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Vasanthkumar Mysoremath
· November 30, 2017
Conference theme should have been Health or Tobacco not Tobacco or Health? Meaning to say - if you want health, dont either touch tobacco or if you are using tobacco, give it up? Similarly, themes fo...r World No Tobacco Days by WHO and other conferences are found to be touching upon peripheral issues and the core issue of eliminating tobacco is not getting its due importance. Most signatories to FCTC have signed the protocol for not being left out from a holistic approach of fighting against a deadly crop - tobacco and at the same time have Government run Tobacco Boards and Tobacco Research Institutes for encouraging farmers to grow quality tobacco and also extending subsidies, easy loans, support price, provide ready market and a host of other benefits. Paradox is that tobacco is the only officially recognised cash crop licensed to kill the users. This kind of dual approach smacks of hypocracy in honoring the international FCTC protocol. To boot, many Governmental financial and insurance fund managers are blatantly violating FCTC Guideline 5.3 by investing in shares of tobacco companies (Life Insurance Corporation of India holds 16.3 per cent of total shares in tobacco companies - though it is not a 'strategic' investment and use of the produce of such a company is injurious to the health of its own clients). In addition, many sitting Parliamentarians who are functioning as Parliament Sub-Committees for recommending policies on issues concerning health etc., of people are Bidi / Cigarette / Chewing tob barons. It is my experience that the Tobacco industry thinks well ahead about keeping its profits and strategises its plan of action for future 50 years whereas anti-tobacco policy makers continue with their blinkers on with limited peripheral issues. Our efforts to educate farmers to shift to alternate crops have borne fruit and thousands of them are willing to surrender their barns provided they get due compensation for their earlier investments and also to get rehabilitated and shifting to alternate crops. They have been told that tobacco has no future and they are rendering disservice to humanity by growing poisonous tobacco weed. Governments have also recognised that there is an increased financial burden on fiscals due to Non- communicable diseases directly attributable to consumption of smoke/non smoke tobacco products. WHO's report on the global tobacco effect in the coming decades is a pointer. Therefore, it has become imminent to ban tobacco cultivation in the world, rehabilitate all farmers and industry workers with alternate source of income and save humans from untimely demise. Since there is nothing good about it, eradicate tobacco - like Polio! ATF&CPAA See More
Simon Mkina
· February 15, 2018
It is the best place to be if you want to equip yourself with contemporary 'weapons' to stop tobacco in your area and beyond

Countering tobacco industry interference in tobacco control policy is a challenge faced by all countries working to reduce tobacco use.
Join us WCTOH 2018 to find out about development of a global index to measure tobacco industry interference:

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The cost of action, versus the cost of inaction, on tobacco use.
Find out more about the economic impact of full implementation of the WHO FCTC at this half-day workshop WCTOH 2018:
@worldheartfed WHO FCTC
#WCTOH2018 #SDGs #NoTobacco

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It is significant that @WCTOH2018 will be held in Africa.
The tobacco industry is aggressively targeting the region as it represents an opportunity for considerable market growth.
Find out about opportunities and challenges for making Africa tobacco-free:

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Our 6 March programme of pre-conference workshops run by experts from around the world is free to all registered delegates attending the full WCTOH 2018. These practical sessions cover: economics, legislation, sustainable funding.
Find out more:

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The WHO FCTC Secretariat is looking forward to being in Cape Town to attend the World Conference on Tobacco or Health to share experiences and to strengthen collaboration to implement the WHO FCTC 🌍🌎🌏💪 #UNTobaccoControl #COP8

The World Heart Federation will be hosting a Special Session on cardiovascular disease at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health in March.

The goal of this ...session is to demonstrate the role that the #CVD community can play in tobacco control and to mobilise the CVD community to increase its efforts in advocating for tobacco control.

See More
The World Heart Federation will host a Special Session at the World Conference on Tobacco or Health on 9 March at 12.20pm, which will focus on the link between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and tobacco. The goal of this session is to demonstrate the role that the CVD community can play in tobacco con...

Opportunity! Organisers of @WCTOH2018 need student volunteers to help during the conference. Applications close 25 February.
Find out about assignments and benefits here:
#NoTobacco #WCTOH2018 #volunteercapetown

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Sustainable funding for tobacco control will be addressed during several WCTOH 2018 sessions.
Join us and hear from countries including #Vietnam and #Thailand that already have sustainable funding mechanisms in place:
#NoTobacco #WCTOH2018 #SDGs

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Uniting the world for a tobacco-free generation!
On March 5 the WCTOH 2018 Youth Pre-Conference Workshop will take place in Cape Town, empowering young people through building leadership and advocacy skills for tobacco control.
Find out more here:

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Tobacco tax is a powerful tool for reducing tobacco use and healthcare costs -- AND as a revenue stream for financing sustainable development.
Find out more WCTOH 2018 :
#NoTobacco #SDGs #WCTOH2018

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.SEATCA on how @ImpTobUK - controlled by Lao Tobacco Company Ltd - is violating Lao tobacco control law:
Latest research on tobacco industry interference in public health policy WCTOH 2018
#Plainpacks #NoTobacco #WCTOH2018

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Interesting blog on the progress of graphic health warnings on #tobacco packaging in India BMJ Global Health :
Breaking research on #plainpacks and #GHWs will be presented WCTOH 2018.
Find out more:

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Congratulations to #Brazil -- leading the way for bans on flavoured #tobacco:
Breaking science on the impact of tobacco additives on initiation and addiction will be presented WCTOH 2018. Find out more:

In a landmark victory for tobacco control and public health, Brazil’s Supreme Court of Justice has rejected a constitutional challenge from the tobacco industry against a resolution from ...

Breaking research announced for the scientific programme of #WCTOH2018
Research covers #ecigarettes, point-of-sale bans, #flavouredcigarettes and financial impact of #smoking.
Register now and join us at the conference to gain direct access to this important new science.

17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health 7-9 March 2018 - Uniting the World for a Tobacco-Free Generation. 7-9 March 2018, Cape Town, South Africa

The #Nordic Tobacco Control Association will be analysing tobacco industry tactics -- similarities and differences in culturally unified areas -- during a symposium at WCTOH 2018.
Find out more:
@Kreftforeningen #WCTOH2018 #NoTobacco

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The Sustainable Development Goals have strengthened the links between tobacco control and the global development agenda. Tobacco taxes represent a revenue stream for financing development in many countries. Join us WCTOH 2018 to find out more: #SDGs

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