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Learn about APIs, vue-router, axios, event bus, JWT authentication, and more. 🚀🌟...

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Vue.js Book! The first Vue.js 2 and Laravel book! Learn by building awesome interactive web applications

Code Notes - Code Snippet Manager, built with Electron and Vue.js

If you need a notepad for codes, this is a good open source project for you!

Vuesax - A nice frontend library for Vue.js components

Vuesax is a new Vue library which is good for building components.

Learn how to upload and manage files with Laravel and Vue.js

Alex Mitrakhovich shows us how to build a simple service that allows us to upload and manage files.

Enso - A cool free app built with Bulma, Vue.js and Laravel

Enso is a nice project, which is based on Laravel 5.5, Vue 2, and Bulma.

The Ultimate Vue.js and Laravel CRUD Tutorial

In this tutorial, Anthony Gore show you how to set up a full-stack Vue and Laravel app and demo each of the CRUD operations.

Vuex ORM - a plugin for Vuex to enable Object-Relational Mapping.

If you are using Vuex to handle JSON data easily, try Vuex ORM.

Vue Ribbon - Microsoft Office ribbon component

VueRibbon is a HTML5 implementation of the Microsoft Office ribbon control, built on top of Vue and ES6.

Test our websites using Blip - a nice application powered by Vue.js

Blip is an app for testing websites' speed, mobile-friendliness, security and HTML5 compatibility.

Display GitHub profiles with Vue GitHub component

This is a good component which can be used to display GitHub profiles and repositories.

Create transitions in various ways with Vue 2 Transitions

Vue 2 Transitions is a great package which we can use to create transitions in various ways.

Help the user picking beautiful colors with Vue Swatches

Vue Swatches is a nice UI component for Vue.js that allows the user to choose colors.

A cool Avatar component for Vue.js

This is a nice Avatar component for Vue.js that renders an img tag instead of a custom tag.

Santa Claus app built with Vue.js

This is a nice little app which is a small puzzle, which you have to figure out which color should a tile have.

Build a Wordpress Blog with WP Vue

A nice Vue app which can handle a WordPress REST endpoint and display its contents.

Create rating stars easily with Vue Stars 🌟

vue-stars is a Vue component for display or input of ratings.

Create rating stars easily with Vue Stars 🌟

vue-stars is a Vue component for display or input of ratings.

Vue.js Pantone Color Search and Copy to Clipboard

A little Vue app where you can search through an array of colors by name, HEX code and copy to your clipboard the chosen color.