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Ossama Senhaj
· May 17, 2017
Great idea and technology! Very useful for day to day sharing.
Terry Mayfield
· February 27, 2017
Awesome idea It's fun making your own video's and mixing video content while making your own work.
Adi Goldstein
· March 3, 2016
Brilliant Idea ! Thanks so much and Thanks so much for sharing !
Luis F Vega
· February 25, 2017
Great! love it. Thanks so much. Best idea ever.
Roko Maglić
· September 2, 2017
Miomir Crnogay
· October 11, 2016
Mnogo dobro mogu da ti kažem. Ne mogu sad da ti kažem zbog čega, al....
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1/4/18 NYC
We just got a new animated logo!

It was 🌬️❄️ outside Vibby World HQ in NYC yesterday

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New Blog is up: “Vibby for Subscription-based Video Publishers” 🔁©📼📡📺…

Video publishers today are faced with a dilemma: how can I promote audience engagement with video content while simultaneously protecting…

Happy #WorldTeachersDay! 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫🏫🍎📔📝

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New blog post is up: How Video Publishers Can Learn to Stop Worrying and Love UGC 👩‍💻📲🖥️…

Every publisher’s dream is to tap into the fabric of friendships between their audience. One way brands are able to do this is by…

Happy Birthday Gustav Holst! Here's the legendary Leonard Bernstein on "The Planets" 🎼🎺🎻🌕☄️💫

Why does Holst only feature 7 planets?

It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers."

-James Thurber


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Happy 75th Birthday Werner Herzog! 🎉🎬🎂🎞️

Draw up a list of the greatest living film makers and Werner Herzog would surely occupy a prominent place. He is reponsible for some of the most wildly beautiful images captured on film. If you've seen Fitzcarraldo you won't have forgotten the steamship being hauled over a mountain. He's seen as the...
The new is open for business! We’ve spruced up our look to better fit our mission. We believe everyone should have the power to…

A selection from 🇬🇧 composer Benjamin Britten's "the Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" 🎼🎻🎺

You'll find lots interesting stuff on like this supercut of a Siberian intersection 😮

Подборка ДТП на одном из перекрёстков города Красноярска
NOTICE (March 13, 2014): Sorry everyone, but this film is being constantly under attack by Copyright Trolls who have no legal claim over this film. Google is not responsive to this issue. It looks like we may have to bankrupt Google in court if they continue to refuse to protect people who have lega...