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These houses are constructed using LEGO-like bricks
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These houses are made entirely of LEGO-like wood bricks.

Look at what Stephanie DeLay has cooked up Amazing gal and lucky to know her!!

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Coldwell Banker First Realtors is at Coldwell Banker First Realtors.

This is the complete package. If you're searching for a Walla Walla Valley equestrian property - look no further. Appreciate these spacious ten acres and well e...stablished horse boarding facility. Call today for your private showing, (509) 525-0820.

126 Last Chance Road | Walla Walla, WA
Listing Details:…/126-Last-C…/84695764/detail

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March 12
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Wow!! Good for you Jayne girl

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Real Producers Magazine - Southeast Washington Edition

Sneak peek of the December issue of Real Producers Southeast Washington Edition! Congratulations to Jayne Di Dario of Walla Walla on her nominations and on all ...that she has achieved in her long successful career as a Realtor. She earned the recognition that being on the cover gives, and we're so thrilled to share her story and history on these pages. It's one you won't want to miss! Also, a huge congratulations to our Rising Star for December, Dustin Chiesa! We also love to champion Realtors who give back, whether locally or on a larger scale, and in our December issue we have the pleasure of highlighting Krista Hopkins. Be sure to check back with us for full articles!

Be sure to congratulate Jayne and Dustin below!

If you want to find out how to be a part of Real Producers, email

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A gem from Walla Walla's past. Updated beautifully while keeping in touch with its past. Loved photographing this home!

$650,000, 5 beds, 3.5 baths, 3310 sq ft - Contact ReNae Davis, Walla Walla Sotheby's International Realty, 509.301.4084 for more information.

Jayne Di Dario's clients have a lovely garden. One of the last perfect roses of summer..

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Donna Lasater

On a listing shoot the other day I spotted this lovely little rose bud in a garden so I had to stop and take a few pictures. Jayne girl, this one's for you

Clarice Feldman

Subotai spells it out:
Actually, I expect that in Leftist controlled areas [coastal cities and environs] that Confederate graves will be desecrated soon, follow...ed by punitive expeditions into the areas "beyond the Leftist Pale" to spread the desecration.
But that is probably not going to be the trigger point. For literally over a year, the Left has been physically assaulting anyone who is "not Left" and in those areas controlled by the Left, the forces of the government have been accomplices and at times actors in the assaults. The official political "opposition" has been silent or critical of those being attacked, even though in theory those targeted were the ones who the "opposition" represented. Even after a Democrat attempt to overturn the congressional elections with a mass assassination attempt, the Republicans sat on the story not demanding investigations and follow ups. They are perfectly happy being the submissive slaves of the Left, whose beliefs they really share.

While all details of what happened in Charlottesville are not out, we have some broad outlines.

1) The original protest by "Unite the Right" was based about the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Which in itself was incredibly stupid, but these are Leftists we are dealing with. Lee spent his life after the war trying to build a reconciliation between North and South, and it was his direct command forbidding it that prevented up to 1/3 of the Army of Northern Virginia from fading into the civilian population and fighting what would have been an incredibly bloody guerilla war that could have lasted for decades.

2) Now we have to be curious about the accuracy of the flags flying. The leader of the protest was one Jason Kessler. Kessler has an interesting background. Until late 2016 Kessler was active with OCCUPY, Obama's OFA, and was a reporter for CNN. Not exactly a conservative background.

3) "Unite the Right" sought a permit for a peaceful demonstration. This was opposed by Virginia Governor McAuliffe and the mayor of Charlottesville [name slips my mind and I don't want to stop and look it up right now]. They denied it functionally because it was those "icky" conservatives and the Constitution does not apply to them. A Federal District Court had a different view, and ordered the permit to be issued and appropriate precautions taken.

4) Now, while Kessler was quite likely a false flag, there were a lot of other people there. Certainly some were Nazi's. Some claimed to be KKK, which is interesting because most of the membership of the KKK seems to be FBI informants. I won't go into whether their presence is an assignment, or a choice. But a lot of people there were just people tired of the Left. It is important to note that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights apply to everyone, even Nazi's and the KKK.

5) When the demonstration started, keeping in mind that the "Unite the Right" group was the only one with a permit and it was confirmed by a Federal Judge, there were both local and State police, and reinforcements from surrounding communities. And they were issued orders by both the Governor and the Mayor that under no circumstances were they to intervene in any violence without direct orders from the Governor and the Mayor. This has been denied by the State Police and Charlottesville police, but confirmed by the reinforcements from surrounding communities, and surprisingly by the Virginia ACLU which was there and who remembered amazingly enough what their organization is theoretically for. It is an anomaly for the ACLU to criticize anything done by Democrats.

6) Shortly after the demonstration began, buses pulled up and hundreds of Antifa, BLM, and assorted other of the Democrat street thugs disembarked, masked and armed. I note that under § 18.2-422 of Virginia law, wearing of masks in public is a Class 6 felony. It is part of their laws against, ironically, the KKK. They began attacking the "Unite the Right" while the police watched people being beaten. Also, the attackers used tear gas spray. It was not, of course, one-sided. But it could have been worse because a number of the "Unite the Right" demonstrators were armed and not one shot was fired. The official Virginia State Police excuse later was that they were afraid to intervene because the "Unite the Right" was armed. I would note in passing that I spent 28 years wearing a badge, and that while special tactics might be needed, only in a Democrat controlled area could I conceive of police ignoring public violence because of fear of armed rioters.

