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What is an aneurysm? What are the signs and symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm? How is it treated? Richard Dalyai, MD, Endovascular Neurosurgeon shares the answers in the third installment of our series on strokes. #StrokeAwareness #VidantStroke

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What is an aneurysm? What are the signs and symptoms of a ruptured aneurysm? How is it treated? Richard Dalyai, MD, Endovascular Neurosurgeon shares the answers in the third installment of our series on strokes. #StrokeAwareness #VidantStroke

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Ryan Lancaster
· January 12, 2018
Not sure who keeps rating this hospital 5 stars. Never had an experience worth even 2 stars. Honestly surprised by the lack of urgency by the staff at the ER. I would understand if the long waits happ...ened every once in a while, but literally every time I’ve come here, we’ve ended up waiting in the lobby for 3-5 hours, then sitting in a room for another 2-3 hours with no update on when a doctor will be coming by. Never been impressed by this hospital, and have never seen much compassion from the nurses/doctors either. Everyone on the staff seems like they just want to go home. Hope I never have a truly life threatening emergency while living in Greenville because I’m sure I’ll die. See More
Gregg William Grillo I
· April 9, 2018
I just spent four nights as a patient on the North Tower. The nursing staff and nursing assistants were outstanding. At one point, the nurse manager came in to provide care since she knew my nurse tied up caring for another patient. Staff were very mindful of me being in pain and totally out of my comfort zone. They treated me with nothing but dignity, respect, and compassion. The lady who handled housekeeping duties was also very sweet and did a great job. Even when walking around the unit, every staff member had a greeting and a smile. I have absolutely no complaints about my experience as patient in this facility and when able, will follow up in the hopes that these folks are recognized for what they did for me. See More
Lauren Henry
· April 10, 2018
Vidant saw my 85 year old mother twice in their ER for a broken humerus, just below the shoulder joint. They discharged her both times without admission, even though she still had pain. We're talking ...about an 85 year old woman with limited vision and mobility, plus pain medications for her arm. Their communications policies ignore the realities and needs of family and friends. I would have to be dying before I would consider going there for treatment. Based on their scores on Consumer Reports, I'd probably die anyway. See More
Marion Denny
· February 9, 2018
Just spent five and a half hours in the waiting room of the ED with my fiance who had severe abdominal pain and vomiting. We saw people come in with colds, flu, panic attacks and drug withdrawals afte...r we came in go back to a room get treated and come out before we were ever called to go to a room. We ended up not even being called to a room after the nurse told us for 2 hours that he was the next person to go back. I politely told the nurse after waiting five and a half hours that I was going to drive my fiance to Duke. So here we go, next time I'll go to Raleigh or Durham before I stop at Vidant in Greenville. I miss PCMH! Hopefully he can get the care he needs tonight, wish I had just bypassed Vidant all together! See More
Darlene Martin Mabrey
· April 29, 2018
5 stars for great professional, friendly care. I was on 1st Floor Surgical. I’ve never seen a hospital or the Physicians East offices run so smooth. It has been just amazing to me! Only complaint, ...bed was malfunctioning. It would not raise or lower head and I had to call someone in to adjust as I couldn’t get out of bed. I really got tired of that! If I had stayed more than 1.5 days, I’d have asked for another bed. See More
Crystal Bowen
· March 12, 2018
I was involved in a head on collision where a truck hydroplaned and came across the median and hit me head on. I was taken via ambulance to the ER. Once at the hospital I had to get off the stretcher ...and get in a transport chair and go to triage. I was c/o abdominal pain and I had a scratch on my ankle and they put in a STAT X-ray of my ankle. Nothin for my abdomen and then I had to wait in waiting room for 4hrs 45mins before being taken back to see a Dr. When taken to triage for the 2nd time was told by the nurse that patients yesterday had to wait 8 hrs to see a dr so today is much better by most being seen within 3 hrs. I told the nurse that doesn't make me feel any better. Once back I was diagnosed with abdominal wall contusions and coccyx contusion. Luckily I didn't have internal bleeding only the contusions to the abdominal wall. Very poor customer service from triage... See More
Billy Stern
· December 30, 2017
Brought my son in to the children’s ER at 9 pm. After vitals we were told “You’ll Be room 13. Walk yourself down, it should be clean.” We walked down the hallway, found a room and let ourselves in ...and turned the lights on. That should’ve been the first clue since I’ve never seen that happen before.All tests were run including an ultrasound by 11:30. Here I am at 2:10 am and was told by a nurse 30 minutes ago my son’s results came back “awhile ago” and they had no idea that a doctor hadn’t come talk to us yet.

