In this world, the power of any individual is very small. Only by joining the team, by working together can you realize the power of team is infinite! There is no need to fight alone in the game, it is a good choice to form or join a strong and united Legion.
When the commander reaches level 4, he can join or create a Legion. Creating a Legion costs 100 diamonds. You can set your favorite Legion emblem, legion name, etc.
More members, more power. Joining the Legion can reduce the sense of insecurity when you feel independent and helpless. You can also complete Legion missions to get big rewards....

The new limited time event will start soon with the 1.12.92 version released! It will be opened for one week each time. The basic rules are as follows:
1. For all commanders of the world battlefield, divided into 5 stages;
2. Each stage has different points goals, and each has 3 goals rewards;
3. Stage rewards: Only those who complete all goals in one stage and rank in the top 100 can get stage rewards;
4. Total ranking rewards: After completing any three stages of all points... goals, the top 100 total points can get the total ranking award.

Stage 1, Monday: upgrade buildings
Stage 2, Tuesday: technology research
Stage 3, Wednesday: defeat NPC's formation
Stage 4, Thursday: produce troops
Stage 5, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: defeat enemies(formation of other player)

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Little tip: select more troops
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