· May 7, 2018
I am very disappointed in the system. My husband got out of the army in 2010. Submitted a claim in 2012. Got denied. Appealed it and it was in appeal
Status since dec 2013. We kept checking on it an...d wondering why it was taking so long. When all of a sudden I decide to check it online and it says the claim was closed 6 months ago. I had checked on the claim in the last 6 months and they said it was still in progress. Now they say they sent something last July that we had to send back a form 9 to keep the appeal open but we did not receive this or a letter stating the claim was closed. I’d like to know what his options are and if a lawyer is needed. I know for a fact these letters were not received because I always open va mail right away. I feel like it was purposely done so they could close the claim and deny it so he wouldn’t be owed the backpay of the last 6 years it’s been in appeal. � See More
John Muccino
· April 6, 2018
Let me get this off my chest. i am a Viet Nam Vet. I went to the VA hospital in
Wilkes Barre Pa. to get an eye exam. I asked before I got the Exam If I am entitled to a free exam. The answer from the ...woman said of course you are a Vet and all Vets are entitled to 1 exam a year. Great. After the exam I had to see the doctor and again I asked him about the exam and he also said you are entitled to 1 exam a year. 3 week after a get a bill for $ 50.00 for the exam.
I wrote back to the VA in Wlikes Barre and pleaded my case. Three weeks after that another bill came $ 50.00. What the hellis with that?????
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Joy Fry
· April 23, 2018
Best hospital care at Alvin C York in Murfreesboro, TN. I have dealt with many hospitals in numerous states through the years that my daughter(Child of Agent Orange 43 years) Civilian hospitals have... given her staph infections and more and treatment was many time very poor. Two years ago she was there with her father Who has been a patient several times in the past 6 years). She had a gran mall siezure and her blood sugar was under danger of coma. They immediately took her into ER. Treated her and watched her for some hours and she was able walk out and go home. We never heard a word about any bill. They have also been a godsend to my husband. See More
Mario Lewis
· April 17, 2018
If there was a negative star rating I would be using that one! How can the VA put the healthcare of Vets into hands of Doctors who lie on the DBQ forms. I had a C&P exam on April 6th. Come to find out... in the doctors notes that he completely lied about the ROM on the exam. I will take this up as far as I can go until its made right. I was told that if its the Vet's word against the doctor. We the Vets loose everytime. We have to somehow produce a recording or witness that he lied on the report. I'm calling my Congressman next! I want heads on silver platters! See More
Douglas W. Dyrssen Sr.
· April 20, 2018
I can never thank the VA and all of the medical staff for what I have received from them. The VA is not without its faults, but who or what organization is. The medical care that I have received is ...and has been outstanding, they have been there for me and my wife when I was in need, and it has not cost me anything except for the 5years I spent in the USAF. Don't run the VA down to me. If you don't like your doctor, ash for a different one, but thank GOD that the VA is there for us. See More
Timothy Charles
· May 15, 2018
I am a 100% disabled vet that had been volunteering with the San Francisco Maritime National Park Service for roughly 5 years. I have documentation of being a quality volunteer. The Department of Inte...rior, under the previous administration had us go through a safety class and strongly encouraged us to report any unsafe conditions. I wrote up a report concerning the $20 million dollar project the CA Thayer and the unsafe work practices by the riggers (I had also met with the local OSHA representative). My report was approved by my NPS Supervisor and sent up through the Chain of Command at the Park. The reccomdations must have been correct as my Supervisor and myself observed the riggers were now using the safety equipment correctly. Then... Long story short, I was dismissed as a volunteer, had six police officers show up at my apartment, charged with the Crime of Interfering with the Duties of a Federal Official. After a year and a half of 15 court visits and numerous attorney meetings the charade lead to me being found guilty by Federal Judge Laporte. My question is this: my only income is my monthly disability checks. Am I required to pay the fine and pay for the humiliation of an ankle bracelet imposed by Laporte using this money? Thank you for your response. Tim Hayner, Timothy Charles, Honorably Discharged from the USCG having served abourd The Coast Guard Academy Training Vessel Barque Eagle. See More
Alicia Urey
· May 13, 2018
Took YEARS to get the results of my fully developed claim which I finally recieved in 2015 for multiple sclerosis (MS). It is now 2018, and I'm still trying to get into a VA clinic so my MS health iss...ues can be taken care of instead of having to pay $3000 monthly out of pocket (that's AFTER my insurance through my work) for just one of my many medications, in addition to all of my copays for tests, specialists appointments, etc. Every time I make an appointment (always for on average 3 months later) I get one of their postcards in the mail telling me my appointment was cancelled with no explanation and no rescheduled date. I've been going through this same cycle since I medically separated from the Air Force in 2011 - the VA healthcare system is a complete joke See More
Darrnell McCoy
· April 23, 2018
The VBA just Delays deny and hope us veterans die , Your own comp & pen doctors said my disabilities are service connected as well as my own private doctor both agreed it is all service connected with... records backing it all up you still deny known it's against the law to deny a valid claim and yet you also commit age discrimination against younger vets , i could go on , You Violated Federal law but the People will prevail See More
Jamal Parker
· April 18, 2018
Appointments take so long to get wad the followups are even longer. I've been waiting for glasses for 3 months, got them and it was the wrong prescription. I'm in Virginia, why in the world are you se...nding glasses to Georgia to get filled. All this outsourcing makes no sense and leaves me with issuers, but yet they wonder why I can't get to an appointment! See More
Kyle Niven
· April 29, 2018
I like that after having been receiving my compensation for a couple years now, I suddenly get a letter in the mail saying that I decided I wanted to waive my disability compensation, even though I not received any correspondence or signed any documents indicating that.. According to the VA, who approved my claim and has been paying me, 2 years ago I suddenly decided I didn't want my compensation anymore and will not be receiving it and owe years of backpay. How you guys can tell me what I decided is pretty amazing.

