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Chad Timmerman
· April 29, 2015
Hey, while I couldn't stand Wayne, way to corny, and even worse is mr nasty Jeremy, "it's my opinion and you can have yours but you're wrong" I loved how that know it all Jeremy says the opposite of w...hat is reported on the same station in the morning, duh! But seems like both are gone thank goodness, could ya keep it local?? Please? Now into the fire by another yelling fear spreader, ok ok we get it, but what about local stuff and people to work at kzo? And could ya in anyway give us an idea of why a change or if this is it for a schedule cuz now 3-5,6,7pm just worthless screaming and barking about the world and how stupid the American people are, gee nice switch can't listen except for jim in the morning.. Please continue fixing this savage guy, too much... See More
Pat Holmes-Huntley
· October 26, 2015
Lets talk SPORTS! Lets rush through early (6:30 am) morning news and lets talk SPORTS! Regardless of a1000 other topics, lets talk SPORTS! Ten minutes later we'll take a break, but when we come back,... we're going to pick up right where we left off AND TALK MORE SPORTS! And ten minutes later, OH, we have a guest, but.... C'mon guys, it takes me 20 minutes to drive to work. I don't mind a sports report, but don't you think 20 minutes is a bit much. Please remember your listeners who are NOT such big sports fans. I miss Laurie Moore. And get rid of the Savage show! I'm a little dumbfounded that KZO even airs him. See More
Gail F. Sampsell
· February 15, 2015
Wayne Powers was the best thing that happened to Kalamazoo mornings in years! Shame of WKZO- I will now boycott the station and ALL of it's advertisers. I will encourage my friends to do the same!
Jarod Bowling
· July 7, 2017
WKZO AM 590's news Director John McNeil was a complete dick during the funeral procession of Comstock, MI Fire Chief Ed Switalksi who was killed in the line of duty last month.
Judy M Shelley Oliphant
· November 26, 2014
Look up The Salted Cupcake on Facebook! Downtown Schoolcraft. Just celebrated one year in business. Korina has a fantastic menu for Thanksgiving!! BTW......been listening for as long as I can remember
Staci McKee
· April 24, 2015
Happy to hear Jay back on air in the morning, but not excited about the new afternoon programming.
Daniel Caulkett
· February 10, 2016
Very disappointed in WKZO lack of reporting this morning on road conditions I-94 was horrible and no warnings at all.
Michelle Young-Hedgspeth
· January 11, 2017
Here at Admiral in Portage, we love our morning WKZO crew! Thanks Guys!
Michelle @ Admiral Gas!
Lou Ann Boyd
September 14, 2012
I used to listen to the trifecta in the afternoon on my way home..don't care for Roger
Tim Powers
· February 8, 2016
Why and how long is power going to be out for kal east side?
Kelley Datema
February 17, 2012
Listen every day!! From Farming America in the AM to news in the afternoon!! Love the Trifecta!! Missing the Free Beer Fridays tho!! lol
Janice Gertz Shedd
February 16, 2012
When not at work you are the only station I listen to in the morning. Keep up the good work! JKS
Judi Wolf Roelof
June 2, 2012
Love WKZO and all the local news and shows- not so much the national programming.
Dano Van
· September 12, 2013
Tigers and talk while I do dishes. Perfect station for home listening.
David Gerhard
February 14, 2012
Great station to listen to while at work.
Dean Margaret Hauck
March 3, 2012
YES--this is the TIGER station. Love it!
Tammy Zandt Glasscock
February 27, 2012
Awesome station, listen every day
Ron Johnson Jr.
February 15, 2012
Listen often! One of the best radio stations around!!
Leana Davison
February 11, 2012
LOVE To listen to WKZO-Richard Piet is my favorite!
Tamyra Walters
February 15, 2012
WKZO 590 AM the place to be!
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