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  • Radio Talk Show Host2011 to presentBellevue, Washington
    The Loretta Brown Show, 8am PST Thursday mornings. Find out more at thelorettabrownshow.com. Be sure to support me on https://www.patreon.com/thelorettabrownshow
About Loretta
  • I am all about the healing power of Music, Sound and Vibration, restoring the Sound and Tone of Health to the body, mind and spirit. I am here to help Uplift the planet and people, and teach them to renew, refresh and remember who they really are and why they are here.

    I combine my well trained musical, sensitive and intuitive abilities to help each person find the imbalances within themselves and restore them to balance. I help you connect the Conscious with the Subconscious, clearing out the emotional blockages, and providing the keys that open the doorways into living Life as a Free Soul.

    I am a Certified Cross-cultural Music in Health Care Settings Practitioner (CCMHP) thru the Open Ear Center and Pat Moffit Cook, Professional Musician and Pianist, Transformational Life Coach/Promot Seminars That Inspire with Dale Halaway, Traditional Usui Ryoho Reiki Master/Teacher, Free Soul Counselor/Instructor with Pete Sanders, Chanting and Mantra teacher, Certified Spiritual Healer and Counselor, Independent Owner Amazon Herb Co., Intuitive and modern day shaman.

    I have been involved in music, vibration and spirituality since a small child, and I have had a most unusual life as result. As a World Traveler, I have had the privilege to work with many Teachers from all over the world and have spent years mastering my techniques, many of which are unique to me.

    As a High Level Visionary and Transformational Consultant, I support you in removing the blockages to Prosperity, Success and Happiness in your Personal Life and Business Ventures. Phone consultations, Skype, sessions via email, and face-to-face sessions are available. I am completely confidential and work with many high end and well known clients who possibly have tried everything else.

    As a professional musician, pianist, singer and composer, I am dedicated to healing and harmonizing the planet and all Beings by utilizing my knowledge of Musical Alchemy. I have performed and taught literally all over the world, and look forward to continuing to be that Messenger and Voice of Hope to all those who are weary and who seek deeper connection with their authentic self and their Destiny. As part of this work, I provide piano lessons for "rusty" piano playersor piano player wannabees, who want to play piano for their soul.....not necessarily for Carnegie Hall.

    As part of my work with the Amazon Herb Company, I encourage people to join us in our efforts to save the Rainforests before it is too late. This company is dedicated to sustainable harvesting of Rainforest products, making these amazing healthy herbs available to the general public,and then purchasing the rainforest land back from proceeds of sales. Please check out my website at http://www.HealthyAmazonHerbs.com/ .

    My Life Motto is, "Heal the Children, and you Heal the Land." This is an original statement that helps me stay on track for my ultimate Life Purpose.

    I specialize in helping People connect with the Life they came to live by assisting them to raise their vibrational rate and clear out energetic and emotional blockages to their joy and peace.
    I am looking for the rest of my Soul Family to assist with this great work. If this resonates with you, please contact me.

    I own Reiki Oasis, LLC, Seattle Reiki Institute and Seattle Piano Institute.
Favorite Quotes
  • "Heal the Children and You Heal the Land." LB
    When Sleeping Women wake, mountains move. Chinese Proverb