On tour this weekend again, carrickmacross better be ready

Wan direction will be hitting sence tonight for neils 21st, tickets still available so all are welcome!


we really need to add shit to this page to give it some purpose lol !!!

2012 wan - direction tour dates

21st April: Neils 21st sense nightclub : tickets still available
28th April: Carrickmacross : tickets still available contact Andrew Mckee, Richard Mckee
10th May - 14th: may Magaluf part one : sold out...
12th July - 13th july : cancelled better things to do with are time than sit in a field
26th July - 29th july: liverpool Rohan O'Donnell BIRTHDAY BONANAZA : sold out
3rd August : special one - off performance for Gareth Skipy M Sophie Peppercorn K
21st August : Tennets Vital opening for the foo's : Tickets still available
1st Sep - 10th Sep : Magaluf part 2 : sold out

More dates to be released in due course

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