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FRIENDS! I've had many people over the years say they'd love to own a Viking Jesus shirt of their very own, and NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!

I've thrown up my logo on a Teespring campaign so you can finally own the FIRST OFFICIAL VJ SHIRT EVER. I love this Splatoon artwork of me so much that it's become sort of my most well-known image.

Each shirt purchased will help fund a trip to Japan I'm planning in September to attend a 10th anniversary Hatsune Miku concert, so I'd really appreci...ate it if you added one of these sick shirts to your wardrobe.

Also please send me goofy selfies in this shirt if you get one.

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As you may have noticed, updates on this page have been very light over the past several months. That's because, like many of your other favorite pages, Facebook makes it hard to do things that I do and get out information and announcements that rely on being seen quickly (like, within the same week!) I'm not going to be one of those people that begs you to get notifications every time I post something (because I HATE that) but instead I invite you to join me ...on my Twitter account, where I have more followers there than I do on Facebook anyway (almost 1,000!) I'll still make big announcements here when relevant, but if you want to stay up to date on things like daily commentary on video games, my Twitch streams (and giveaways!), and any progress I'm making on future music releases, it'll be much easier to stay informed over there.

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I know some of you remember the story of me beating up a guitar to make sounds for the soundtrack to The Banner Saga, but Austin Wintory's behind the scenes video here is the first time the footage I took of the process has ever been made public! I still have about three hours of video that I need to sift through one of these days and make a proper highlight video.

BANNER SAGA 3 KICKSTARTER HERE: A look at the scores for both BANNER SAGA 1 and 2. Check out the gam...

If you haven't been paying attention to my Twitter or Twitch channel, you probably didn't know that I'm giving away a Nintendo Switch this month. The giveaway ends TOMORROW, FEB 21! Drawing a winner on Wednesday.

Good luck!:…/win-a-nintendo-switch-from-viking-jesus

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I'm checking out the Nintendo Switch Preview Tour in Chicago today! If you see my big blue head, say hi!

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Friends always said I loved amiibo so much that I'd eventually become one.

So I'm proud to reveal the one-of-a-kind, Viking Squid amiibo, masterfully crafted by PixelCollieArt.

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If you missed my return to Gamerhead Radio for their final, 200th show, the audio has finally been uploaded here! I haven't seen these guys in about two years, so we had plenty to catch up on!

4 Years ago today we posted our first episode. Enjoy now our last with special returning guest host VIKING JESUS

4 years later to the day, Gamerhead Radio returns to Cairo Ale House for their 200th and

February is my Farewell to the Wii U on Twitch, and I'm ALSO GIVING AWAY A NINTENDO SWITCH!

All month long I'm knocking out the last three games off my Wii U backlog on Twitch, and I'd love for you to join me. I'm also giving away a Nintendo Switch because I'm SUPER HYPED for it and I hope you are too!

Link to both of these things in the comments.

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Gamerhead Radio

We want to thank everyone that came out to our 200th and "final" show at Cairo Ale House - West Chicago this past Saturday. It was a night filled with laughs, m...emories, unexpected karaoke, and some great friends. Special thanks to VIKING JESUS and several of our B Squad co-hosts for joining us on stage to give GHR the sendoff it deserved.

We are first going to upload the recorded video of the live show with remastered audio, as the live stream had some issues with the venue's WiFi and the audio had some issues with us singing Kiss From a Rose. Yes, really. The audio upload will be up after, which will take a bit because we babbled for 3 hours.

Stay tuned for the uploads!

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Four years ago, I had this crazy idea to start a gaming podcast.

Two years ago I did the hardest thing ever and left when life became too difficult for me.

Tonight, Gamerhead Radio reaches its finale.


To everyone over the years that's supported it, listened, worked on it, even just liked the fan page, whether I was a part of it or not:


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Friends, my brethren at Gamerhead Radio are celebrating their 200th show, which is unfortunately going to be their last. It's a live show happening this Saturday and I'd love for you all to show them some love. I'll be in attendance as well.

Details here:


Passed 400 followers and 5,000 views today on Twitch. If you've ever stopped by to hang out or tune in, thank you SO MUCH for the support. I've only been doing this since September but I've made so many new friends.

And if you haven't checked it out yet, you're missing out on laughs, stories, Splaturdays, Miku Mondays, and February is NINTENDO MONTH, where I play Tokyo Mirage Sessions, Paper Mario: Color Splash, and Xenoblade Chronicles X BACK to BACK to BACK as a Farewell to the Wii U. I'll also be doing a BIG giveaway as we look forward to the future of Nintendo.

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It's Miku Monday on my Twitch channel, but we're gonna do something a little different today.

In celebration of my four straight months(!) of streaming every day on Twitch, tonight I'm having my first ever CREATIVE STREAM!

I'm the proud owner of Hatsune Miku V4X and tonight at 5 PM CST, we're going to learn how the program works together. This is the stuff Vocaloid producers use to make their music, and I can't wait to jump in.


See you there?

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Slightly late but:

Top 5 games of 2016 (No particular order)

-Titanfall 2...
-Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
-World of Final Fantasy

Game that would probably be on this list if I had the time to play it:

-Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Most anticipated for 2017:

-Persona 5
-Nintendo Switch

What are yours?

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I'm too lame to get drunk or have social plans on New Year's Eve, so I'm doing a 24-hour stream playing Zelda: Twilight Princess HD. Starts at Noon CST and goes until Noon CST on New Year's Day.

Join me, won't you?

Have a good weekend, friends.

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