An Open Letter to MSNBC and CNN,

I am a former member of the Missouri House, a Democrat, and a proud American. I am greatly disappointed in President Trump. I am also disappointed in your media coverage. As much as I love CNN & MSNBC News Feeds , I do not understand why you are playing into the hands of the President. Yes, he is showing his true colors with the terrible, and I mean terrible, tweets. We all say, "That's terrible! What should we do about it?" If you want to pla...y his game better than he does, do these three things:

1. Spend NO time covering his tweets. Take that time from each of your programs and interview people who will lose their health care. Talk to actual people who will suffer from losing health care. Every day. All day long. As a former legislator, I believe that people with problems should be our focus.
2. Tweet back what your concerns and opinions are. Do not give him any more free press. He is energized every time someone berates him on TV. Attention (good or bad) is his drug.
3. Be Presidential. If he cannot do it, we need to do it. God willing, our country will be around alot longer than the President.

Trump is a businessman selling distraction. Distraction from the fact he does not care about and does not understand public policy. He does not care if we eviscerate him. Don't buy what he is selling by giving him your attention. Attention that he does not deserve.

Rep. Vicki Lorenz Englund

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Thank you to all of my supporters and my biggest fan, my husband, Byron DeLear. I am looking forward to our wedding reception tomorrow night! Your love and devotion makes this Lindbergh School Board loss a little less devastating.
Congrats and good luck to yesterday's winners.

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It's a beautiful day for an election! Don't forget to vote today. Your democracy depends on it

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Thank you Call Newspapers for your endorsement!

The April 4 election for the Lind-bergh Board of Education is the most crucial race in the district�s history.

We need more yard sign locations in the Lindbergh School District! If you or someone you know wants either an Englund Yard Sign or a combined Englund/Kienstra sign, please send me a private message with your address, thanks!

If you or someone you know lives in the Lindbergh School District, please let us know if we can put up a yard sign. Only 32 days until Election Day!

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Former Representative Vicki Lorenz Englund updated their profile picture.
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So here we are. Campaigning and elections as we know it have been changed forever. "Fighting the good fight" is a mantra that comes to mind all too often in our politics. The Missouri Democratic Party died yesterday.

It will take time, and even more hard work, to rise like a Phoenix out of the ashes. So now we rest. And we live to fight another day.

Make no mistake, our state and our country need us now more than ever. Thank you for all your support and again, we are down but not out.

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Here is the map of the 94th District. If you have friends who live here please make sure they vote!

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State Sen. Scott Sifton knows a thing or two about high-stakes elections. The Affton Democrat took part four years ago in the most competitive legislative

Please check out my personal facebook page Vicki Lorenz Englund to see more campaign info and status updates

Vicki Lorenz Englund for State Representative 94th District