Update: Nurse came in to give us our discharge papers and prescriptions without us seeing a doctor. We had to ask for the doctor to come in and tell us WTF was going on.
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Nancy Simone Richmond
· May 13, 2018
Thank you Dr. Alwair, Dr. Nifong and Dr. Cabarrus for being amazing doctors! You have given me and my sisters the best Mother’s Day gift ever — having our Mother with us to enjoy today!! There are no... words to express how truly thankful we are!!! See More
Ashley Dykes
· November 26, 2017
Spent most of Thanksgiving in the ER being ignored when I came in by ambulance for chest pains. I saw the doc for about 30 seconds and then waited 5 hours before I asked the nurse to sign me AMA nothing was being done and they had blown 5 of my veins playing around "trying" to place an IV that was never placed. I had to ask a nurse to recheck my blood sugar because nobody had and it dropped almost 40 points since coming in. Good thing I was conscious enough to ask for help getting an orange juice before I passed out from hypoglycemia. I'm not trying to heal from all the misplaced tourniquets placed on me, the damaged nerves from leaving them and too long and flushing a nerve instead of a vein. I would rather die on my living room floor than go back to vidant because I got better help at home instead of the ER. See More
Ivory Thomas
· May 11, 2018
This hospital needs to be shut down. There needs to be an action class lawsuit against them. My mother has anemia and needed a blood transfusion. Her count was 7.1 they told her it had to be a 7 in or...der to do one. They act like you’re lying about your symptoms or that you’re just trying to get drugs. See More
Kenneth Barrow
· May 18, 2018
If only I could give this hospital a 1. the RN staff and doctors were great. but the part that where I was displease was when my family member who was in the bed being transported to another area and ...clearly the two that were taking my mother had no clue how to do their job. the young lady and young man who transported my mother actually did more harm to my mother moving her to a another department than what I had she originally been brought in to do. Very Very VERY unhappy. whoever you have that are transporting your patients should be repremanded, suspended, or a complete overhaul of those people over there needs to happen. will be contacting HR and whoever I must talk too to see who I can get to fix this issue. Who must I contact to speak with that head that department!!! See More
Joan Edwards Reardon
· March 30, 2018
Dr. Berry and Staff are awesome! A real team. Made myself and Family very comfortable. The Ambulatory Team is incredible! I could not dream of better care. I thank God for each of them.
Vallet is unbelievable! Our car was waiting for us after procedure.
Like I said, true teamwork. Some things just can't be faked!
Well done, Pitt Vidant. Well done indeed!
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Shari Herring
· October 30, 2017
This place is a joke ! They received my Mother as an independent person that lived alone. She was there for 9 days...2 of which she was allowed to lay there with an irregular heartbeat reaching 220-23...0 about every 2-3 minutes. When all was said and done...they handed me a 69 year old woman that had no clue where she was, where she lived or what had happened. She was released to a"skilled nursing facility" for rehab to walk again. Within 5 days we are in the ER from the nursing home..after 20 days of rehab..we come home for of which EMS had to be called. NOW we are back at this so called hospital...transported from the docs office by ambulance....semiconscious. Just what has to happen for someone to pay attention???????????????????? See More
Keonya Miller
· April 24, 2018
Zero urgency.
Staff are disconnected and disrespectful.
Always slow and never a doctor in sight ....
If you need actual serious medical help - you’ll need to die in the waiting area first . Please go to a serious hospital . This one is complete crap .