7) At 1152 hrs. local time, Governor McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and ordered the "Unite the Right" out. It is critical to keep in mind that they had a permit, backed by a Federal Judge, had been attacked, and their attackers had no permit and their very presence was a mass felony being deliberately ignored by the police. And the "Unite the Right" left, albeit a fighting withdrawal. The park where the demonstration was to take place was cleared by police by 1230 hrs.

8) After "Unite the Right" had left, the Democrat thugs began a celebratory riot over having "chased" the "Unite the Right" from the park. That riot included attacking the police, who were restrained in their response, with only a few people being arrested.

9) At 1340 hrs. the car driven by James Alex Fields Jr. apparently deliberately drove into a crowd of the Democrat thugs. I say apparently, because there are several versions out there, some of which say he was being attacked by rioters. I do not know and that is a matter for the courts. There was some confusion about who owned/was driving the vehicle. The license plate led to documents showing that it was purchased by James Alex Fields Sr. Apparently, it was given to James Alex Fields Jr. It seems Senior is a Leftist on social media. Junior is closer to Nazi. Which must make holiday dinners a joy and a wonder. But that led to confusion as to motivation, but it was Junior driving. One woman was killed, several other people seriously injured. Junior was charged with Second Degree Murder, which is not a death penalty offense. Although Virginia may make an exception in this case. Plus a lot of lesser charges for those injured

10) What is of note in this case is that once again it seems that Democrat controlled governments have conspired to violate or ignore the law in order to attack anyone who is not a Leftist. And given Kessler's background, the whole thing may have been a deliberate set-up between Democrat government officials and Democrat street thugs.

11) Anyone who is not a Leftist has to learn from this and the past year that the Left will violate the law, even if in government, to attack them. And that the Republicans will side with them. There is going to be a Federal investigation, but it is going to be of the "Unite the Right" and not the thugs that broke the law to deny them their First Amendment rights. Attorney General Sessions is apparently hell on civil forfeiture of property without a conviction of a crime, but cannot spare any effort to investigate Democrat crimes at any level or any violent and illegal attacks on what is President Trump's voter base. There is a lesson here. You cannot depend on the law, because it will be used against conservatives only.

12) Leftist thugs re-learned a lesson. They are above the law. They can do anything with impunity and will be protected by both parties in government.

13) Toss into that mix that we have learned since the election that an election can deliver the House, the Senate, and the Presidency into the hands of Republicans, and the Republicans in the House and Senate will devote themselves to protecting Democrat programs and how Democrats run the government. If voting does not change government policies, electoral politics becomes a waste of time.

14) There will continue to be peacefully intended and fully legal political demonstrations by those who oppose the Left. And they will continue to be attacked by, and what is legally deadly force used by, the Leftist thugs against them with impunity. Eventually, what I expect is that there will be drive by shootings by Leftists, and there will be no arrests or prosecutions.

15) Eventually, those who oppose the Left are going to respond to the incentive structure being created. They will arm themselves with firearms to defend themselves. And I suspect that the concept of overwatch will be employed. And when attacked will fire back and the full force of the State and both parties will fall on them.

16) At that point, those who oppose the Left are going to go on offense. And just like the Left does when it has power, there will be no civilians, nor safe spaces, nor "King's-X". And everybody's dance card is going to be full.

Wretchard is right that all people have to do is walk away from government structures, especially government structures that do nothing but attack them. But the walk away is not going to be peaceful, because in the absence of what is supposed to be an even-handed government protecting everybody, people are going to turn to whatever "tribe" shares their beliefs for protection from the other tribes.

Know who your friends are. Know who are not your friends. And don't even think of unbuttoning your codpiece.

Subotai Bahadur

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Great agents and company!!

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Coldwell Banker First Realtors

Coldwell Banker Global Luxury is the most productive luxury brand in the world. In 2016, the Coldwell Banker network handled 24,790 transaction sides of $1 mill...ion-plus homes, equating to $129.6 million in luxury sales each day. We are proud to have three Global Luxury certified agents in our office, and to introduce our local Coldwell Banker Global Luxury program.

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Posted by Viral in USA
Viral in USA

Spider Tie Concrete House

Walk to Downtown, Heated Swimming Pool, HOt Tub, Steps from Park Walla Walla, WA, USA vacation House Rental - 5 star rating. Welcome to the Howard Street...
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Posted by Michele Rennie
Michele Rennie

Sneak preview of my new listing! One private acre on the creek, minutes from downtown Walla Walla. A very special sanctuary.

A Frank Lloyd Wright home a friend pointed me to and wanted to share. We have a Wright home in our community.

Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the 1960 home in St. Louis Park outside Minneapolis that hit the market at $1.4million and includes original custom designed furnishings and fixtures.
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Posted by Jake Libbey
Jake Libbey

Facebook friends, I need your help. My dad is almost 80 and stuck in a house up in the Bighorns of Wyoming. He needs to sell it to move someplace closer to a, but can't because the real estate agents in his area just snap a pic and it just sits on the MLS for years and years and isn't ever actually marketed. I went there with my drone and camera and made him a video to help him sell it, but I really need some shares and maybe someone will be in a position to know someone who might be interested.

The website for the house is

Please share if you would. And thank you.

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Virtual tours give a prospective buyer such a great sense of a home.

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3D Tour Experience
Coldwell Banker First Realtors

Did you know that our average Days On Market (DOM) is about 87 days, compared to the MLS average of 136 days? We attribute our quick sales to fantastic agents and marketing techniques, including our 3D Tour Experience. Want to sell your home quickly? Give us a call today, 509-525-0820.

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Travis Watts, Realtor added 2 new photos.

Congratulations on two of my sellers for successful closings this week!