(video) Don't ever count the women (girls) out!!! - We can do it just about ANYTHING!!! #WahineSportsNetwork #workhard #playhard - Tough. Hard. Strong - All day!
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Casting call! For All My wahine Surfer or wanna be surfer Friends. We go pāʻina after! 😜
Nair Campaign - $5,000 day rate for Female Surfer
Production Canyon Twe...lve
Location Oahu, Honolulu (Hawaii)
Date Feb 28th 2018
Talent One Female Surfer
Rate $5000 + 20% plus travel expenses (flight & hotel)
Casting Brief:
Non Union-
New hair removal product that Nair is launching (for legs and armpits) and the story is about a surfer girl on the beach. It is all about showcasing beautiful skin and smooth legs for the product and the fun personality of a surfer girl. We will be shooting the girl both on the beach and in the water/surfing. Looking for someone that is a good surfer, comfortable in the water, comfortable in front of the camera and a good voice as there are a few spoken lines in the commercial as well.
Target age: Early 20’s - SURFER!!!!!!! Gorgeous skin!
Unlimited Usage for TV, Digital & Print for one year buyout starting with first air date (date TBD) in 2018 for US, Canada, Mexico & Australia.
$5000 + 20% TOTAL FEE (if agency)
So FLAT RATE all in including the agent fee, fitting session, still images that will be shot on set, talent day rate for the shoot and 1 year buyout.
*still images shot on set are part of the spot and need to be covered under the one year unlimited buyout. We are planning for 10 still shots on the shoot day.
There is also potential to credit the girls name in both the print and on the commercial.
If coming from LA, we can add coach flight and hotel.
Talent must be NON-union only
Looking for someone that is ethnically ambiguous with tan/darker skin tone.
Could be African American, Brazilian, Hispanic, Hawaiian, Polynesian, Filipino, South Asian, Etc.
Gorgeous Skin is a MUST!
Preferably none or very minimal tattoos.
No accent or minimal accent/strong English as there are a few speaking lines.
Must to be comfortable in the water and definitely a good surfer.
not a beginner but does not necessarily have to be a pro.
has to be comfortable in front of the camera.
Must be available for a fitting on the 27th at our hotel in Honolulu for about an hour based on client availability (likely mid day) and available all day the 28th for shoot, likely sunrise to sunset so 10+ hour day. if she is from LA we could likely fly the girl in early on the 27th and out late night after the shoot the 28th so a quick trip.
for the casting we are requiring the following to be submitted:
- 3 full length photos of the girl in her bikini - one front shot, one side shot, one back shot
- one additional headshot photo (waist up) of the girl with her hair wet
- video of the girl saying the two of the lines from the script into camera:
'what makes me feel beautiful?'
'living on the edge. But not the edge of a blade'
- additional video of a short 1-2 minute interview with them.
just a short clip to get them talking a bit so we can see if they are comfortable on camera, hear how they speak and get a feel of their personality a bit more.
could be them answering just a simple question to get them talking briefly, something like...
tell us why you love to surf. or tell us when you first got started surfing. or what are some of your favorite places to surf. or whats your best memory of being out on the water.
- all girls must submit a short video of themselves surfing. nobody will be considered without this. we need to see that they can really surf. whether its a video a friend took of them or a video they took of themselves on go pro or what ever. just something that shows us in 30 seconds to a minute that they really are a good surfer and comfortable in the water.

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