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Stephen Gibbs
· October 25, 2017
My aunt has been in the hospital since Friday afternoon with a combination of issues from hip pain due to bone on bone issues with her hip slipping and popping causing her great amounts of pain, back ...issues where she has tightness and some other issues causing terrible spasms and a couple of other issues basically making it so she can't really even walk or get out of bed. She's seen 10 different doctors and none of them have been able to help her. And she was put in under observation so she can't go into a nursing home since she can't even take care of herself. And she was told by a surgeon that she was too fat to have a hip replacement. What kind of crap is that? This hospital is full of incompetent doctors who don't really care a damn about helping you get better and they don't listen to the patient's needs at all. Instead of treating it like a business, why don't you show some damn compassion towards patients. This is the second time this year she has been in the hospital and both times was sent home with no real way to take care of herself. What a joke of a place this is. I have lost all faith in the medical system. See More
Monique Chamberlain
· December 30, 2017
I went to vidant for labor i was sent home 3 times so call at 4cm.. 3rd time i was sent home so call 4cm went back my water broke labor team still said i was 4cm they discharge me at 2:30 pm guess wha...t went back same day around 6pm labor team check me said i was 3_4 cm around 7:28 I push out a beautiful baby girl.. All I'm saying labor team do better n im asking how hell you going have a baby at 4cm . labor n delivery room need to do better i took that serious n was disappointed with they new measurement with they hand up our virginal that new measures labor n delivery does way off. Take it back to the old labor n delivery way..Mother & newborns lives matters.. U cant have a baby at 4 Cm Do. Better .. See More
Doug Ange
· April 5, 2018
Was Crudely approach by one of you main entrance attendants today. Older black male. He was also very rude to other people nearby. He told me to move but if I gave him $20 I could stay there for 10 mi...nutes. Thought that was a weird policy to have. Think he was running a scam on the job. Might need to watch your employees. Who knows how much this guy might be scamming of your patient and families. All in all very bad service and treatment.. See More
JoAnn M Senor-Davis
· November 7, 2017
We arrived via helicopter from OBX on the 22ND of October 2017 my fiance was in dire straits his kidneys and bladder was failing and was starting to show signs of memory loss...( his pain started wit...h complaint of lower back pain the last few days off vacation) between OBX hospital partnership with Vidant he was diagnosed with an spinal epidural abcess between C6 & C7 and in his lower back
Neurosurgeon Dr Aaron Danison and his team performed an emergency surgery removing the infection in his neck and replacing bone due to infection
The staff from doctors( NEUROSURGEON, Infectious Disease team Dr Nicol's Dr Odill, Dr P , Nephrology Dr Barchman team Staff Doctor's Dr Dietrich Dr Chada Dr Bridgeford to Podiatrists Dr Chen Dr
& ALL the RN's (ICU ) Ryan Bruce Jack Kaitlyn & 3rd floor team POD 351 (Allysa Emily Brianna Lakeisha Vicky Andy and David ) to all the CP (care partners) to case worker team (Brittney & Ally ) to OT PT ( ALEXANDRA Sean Jack Mark Kaitlynn) and all the young men on the Lift team ( if I omitted anyone my apologies) were attentive , knowledgeable, compassionate and provided great care to my fiancee and I . And made the stay in NC which is away from our home in NJ more bearable for our 12+ days
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
We are off to the next leg of this journey- home for long term rehab!
With much gratitude we thank you again

Tony & Jo Ann
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Ginger Woolard Newbold
· October 16, 2017
From the ED ten days ago to an acute bed, and now to the inpatient rehab unit, my mom has received the most wonderful, excellent care. This is her third hospitalization this year in a Vidant facility..., and my family is so thankful for the skilled and dedicated teams that have cared for her. Watching the nurses in action has been very enlightening to me. In a crisis, they are the calm in the storm and just do their job. My family is very thankful to know mom is being well cared for in her sunset years when hospitalization is necessary. See More
Brandi Leigh
· November 16, 2017
Terrible Emergency Department. You’d think that working in an emergency department, you aim for saving least that’s what we aimed for when I worked in the ED here in Maine. Instead, Vidant ...does the opposite. They did not put effort into saving my 24 year-old brothers life. That is after they finally figured out what was wrong. Sent him to surgery where again, no effort was put forth, and they hardly tried to resuscitate him. I️ will never, EVER, have another family member be associated with this facility. See More