Interview Castlefest 2014, Bollenstreekomroep
This video was made last year at the Elf Fantasy Fair 2013 in Arcen. Angela was participating in the costume competition with her Isabelle de Bourbon costume and won 'Best Craftmanship'.
Hart van Nederland, Sbs6, 13-10-2013

The pattern that I used for this dress (a reproduction from a painting by Willem Pietersz Buytewech, 1616), is actually the same pattern that I used for my Elizabeth of Austria dress.
I only took out the vertical seam at the front panel.

This pattern is again a combination of the Waistcoat pattern made by The Tudor Tailor for the top part (chest and up), and a 17th century pattern for a dress from the book "17th Century Womens Dress Patterns book 2" from the V&A for the point....

It's my favorite base pattern it seems, because I used it 4 times now ⚘.

This really nice photo is made by Martin Smit.

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Last Saturday I started with Jasper's new costume, and the jerkin is almost ready.
I am going to reproduce the costume of Prospero Alessandro, from the painting by Giovanni Battista Moroni, 1560.

A jerkin is a sleeveless jacket worn over the doublet.
This one is very plain, I used black velvet and I covered all the seams with a black braided tape....
I still have to do the button closure, the girdle and the lining.

Most work will be in the sleeves.

I am going to make a 2nd set of sleeves, but then red, matching with the breeches.
Apparenly a black jerkin with red breeches and a red doublet was very fashionable in Italy around 1560, see pics below 😊

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Underneath the green houpelande dress (see previous post) I am wearing a red kirtle. This is the (under) dress that women wore on top of their smock (shirt).

On really warm days I only wear this kirtle.

Mine has a seam in the waist, wich means it's late medieval....
In earlier times more width in the skirt was created with gores.

This beautiful photo is made at Castle Hernen (Kasteel Hernen) by Ton Rothengatter.

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This photo was made inside Castle Arcen, Limburg, Holland.
I am wearing my early 15th century style houpelande dress and hennin.
I made this costume after images in 15th century tapestries.
This photo is made by Martin Smit.

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I sent a picture of the painting of Elizabeth of Austria (1571) to my favorite hair piece maker Valerie, and asked if she could make something similar for me.
And look what she made!!
I am super happy with this!

Elizabeth is also wearing a diadem with ouches, this one I made myself, but I don't have a good photo. You will see it later.


Hairpiece made by FancyNancyHairUpdos. You can find this shop on Etsy.…

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A very nice photo made during the event Het Historisch Festijn at Castle Vorden.

I am wearing my Isabel de Bourbon costume, c. 1620 and Jasper wears his Robert Dudley costume c. 1580.

This photo is made by Gea Fotografie.

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YEAH! My dress is ready!
I am very happy with the result.

After last post, when I finished the ruff, I first made the cuffs.
These are matching with the ruff....
They are loose items but I pinned them to the sleeves.

After this the skirt. It's 4 meters wide and gathered into tight cartridge pleats and then sewn on the edge of the bodice.
The border is finished with a gold/pearl wide tape.

Then I made the girdle, with the same ouches as on the bodice.
The girdle is a loose piece, but I tacked it to the bodice at a few places.

The dress is made after the painting of Elizabeth of Austria, Queen of France, 1571, as painted by François Clouet.

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Speaking of costumes worn only once.... this Regency style Spencer jacket that I made some years ago, I have worn it only one afternoon.
It's made after a painting of Louise of Prussia in riding habit, 1808.
It's really nice and I should wear it again.

Photos are made by Eric Kleijngeld.

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Yesterday I received another very nice photo, made at the Castlefest winter edition last December.
It was very cold that day, but luckily not as cold as today!

I am wearing a fur edged cloak and velvet hat in 16th century style.
This photo is made by Henk Van Rijssen.

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After previous post I got the question to post a full length photo of my Regency dress.
Well here it is ⚘

The dress is made from blue silk, embroidered with gold ornaments. Underneath I am wearing a white silk dress, that I made from an antique wedding dress.


Jasper is wearing the Hussar uniform I made for him.

First photo is made by Bob van den Berg, the 2nd photo is made by Stephen Troost.

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There are some dresses that I haven't worn for years, or worse, maybe only once!
For example my Napoleontic dress, last time I wore it was at the 200 years Battle of Waterloo in 2015, so that is 3 years ago.

I think this year we must visit another Napoleontic event, for example the Battle for Bourtange 2-3 June.


This supernice photo is made by Stephen Troost.

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It's been already more than a year ago that we did this photoshoot, a recreation of "The Milkmaid" (Johannes Vermeer, 1658, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam), with Italian born / Australia based artist & photographer Carlo Oggioni.

It took us months to find the right location and all the props that you see in the photo ( none of it is added in later).

This is me in the photo, Carlo gave me some extra weight and removed my eyebrows 😃. And of course I made the costume.


Model, costume: Angela Mombers
Photographer: All rights reserved to Carlo Oggioni Photography
Location: Slot Loevestein.

The heater in the bottom right corner is of course a little joke from the photographer. It is his trademark to add a few modern details in his photos.
The tiles he painted by hand and he added a small photographer on one of them.

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I made some progress on the 1560s dress of Elizabeth of Austria.

So now the ouches are sewn all around the neckline.

I also made the ruff. I am not 100% satisfied with the ruff, it's a bit too small compared to the original....
If I have time maybe I make a new one, or maybe I will wear one that I made before, let's see.

I also finished the petticoat but I will show you a photo of that later.

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Here is a close-up of the heart shaped Hennin from previous post.
It's made from a buckram frame, edged with millenery wire and covered with silk.

People often ask if it's heavy, the answer is: no, it's not heavy to wear 😊. My gable hood is far heavier and uncomfortable to wear 🎩.


This supernice photo is made by Martin Smit.

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A very nice photo which I didn't post before, made 2 years ago in the castle of Arcen.

I am wearing my late 15th century style houpelande dress with my handmade Hennin, a head coverage worn in the mid 15th century.

This very nice photo is made by Martin Smit.

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On April 8 we will be present at the Vestingstedendagen at the City of Grave.
The theme is 1568.
I was thinking to wear my Queen Elizabeth I costume.

Photo made at Elfia by Henk Van Rijssen....
Vestingstedendagen 2018 Grave.

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