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William Nulph
June 26, 2013
Great page for a hunter to like

The night before slug season I arrowed this beautiful MN ten pointer! 20 yard shot out of a natural ground blind.

Whether you shot one today with a gun, or earlier this season with archery tackle, let's see some pics of your trophy!!
(No matter how big or small, all deer are trophies so let's see them!)

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Good luck to everyone hitting the woods tomorrow!


Pretty sure I'll be on the edge of my seat opening weekend...

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It's not too far away!! Who else is ready to see some red?!

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anyone have a Lone Wolf Alpha or Assault they'd like to sell or know someone that does?

Since the completion of Season 1 hasn't been reached, I held off on most of the Season 2 stuff! Here's a teaser from Zach and Gabe's 100% public land South Dakota trip...

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Ok folks here's the deal. When I started this project a few years back, I knew editing would be the biggest challenge. All in all, the editing went extremely well. The one thing holding me back is TIME. I have well over 200 hours into editing season one, and have an hour or two left for the ending credits. The fact of the matter is I need to put my wife and daughter first. 200 hours is not feasible for me, and now that I'm a Dad, I can't hunt 40-50 times a year and leave for ...a week out of state on top of it. That said, I will only be making 2 DVDs. I thoroughly enjoyed what we accomplished (9 kills in 2 seasons with one camera), and don't regret the extra time, money, and effort that was required! It was a TON of fun!!! If you keep following the page I will eventually put our first DVD "Golden Opportunity" up for sale. I will most likely ask $10 or $12 for it. Believe me... these DVDs will be worth your time and money... they're very unique. I am extremely proud of the footage we have laid down (close to half of which was filmed on public land) and have confidence that you will enjoy our product! I would like to offer my respect and gratitude to all who have followed and supported us! - Ryan

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Hunter Safety System

So true. I know I turn the music down everytime!

Meanwhile in Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources(DNR) plans to ask its board later this month to prohibit hunters from killing antlerless deer in 13 counties in an effort to regrow the herd.

I have found that newborns aren't conducive to getting lots of editing done...

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I just saw this comment on a youtube hunting video... "Why do we have to kill animals? We have cows!" - *FACE PALM

I love this article.

My new rule for deer season: Take 'em if you've got 'em. A couple of years ago, the deer-management bug bit me—hard. I hung trail cameras. I planted food plots. And I dreamed big about the giant bucks that I’d kill on my land along Montana’s Milk River. For a few years I made a job of not killing b…

My wife and I recently welcomed a daughter into our lives. When we were planning some newborn pictures Alisha said "We can incorporate some deer horns if you want." SHE READ MY MIND! Here is my daughter Elli!

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deer hunting.... a family affair.

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Might be a little tricky to push that one thru...

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