Thank you so much, everyone who worked so hard on my campaign. We did really well in my home precinct, but the far side of town went solidly for my opponent. Congratulations to my opponent. Debra Wood’s reputation as a committed servant for Manassas Park secured her the Commissioner‘s office for another four years. I wish her the best of luck.

Almost there! Everyone get to the polls tomorrow!…/where-to-vote.html

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At the Manassas Park Community Center Trunk or Treat! Time to creep the voters!

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I would like to express my support for James Kirkland for the Manassas Park Commissioner of Revenue. I have known Jim for a long time - he has the qualification...s, experience, intelligence, skills, and most importantly the passion to serve the community. If MP is going to move forward, which we are, it's going to take everyone doing what they can. Please vote for James Kirkland for Manassas Park Commissioner of Revenue.

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James Kirkland is seeking political office for the first time, for the office of Manassas Park Commissioner of Revenue.

Potomac Local coverage of our race!

James Kirkland is seeking political office for the first time, for the office of Manassas Park Commissioner of Revenue.
Rachel Kirkland

So the negative politics has started in my husband's campaign... I'll post it all in the comments. But suffices to say... if you have a question about why my ...husband is running or what he thinks, ask him.
or inbox him. James Kirkland

Edit: Maybe negative was a bit strong. But I felt that those posts were a distortion of him and his intention for the office. If you vote here, you have a unique opportunity to engage those in office and those running for it. If you have questions, ask. Find out what he knows, who he is, and how he plans to develop himself to address those things that he might not know. Do the same for other candidate if you wish. Make your decision based on knowledge. It's that simple and what we should do every time there is an election.

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Looking forward to meeting more of our residents this Saturday at the Fall Festival!

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Manassas Park Community Center

It's only 3 days away! Are you planning to attend the Annual Fall Festival?

My profile is now up. You can check out my background and why I'm running for Commissioner of Revenue.

James T. Kirkland, Jr., Candidate for Manassas Park City Commissioner of Revenue, Manassas Park City, Virginia, November 7, 2017 Virginia General Election: Picture, bio, position statements and social media links | Vote-VA

"As commissioner I will provide Manassas Park elected officials with reliable and timely data so that our leaders can make data-driven decisions. I’ll diligently maintain all records to ensure accuracy and ready availability of data, provide accurate and fair tax assessments and ensure the office is in compliance with state laws and regulations while providing transparency and great customer service for our residents."

My qualifications-

* A decade of database administrati...on experience.
* Helped transition a major school district student information system.
* Launched online enrollment for Summer and afterschool programs.
* Launched online payment system receiving millions of dollars in revenue for afterschool programs.
* A background in small business.
* Customer service focus to help businesses and residents prosper within the Park.
* Manassas Park resident for 15 years.

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A huge thanks to the Manassas And Manassas Park Cities Democratic Party Committee who voted tonight to endorse my campaign an gave me a generous campaign donation.

Last night's Public Info Meeting for Rt 28 Corridor Feasibility Study was very informative. I appreciate all of MP's governing body and Community Center staff for hosting the meeting and working on one of the major issues facing our city. Another thanks to all the MP residents who I met for attending and considering me this November!

Had a great evening campaigning at National Night Out in Signal Hill Park last night. Big thanks to Hector Cendejas and Danica Roem for introducing me to their friends and local supporters in the park!

My first palm cards have arrived! Tomorrow I'll be attending the Nationals Night Out event in Manassas Park at Signal Hill Park. Hope to see lots of MP residents!

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It's been an exciting week knocking doors in Manassas Park. We've got over the minimum signatures as of last night, and we're collecting extras to make sure everyone was properly registered. The best part has been hearing the thoughts and concerns of my fellow Manassas Park citizens. I'm looking forward to meeting the challenges and improving customer service at City Hall.

Here we go. After talking it over with some of our community leaders, friends and family, I've decided to pursue the Commissioner of Revenue office for Manassas Park. We're collecting signatures to get on the ballot this November. I look forward to bringing my experience with program management, database administration, and customer service to meet Manassas Park's challenges.