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Sean Kocourek
· September 25, 2017
I first moved to San Diego around the time Merrill got switched to mornings, and I loved it. Hearing his sarcastic commentary about local, national, and world events really made my drive to work a lot... more entertaining than traditional morning news talk shows. I mourned his move to evenings... And again when he left San Diego entirely. Really f'd up my routine. He's also a great dude to talk to in person, if you ever get the chance, very down to earth and not some egotistical dude who thinks he's God's gift to radio. I look forward to hearing him regularly again once I move to Arizona. See More
Danny Sabo
· October 19, 2017
I can finally listen to KFYI from 4-7pm again. No more fake laughing, hater hotline (only the vain would have hater hotline) and stupid baby voices. Hopefully we'll get someone add intelligent and sin...cere as Broomhead. Someone that doesn't pander and call half his audience and all of the work morons!- See More
Craig Dingle
· September 6, 2017
Chris Merrill is a man who is on the radio. He talks a lot and there are other people on the show who can talk, too. I can turn a knob on my radio that makes him talk softer or louder. My radio has a ...plug that goes into the wall. If the plug is not in the wall I do not hear Chris Merrill talking. I guess he goes home if my radio is not plugged in. See More
Chris Yanover
· August 16, 2017
I don't usually listen to KFYI, but today on my way home I started listening to your show and I found myself parked in front of my house for 20 minutes listening to you. It is refreshing to hear a con...cervative radio host who does not regurgitate the same focus group tested talking points. Your points on Charlottesville was everything I was thinking. I am definitely going to be listening to you more on my drive home. See More
Joseph R. Smith
· October 26, 2017
Glad he's gone. While I liked the concept that he wasn't on either side, his style just grated on me. One of those people who thought he was funnier then he was & so his bits seemed never ending.
Jim Barner
· March 22, 2018
This guy is an arrogant knucklehead! I think narcissist better describes Merrill.
Ken Bates
· October 7, 2016
It seems that a lot of people love to hear just the parody and assume that you are the parody. My wife is that type of person, so I can't denigrate them.

However, if you take the time to listen, e...ven to the other side (thank you David Koch for that quote), then one may see the truth. Keep up the fight for free minds, free bodies, and free wallets. See More
Carl Benson
· November 15, 2017
Chris is the bests I love his insight and his hair is unbelievable
Peacelus Ediwdlrow
· August 24, 2017
the only non bias show on this crazy station, i don't have a party non of them worth the time to think and make a choice.
Russ Emerick
· July 7, 2017
Chris is the man! I don't always agree with 100% of what he says and that's why I love his show. That's what America needs now more than ever. Keep up the great work big guy!
Leslie Kester
· December 3, 2015
At first I didn't know what to think. Huge Broomhead fan, and Chris is a totally different type of show. What I have discovered is he thinks for himself and he doesn't tow the Rush Limbaugh line. I do...n't agree with everything he says, but I learn something everyday (even if it is an inappropriate joke) and I feel more informed for doing so. See More
Doug Stevens
· December 29, 2016
Terri Gilbert came on today as a guest host. She's wonderful. She has a level head, a straight forward approach, and clear and concise thoughts laid out for you. Gosh I wish she would replace Chris Me...rrill forever.. I can't stand his smug attitude, condescending language, and self centered arrogance. See More
Scot Oglesby
· September 2, 2016
You just lost the only person on the show that made it tolerable, your such a looser it's no wonder she couldn't wait to getaway from your fat, bald, ugly no talent ass.
Brad Guyette
· August 30, 2017
Independent fact news with a humorous delivery. Tell it like it is Chris!
Sheila Lois Burnette O'Neal
· October 5, 2017
Is it my birthday? Nope, that was on July. Oh, I know. It's Christmas in October!
Vaughn Calhoun
· February 10, 2016
Merrill slathers on the truth so hot, not even the valley of the sun can handle it.
Karen East Haas
· July 7, 2015
Rude and arrogant.. But I guess some people like that these days. Today I heard him play music over a caller, turned off the show for the last time.
Jeff Bryant
· December 29, 2016
You suck, Merrill. Keep that sh*t up. Thanks for being the voice of independents.
Adam David Haynes
August 1, 2013
Dude you rock! And suck! I look forward to listening every day.... Many come and go but I have a feeling you are here to stay! Thanks from Aloha Pool and Spa Service in Lakeside...
Rob Ryan
· June 30, 2015
Refreshing! Merrill is a free-thinker. He doesn't just regurgitate the talking points put out by the GOP.
You don't need a reason to thank a veteran...
Commercial break dancing...
6:30 p.m. UPDATE: This experiment sucks.

Damn, it's worse than we thought. Russia must have a pee pee tape on Jim Jordan, too. They must be stopped.

CNN's Anderson Cooper confronted Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) late Monday, questioning whether the conservative lawmaker believes President Trump lies.

Watch as people on the Right FLIP OUT over the verdict. They'll call Gorsuch a traitor. They'll say he's betrayed his party (even though parties aren't supposed to matter on the Court.) Drudge already posted "GORSUCH SIDES WITH LIBS."
Once you read the article you'll see that not only has precedent been set, but that the law in question was one Obama, too, argued. So, shouldn't the headline be "Trump Revives Obama Era Policy in Immigration Lawsuit; Court Sides with History?"

Justice Neil Gorsuch, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, joined the court's more liberal justices to cast the deciding vote.