There has been an outpouring of support from our ag education family here in Texas and across the nation. People want to know how they can help and support thos...e who are being affected and displaced in this tragedy. Texas Team Ag Ed is reactivating the “A New Day: Texas Agricultural Education Disaster Relief Fund.” Donations to this fund will be dispersed via an application process directly to the programs and chapters affected by this tragedy.

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Texas FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education

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Good luck to all those competing and participating in the 91st Virginia FFA State Convention!

Thank you to all the members that attend today's Area Rally at Shenandoah University! Also, thank you to all the advisors, and other individuals, who helped plan today's rally and made sure everything ran smoothly. Today, we saw members grow as leaders through the various workshops they attended, and we watched members live out the last line of the FFA Motto, "Living to Serve", by participating in a community service project. Also, congratulations to all the members that participated in all the Career Development Events. We look forward to seeing all the members moving on represent the Northern Area at state competitions!

Don't forget that Area Rally is on April 4 at Shenandoah University. We will be hosting CDE workshops, participating in a community service project, and recognizing those individuals that will represent the Northern Area in some CDEs at State Convention in June. If you'd like to attend, be sure to talk to your advisor!

According to scientists, a bumblebee's body is too heavy and its wing span too small. Aerodynamically the bumblebee cannot fly; however, the bumblebee doesn't know that and it keeps on flying.

When you set limitations to yourself, you are only as successful as others measure you. You can surprise yourself by breaking these barriers (like the bumblebee). In hindsight, you wonder if you ever had any limitations. The only limitations a person has are those that are self-imposed. Go beyond your limitations and prove that you can #Transform yourself and the world around you!
The Northern Area Officer team hopes to see FFA members Transforming into better leaders and agriculturalists at Area Rally on April 4th. We hope to see you there!!!!

The Northern Area of Virginia is home to many wonderful FFA chapters. Every one of them are learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, and living to serve! During National FFA Week back in February, the Fauquier Chapter stayed busy with activities trying to get their members involved as much as possible! Each day had different activities to #Transform their experiences through FFA. Fauquier's members enjoyed a dinner in Warrenton at Fosters Grille on Tuesday. On Wednesd...ay officers competed in the Rising Sun Challenge where you must go through opening and closing ceremonies without missing any words. Members worked together on Thursday to cook, prepare, and serve their teachers by hosting a teacher luncheon. Fauquier's week ended with a corn hole tournament and a visit from the Virginia State FFA Officers who advised members about their ag classes and FFA! Becoming involved in our chapters is what makes them successful; but more importantly, it is what makes ourselves more successful!!! Use your passion of agriculture to Transform your purpose into action! #LivingtoServe #WeareFFA

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It's beginning to get that time of the year with a lot of events and due dates coming up! Here is a list of some that will be here before we know it!

•State Parliamentary Procedure- March 18th @ Turner Ashby
•State Horse Judging- March 25th @ Doswell
•VICE- March 31st-April 1st @ Graves Mountain Lodge; Applications are due March 22nd ...
•State Degree and State Proficiency Applications due- April 1st
•Area Rally- April 4th @ Shenandoah University
•VA Beef Expo- April 14th
•Cattleworking Contest- April 15th
•Poultry CDE- April 21st @ Rockingham County Fairgrounds

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Hey Virginia FFA members, if you are interested in the State Horse Judging competition don't forget to register. The deadline is March 6th.
Senior FFA Horse Judging Link-
Junior FFA Horse Judging Link-

Before starting the entry process you will need the following information: 1) Chapter and School Name 2) Advisor Name, Email and Phone 3) Contestant Name and Grade Level * Complete one entry form for your school. A team must consist of 4 members and 1-3 members will compete as individuals. You may h...

"Sometimes we're all too quick to count down the days that we forget to make the days count."

This National FFA Week some of us are celebrating for the last time, or some of us are just now celebrating for the first time. This week we challenge you to do something that you might not do on a normal basis. Try a new CDE, make a new friend a conference, advocate for FFA and Agriculture, or get new people to join the organization. Take time to spread the message of FFA to those who may not know what the organization has to offer. Whether this week is our first, or our last, time celebrating National FFA Week as a member, do something to leave a lasting impression on other. This week we will all #transformffa together!

"In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety." -Abraham Maslow

Each day we are all given opportunities; it is up to ourselves on how we will face them. What seems to be the easiest is to go into our comfort zone. What improves our character is facing our fears. This will not be easy, because if it were then everyone would do it. As FFA members, we choose the option to step forward into growth. It is up to us to be the leaders of change! It is up to us to #transformffa ! Celebrate National FFA Week by transforming into a better leader in agriculture!

Have you ever had a dream? One that you may or may not have pursued? We all know that things in life come up; unavoidable circumstances that we cannot help. However, there are a few reasons that you should never give up on your dreams. Check out this list below!

1. They make life worth living.
2. You can be an inspiration to others.
3. No one is going to follow them for you. ...
4. It will make you proud!

Like these reasons? Check out the full article at the following link:…/11-reasons-why-its-important-foll…

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There are so many reasons why you should follow your dreams. If you need some motivation, look no further than this post.|By Catherine Alford

Hi my name is David Ames and I am serving as this year's Northern Area FFA Vice President. I am an active member of Sherando High School where I am serving as this year's Vice President. I enjoy spending my time with animals small and large and aspire to become a Veterinarian after studying at the Virginia Tech University. Some of the CDE''s I have competed in include Jr. Dairyman's, Dairy Cattle Evaluation, and Vet Science. At the National Convention last October I competed in the Dairy Foods and Quality CDE where our team ranked 10th in the national and I was the 22nd high individual of the contest. I am looking forward to a great year and excited to see what is in store!

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Good evening everybody! I am so glad that our Area is active again and I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Jacob Jenkins, my home chapter is Luray, and I am currently serving as your 2016-2017 Area Treasurer. I have a strong passion for agriculture. One of my favorite aspects of FFA is learning through the career development events, my favorite is Dairy Evaluation. FFA is important to me because it is something that can inspire you to use the opportunities around you favorably. It is something that can develop your potential for a career of your choice. FFA gives opportunities for members to grow and develop no matter where they come from, or where they live. I am really looking forward to meeting and serving ya'll this year!

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Evening y'all, I'd like to introduce myself to all of you in the Northern Area Association. My name is Katherine Thompson and I am proudly serving this year as your 2016-2017 Northern Area Secretary! My home chapter is the James Wood High School FFA Chapter, where I am a very active member. I participate in many Career Development Events, with my favorite to compete in being Horse Evaluation. For my Supervised Agriculture Experience, I have several livestock projects that I buy and raise for my local county fair. I am super excited to get to know all of you all thoughout this year and hearing all about your passions for the FFA and for agriculture!

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Good Evening! I would like to take a minute to introduce myself to everyone of the Northern Area FFA Association! My name is Nathan McDonald and currently I am serving as the 2016-2017 President for the Northern Area. I am originally from the Strasburg High School FFA Chapter, where I participated in numerous Career Development Events. Of those CDEs, my favorite to compete in is Parliamentary Procedure and Soils. For my Supervised Agriculture Experience, I have Beef Production and Woodworking. In Beef Production, I help with the daily operations of my family’s beef farm. For woodworking, I make wooden pens for family, friends, and to sell. I look forward to the meeting and getting to know you all throughout the rest of this year!

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The 2016-2017 Northern Area Officers will be working on updating this page in the next couple weeks...stay tuned!