How to Open a Bottle with a Lighter
First go @flipagram. Banff to Alberta.
#flipagram from our days back in the Smokies.

...and the #1 article on Wand'rly this year?

We know you've all been waiting all week! Well pop off the tire covers and break out the cheap champagne, it's here!

How to save $1000 / month just by driving around in an RV...

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Save $1000 / month through travel. Caution: side effects may be seeing the world, more time with family and intense satisfaction.

We're down to #2 on the Top Ten of 2017 over at the magazine, so without further ado...…/complete-guide-to-buying-rvs/

For vast majority of full-time wanderers, a life on the road means owning and largely living in an RV. Recreational Vehicles afford us the most opportunity to move around as we please, with the least amount of planning and at the lowest cost. Wherever we go, our home is there. If we choose some othe...

Sometimes you want the seclusion, peace and quiet of absolute you go BLM. Other times, you just want to download 57GB of movies over someone else's WiFi you go RV Park.

Where's the happy medium between civilization and starry nights?

A list of every state park in the US which offers RV camping, from full hookups to boondocking, plus cost, maximum stays, and other information on state parks.

“I feel like we’re living in some fable,” I tell Renée, “where we should be collecting nuts but all we’re doing is having an endless summer of fun.”
Making meatballs on a half-broken campstove, she looks at me like I’m reciting Klingon.
“Well, aren’t you going to have to work forever anyway? We don’t have a retirement plan, right?”...
“True. But what happens when I get too old to take care of us?”
“I’ll take care of us, then.”
“And What happens when you’re too old?”
“Don’t worry, honey,” she says in her best Mrs. Beaver impression, “you’ll be dead by then.”
#retirementplans #420kplan #vanlife #familyontheroad

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A plethora of information from initial steps to actual positions that are traveling compliant to stories of people who are already doing it. We live and work on the road, so can you!

Number six on our Top Ten of 2017 list is all about helping you help yourself. Sure, you can call a plumber, but hasn't television shown you by now that you would in fact be giving up your license to manliness if you did? And what kind of mom doesn't dump her own kids sewage?

The burning questions every would-be traveler has on their minds, from backing up a trailer to harnessing the power of the sun.…/how-everything-in-an-rv-works/

From electrical wiring to dumping your sewage, the unabridged guide to everything RV.

How in the world can anyone afford to just go traveling all the time?

Breakdowns of things like insurance, rent vs. camping fees, and utilities for living in a house vs. living in a Recreational Vehicle.

Keeping the flowing going, todays' Top Ten of 2017 is all about what the experience of hosing yourself down and seeing a man about a horse will be like as you drift around in your van or RV.

Where to find hot, clean showers and how to relieve yourself for those travelers who have no built-in shower and bathroom.

Wow, is it day number three of our Top Ten from 2017 already?

One of our favorite things to do while exploring the mountains and forests of these United States is shake hands with trees, and our readers seem to agree. If you've ever wondered exactly what kind of pine tree you're looking at, this one's for you!

How to get started identifying trees. Covers conifers and broadleafs, with a focus on the Western United States. Free printable pocket guide.

#9 in our Top Ten of 2017, where to go when Arizona and Florida just don't sound appealing this winter?

There's a whole foreign land just south of us, and if you think Mexico is too dangerous to bother with, Baja California is the perfect transition.

Information on getting into Baja, crossing to the mainland via La Paz ferries, and the best places to visit while in Baja California.

We're re-sharing some old articles, the top ten most read of 2017 over on Wand'rly.

First up? What in the heck to do about those rugrats and their schoolin'? Surely the road is no place for a youngster...or is it?

A thorough rundown of road schooling from a family of six who've done it for years and years now, from pre-school aged children through high schoolers. Resources, testimony and advice.

“I can deal,” she tells me, “with 110° and no A/C in Quintana Roo.”
“I can deal with five people living in a van and a tiny fridge and breakdowns and waking up to snow at 8000’ somewhere beautiful. I can even deal with bacon fires on this crappy Coleman stove!”
“But I don’t want to live in this Airstream again.”...
I get it. We left the Airstream to slowly rot away along the highway between Austin and San Antonio years ago in pursuit of more mobility, simplicity and something easier to drive around Mexico. When we found it this time, it was half buried in a field of mice crap and hell’s melted tires. Let’s just say it’s leaking like an ex-government employee and feels about as much like home as a labradoodle in a pit bull fight.
Still, we’ve got plans. Plans to get this old girl shined up and restored and on a piece of property in Colorado, where someday she’ll make memories for strangers looking to ski their Christmases away or cook hot dogs and swing sparklers under an 8000’ Fourth of July.
When you get the idea that you want to travel and are still in the beginning, figuring it out, how you’ll make it all work...the waiting is the hardest part. When you’ve called the any old where down the road home for nine years and have to stop, even momentarily, it can feel like you’ve just lost your puppy and smokes as the news comes on to tell you they’re cancelling Christmas and taking your retirement savings with it.
“We’ll be fine,” I reassure her. But she knows I’m as full of shit as those sacks they put on the back of a horse drawn carriage’s engine. “At least it’s La Niña this year,” I laugh, “so there’s no chance of snow.”
An hour later the sun has gone down before happy hour and, along with it, a little Christmas miracle.
“Damn you La Niña!” I shout as the kids burst out into the night, likely never to be seen again as Texas sheds its endless summer.
#trailerlife #airstream #liveriveted #butitsjunk #builttokindalast #snowintexas #christmasontheroad #wehavealreadywatchedallthesantaclauses

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"Why is there an M&M in my shoe?" Wylder asks, slipping on his sneakers to find a yellow piece of candy that melts in your mouth, not in your shoe.

"Today is Sinterklaasen! Old St. Nick Day," I tell him. "In Germany, they put a golden walnut in the kids shoes and send them off to the beer factory to make pints for Santa's elves to celebrate the first time a reindeer fell off the roof of the Tower of Babyl, marking the true meaning of December!"

"What?" he asks, pulling a hair... from his mouth as he chews on the M&M. Maybe not the best idea to use his actual shoes...


Oh but in celebration of all things pagan, yuletide and merry, we're giving 25% off of our new t-shirts, today only! Just use the coupon code SINTERKLAAS2017 when you checkout.

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"I'm not really into stuff," she tells me, sitting around a campfire between our van and her truck camper. "This whole holiday season has gone to the birds. I mean, really, a light up football sweater? What are the odds that will even work next year if you even manage to hold onto it that long?"

We're no experts on holiday cheer, but we do know a thing or two about #minimalism and couldn't agree with her more. We're also not trying to be all preachy, but if you feel a little something similar to the notions above, you might find a little solace in trying one of these out:

Ways to give back to the world that gives us travelers so much.

Thanks Luka for sharing your ice cream and conveniently modeling our Free to Range shirt in front of our VW Bus.

Get your own here:

Photo credit (with many thanks) to Marlene of Mali Mish

When you live on the road, the entire world is your backyard. Put down the iPhone and dive in already! If your knees aren’t scraped and your fingernails aren’t dirty, you’re probably not doing it right. 😉 Our custom design printed on American Apparel 100% jersey cotton, the fine lightweight...

Did we mention we're selling these? You know, if you like cute kids with long hair who travel around in a van and want to do more than just live vicariously through our little guys.

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