This was my 2013 Christmas light show. Finally decided to post it.

My second Christmas light show. Well over 1,500 channels consisting of over 500 RGB Pixels each which can reproduce over 16 million colors. The entire show c...

Due to some problems we won't have a show this year. We hope to be back next year. I'll post links soon for other shows in the area.

Still shot of our animated lights. If you drive by you can listen on 90.5 FM

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The show is up and running although my arches are not done. Hope to have pictures up soon.

We did win the "Most Creative Use of Lights" part of the HOA christmas decorating contest even with the missing elements.

Getting close to going live. Still have to put the eaves lights up which are the hardest. I hate working on a 24 foot ladder.

The arches won't be up till next weekend.

I also have to finish the sequence but that should not take too long.

Lights should be here Monday as their at LAX and have cleared Customs.


Status of this years Christmas light show.

Still way behind on sequencing so I've decided to concentrate on Disney's Believe in Holiday Magic from their Fireworks display before any other songs. It's a long 13:29 minute song but it can standalone as the complete show until I get more songs completed. The show will play 4 times an hours on the quarter hour.

The new lights, 46lb worth, are on their way from China and should be here around Tuesday. All totaled there will be abou...t 1,400 lights with about 1,100 of those being full color individually controllable LED lights. That's more than 3,300 channels of lighting.

Well, back to programming.

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No Halloween show this year as I'm working hard to get Christmas ready. Still have close to 800 RGB Pixel lights coming from China and 4 pixel arches to build. On top of that I've got to convert last years songs to RGB. Oh I am sooo behind.

One of my props for this year will also be part of the permanent landscape lighting. They were designed to change colors and used a cheap remote control. They come from Home Depot but after taking one apart I figured that I could design a much better lighting board and be able to control them from the show computer. Not only that I was able to find the manufacture, not an easy task, and work out a deal to get all of the parts in bulk so I will be making these to sell to other Lighting show hobbyists. Here is a short video of a test sequence. Not much to it but you get the idea. On the left is an original one set to white and on the right is my test going through a 7 color sequence. I receive some of the real boards in a couple of weeks

The flower on the left is the original factory one from Home Depot and is set to static white. The one on the right has a TM1804 driving 3 5050 RGB LEDs bein...

Waiting for new lights to arrive so this years show will have a whole new look. All full color RGB with a few new features.

Happy Holidays. Hope your have fun times, good food and wonderful memories. Love to all John, Joyce, Lucus and Bella.

Here is my first Christmas Show.

My first Christmas light show. I'm running 16 channels, 4 eaves, 4 windows and 8 candy canes. This is my short show consisting of 7 songs. THX Robot - Lucas ...
Wed 12:00 AM PSTTustin, California
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The many faces of Wizards in Winter. Our display is now where close to these but it's still fun to see the same song done on many different displays.…

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