Protecting Lake Travis
Travis County voters expect value and Karen delivers! Help us get out the vote and keep our Commissioner!
Karen believes the issues that face Travis County transcend partisanship! She's not the only one, see why this Independent supports Karen.

Dear All,

I want to say a big “Thank You” to my family, friends, and ALL supporters – those who volunteered countless hours and those who stretched their pocket books to make contributions to this very expensive campaign. Also, special thanks go to my campaign team, all the organizations that endorsed me, those Democratic Clubs that worked hard on my behalf – with volunteers and contributions --and the Travis County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign for their awesome tea...m effort. Many, many came together in a noble effort for this campaign and I so appreciate all you have done. Because of you, many more people in Travis County have a better understanding of the complex issues that face Travis County.

I concede this race but add that the fate of this race was sealed last fall in redistricting, when that process took away valuable Democratic base from Precinct 3. It will be very difficult for the Democrats to win back the commissioner seat in this precinct for many years.

Nevertheless, I call on ALL voters – both those who voted for me and those who elected my opponent – to keep up with our critical issues. It is crucial to our future that you keep pressure on your commissioner to be pro-active in representing you and in making the right decisions – not only for now, but good decisions that will serve well our children and grandchildren.

These are tough times and we all have to pull together to preserve our quality of life.

I thank you for the opportunity to have served you and you can count on me to continue working towards solutions to our water issues.

Most sincerely,

Karen Huber
Travis County Commissioner, Pct.3

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Thank you for all of the encouragement today so far. 2 more hours to vote! Get out there and do it and bring your friends and family if they haven't voted either. The excitement is building!