Thats why racing is expensive.... we learn the hard and expensive way :-) This was from june 20th, and the reason i could not race at Kinnekulle
Its alive, sounds mean
Wet race.... Who's your daddy
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Racing NM-final på Vålerbanen

Here is link to my two last races, producer was not so interested in GT1 in race 2, but we got some airtime in race 3 our race three starts 2 hour 24 time into program…/racing-nm-finale-18-september-2016-…

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What an ending to my season
After a slightly misjudgment last race in Denmark, where i came out of last turn 1 meter to far too the right and kissed barrier AND lost position 20 meter before finish line,taking away a hat trick as i won the first two races.
This weekend made my season finish a thriller.
Before weekend start i was 11 points behind leading 2005 Opel DTM, and going to his "home track" where he has 52.9 as fastest time vs. my 54.5 it looked all but lost.

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A quick race report
P1, P2 and P1
Norwegian championship with smallest possible margin
Same point, same number of P1, same number of P2 and same number P3 throughout the season.
So I won championship by two P1 and one P2 this weekend 😏🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆...
Thanks to a good team, Eirik and Patrick and not least my "team buddy" and coach Christian Nilsen for excellent team driving 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Missed my normal team boss Tor E Jensen

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Not was i was going for 😖
Wanted too much... traffic and a little too low pressure
Excuse mode off
Let's go racing 💪🏼😎

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Race report Jyllandsringen august 2016
In best race weekend ever... period. 🏆

Started P1 ended P1, got away on start, did 8-9 quick laps, with 1.07.2 as best and then saved tire/car for rest of race. Controlled distance back and did mostly 1.08 to 1.09 laps 😜...
Won both Norwegian GT and Danish Special saloon class 🏆🏆

Started P1, a bit more work as the DTM car was on my tail most of the race. That DTM car is quick...😳
my best lap was 1.07.0, new track record for GT cars.
Lasted only 8 laps, the dTM car did 1.06.72, but as we know thats NOT a GT car....

30 minutes prior to race everyone was on wet, but weather in Denmark change fast, so by lineup we where on slicks. Track where slippery but there was almost a dry line.
Started P2 based on last race lap times.
DTM got destroyed in the start, both me and Ferrari got past him before turn one 😎
I drove away from them every lap, but then my "team mate" Christian (that was supposed to start third, but car wouldn't start on grid) came chasing hot from the rear end of the field got a little to hot and ended in the gravel.....😰 Safety car came out and on restart i got a lead again, but now DTM got by Ferrari and he was soon on my tail.... Got very busy, we both did a lot of errors in the heat and mead would go from 0.5 sec to 4 sec.
On the last turn i screwed up, got in as normal, discovered i was in fourth, downshift to third, that fraction of a second delay sendt me 3 feet further out and right side tires ended up in the damp track, i slid out, brushed the guard rail and lost my position 30 feet from checker flag by 0.2 sec 😫

Since i drive both Norwegian and Danish championship, this weekend gave me five 1. place and one 2. place 🍾

Super happy, came home a few minutes ago, car is already on lift ready to be checked out.....

Three weeks to final race weekend, i am 12 points down on Norwegian championship behind the DTM. Will be hard if not impossible but we will give it all we got. Hope for more fast cars so traffic gets more challenging

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Quick Race1 report:
Started P1 ended P1, got away on start, did 8-9 quick laps, with 1.07.2 as best and then saved tire/car for rest of race. Controlled distance back and did mostly 1.08 to 1.09 laps 😜
Won both Norwegian GT and Danish Special saloon class 🏆🏆

Tomorrow is another day and I start P1 in heavy rain 😳

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Ready for race 1
Pole, new pb. and track record for 2 min, beaten by DTM car by 0.03 sec 😁

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Rudskogen Alsfalt Classic

Race report august 12
Friday full training was ruined by monsoon rain..... Took here out for a quick spin, no gain, completely useless.
This weekend was the biggest baddest start grid Norwegian GT have seen in many years. 26 cars in the three classes.

Q was good, did personal best 1.24.2 within 1/2 sec from track record. Then checker flag and into and through parc ferme. After 10 minutes we hear that Q is still ongoing :-0 They waved off the Q to early and started another...

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Race report Rudskogen june 12th:
Training was good, even with a "minor" technical issue we only discovered after 4 sessions + warmup, i was fastest in two last training sessions on used slicks. and time was good 1.24.6, so i looked foreward to Q on new slicks....
But it turns out we or should i say me... installed new rotors and pads on departure and managed to put pad in wrong so we had destroyed pad and disc i think i should limit me to only drive
Anyway, new br...

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First day over, two race finished, P1 and P2. Very happy. Good car and a bit luck gave good result !

One more race tomorrow, let's see if a GT car can beat a DTM car again? for live timing...
Broadcast live from 1300 at

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A little last minute change 😁. Cancelled Denmark race due to low number of real fighting cars in my class. Norway was announced with almost 20 cars and 9 in my class.
Much more interesting to race a big field and hard competition 👍🏻
Training was ok, ended up 1.24.6 and fastest car that day on used slicks
Had big hope for Q, but a series of incidents, driver error incl gave me P2 and 1.24.7
Race 1 starts 1430 and live timing can be found on