I pulled my records and when my documents were submitted, it definitely shows me accepting compensation in lieu of retirement pay.

Good thing VA employees can ignore people, make up fake appointments to make their wait times look good, and waste resources. Maybe one of you can tell me which organization I should be going to for help since the VA doesn't give a shit about vets.
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Zue Alagie Keyper
· April 12, 2018
The VA is a great place for Veterans to get help. If you can't get through to the workers, talk to the Vets. Ask questions. Don't give up because you were rejected a few times. I thank God for the VA.... Don't let the staff's discourage you because this place can really assist you. See More
Roy Jon Stuart
· May 16, 2018
From a friend...

"An update on my earlier post. I would like to preface this post with stating that the following comment is coming from a totally level headed state of being. I am not letting emotio...ns fuel this post. That being said:

The Department of Veteran Affairs is a horrifically corrupt and unethical pile of shit and accountability means nothing. (Haha Shit even has it better than some vets, for it gets flushed, travels down a organized pipeline and eventually treated in a way that helps and promotes repurposing to be used in a productive manner) While I can’t totally discredit them as a whole, as I’ve actually seen them do right by some veterans and help, it is also my personal experience, along with my countless observations of many more veterans that they do more harm than good.

Today did not go well at all. In fact it ended up much worse than ever anticipated. The level of corruption and bullshit that came to light in today’s meeting surprises even me. My previous counselor screwed me from day one. For two hours they were trying to say 2+2=5, and I’m like no no no, 2+2=4...2.5 hours into our meeting it was realized that the paperwork in their file did not match the paperwork I was given. In fact there’s an entirely fictitious plan he threw in there a year later. In order to cover his ass, he lied, he forged documents and manipulated his files. And since he left in December, all I was left with was “I’m sorry, unfortunately none of that matters and there is nothing we can do.”

Now enter emotions: I’ve been fighting for 16 years. It took 12 just to get them to recognize me at all. I’m tired and ready to give up and walk away from the VA almost entirely. I don’t think I have it in me to fight anymore. Even though I know that’s what they want, in the end continuing the fight only harms me more than heals. I have lost my faith almost completely.

Don’t worry, I will be fine, I always am. I never have been, nor ever will be the suicidal type. Thankfully, but after today I understand why the statistics are so high. I am just very thankful that that is not something I struggle with. Today’s meeting, if experienced by another veteran, very well could have killed them."
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Timothy Musgrove
· April 23, 2018
I was at the little rock va over the weekend for my father in law and almost all of the nurses coming in to the room were rude and didn't want to list to either my father inlaw or the other old man in... the room. The other old man in the room kept telling them he needed to go to the bathroom for over 30 mins and a nurse finally told him she would get a tech to come in and take him to the bathroom instead of doing it her self. She never told anyone and he ended having t ok go on his self and they all got made at him. And for my father inlaw he we kept asking for them to take his catheter out because he couldn't lay down with it and it took them all day to get around to it. I'm also a vet and have to go to this va from time to time and anyone there I have to deal with always has a nasty attitude. And it's sad that the va doesn't want to let vets on medical marijuana and has a major issues of a vet is using marijuana but just because it was April 20th it was okay that most of the people coming to work at the va were very high and stank of marijuana. See More
James H Bartley Jr.
· April 22, 2018
I’m like 3 weeks past the projected completion date of my convo extension, bills stacking up and so broke I can’t afford gas. Can’t work and after my last surgeon visit it doesn’t look like I’m gonna ...ever be able to again. I’m starting to get so pissed off about it it’s unreal.
And every time I call they can’t tell me anything and there’s no way seemingly to get ahold of the people who make this important decision concerning my life and my ability to take care of my wife and 3 kids. Is there anything I can do cause it seems hopeless to me. And I have to worry if they even approve it even though I gave evidence. They denied the increase for that ankle against their own comp and pen drs. Recommendation.
Now I have to appeal that and have evidence in hat regard too although I believe they’re just gonna ignore it.
They outsourced my last 2 of 4 surgeries on that ankle
And they don’t seem to know I had surgery.
And the ones who do know don’t
Seem to know what surgery I had. They think it’s a hardware removal and hardware was added and another joint
Fused(which ultimately ended up a non union and is now screwed for life).
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DeanLee Mitchell
· April 1, 2018
Well I guess I can start by saying that when I exit the military there was a fire in St Louis so they were sending records everywhere my records were lost for 46 years so I had a lack of benefits even... though I had injuries related to my military service now that's a moment only spent two hours finding my record something that no one in the VA would take the time to do in the past I'm ready to have a second spinal surgery and because of the damage to my spine I've gotten to where I can hardly get around I'm an extreme amount of pain but I was put in for a console to see a spine surgeon over 8 months ago at the disgust of the doctor I was putting again 3 months later because nothing was acted upon I finally was able to see the spine surgeon 2 months ago but now I'm waiting on the VA. It is a never-ending problem so to all those people with bash the VA I have not had truly bad experiences with the services provided except for any service that goes outside the system as my spine surgery but I'm asking if someone in the VA if you read this please help straighten this problem out See More