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We are in search of some folks who can help sleuth out these mysteries...

I fell asleep exhausted, and I dreamed I was sitting on a log near a short bluff overlooking the water, in the shade of three evergreens. With my left hand, I picked absentmindedly at the rotting hole in the top of the log as I looked out and watched the oystercatchers in the tidepools. I thought…

The rest of the entry is obscured, but the image with it seems familiar.

Agents, can you help us to identify it? We are on the #TrailoftheTrickster.

#Ingress #MagnusReawakens #ViridCascadia

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While wandering in the woods I came upon this beautiful sight, a giant woodpecker perched on a robust snag. I stood and watched it. It cocked its head as it watched me back. Then he
ViridCascadia is feeling curious.

For our #MagnusReawakens proposal, why did we choose to honor Trickster archetypes? More information is now surfacing about how the Trickster began to haunt the minds of the ViridCascadia team, including this narrative of the finding of a mysterious journal.

We seek your help deciphering these clues and sharing this unfolding adventure with us.

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It’s early April and it’s raining. An easy hike in our beautiful temperate rainforest is the only thing on the docket today. Maybe a stop a a brew pub, afterwards. It’s not too cold, the raindrops are refreshing. Everything smells alive and green – moss, ferns, trees. Like many children of Cascadia,...

We are excited to see another great project launch! We wish you guys luck in your worthy endeavor!

Team Luminescent Heart has revealed their plans to the world. There is a beating heart behind every scanner.

#magnusreawakens #luminescentheart #viridcascadia #ingress

Team: Luminescent Heart Archetype: Humanist Our team submitted our proposal and website to +Ingress on March 14th and we just can't hold back our excit... - ViridCascadia - Google+
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As you can see from our decision process page (, we found many archetypes worthy of study, but soon Sensitives among us convinced the team to follow subtle clues to the spaces in our region where the most profound Enlightenment can occur.

In these spaces we have found, and intend to share, puzzles that will help all Agents grow in craftiness and creative mastery.

Our #MagnusReawakens project seeks to honor the Trickster archetypes arise in every human culture. We invite them to assume the form of Raven, via a welcoming Nest that will also host a Tecthulu-based interactive art installation.

All Agents are invited to share photos and stories of your own encounters with the Trickster. Tag them with #ViridCascadia and we will pool our knowledge. Notable findings will be offered to Misty Hannah, to aid in her ongoing research.

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ViridCascadia is the name of an Enlightened-based, cross-faction friendly Magnus Reawakens proposal. ViridCascadia is a movement, an art installation, and an interactive Techthulu.
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