Posts First new video in 4 months! Check it out

First video in a long time, hope you guys like it! (Read description for song name and more!) Songs used: Ren and Stimpy Soundtrack Protohype & 12th Planet -...

New video after 3 months of being AFK! Check it out!

Trapped in a huge prison, forced to get minerals and sell them for profit...will I make it out? Visit the server here (IP): Thumbnail by...
I'm just gonna leave this here.

H̨̱̙̫̪̥̦a͏̜̰̳̪̳p̹̟̺̬̲͖p͉̦̱̩̘͎͟y̤̣͕̯̜̜ ͜H͇̖̲͈̟ḁ̳͈l̥̮l̲̜ò͇̱̳͈̯̫̫w͚̞̫͙̭̰͝ͅee̹̞̩n̺̥͙̝͓͘!̙͔͎͓̘̬͙ Rejected's Channel: Diam...

Ayo! Uploaded a new video with AshleyMarieeGaming, CharlieBuilds , and SteelxSaint! Check it out!

Truly a hero to us all. Music Used: Superman Theme Duck Tales - The Moon Hey thanks for clicking on this video! if you enjoyed it be sure to like the video, ...

So...this was my '13 Steam Summer Sale. What about you?

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Uploaded my newest edited shit. I swear, its not MC, and its kinda funny. Its got Indians, Russians, and a danish person.

There is trouble in terrorist town. What do, do, do we do, dis do fix? Hey thanks for clicking on this video! if you enjoyed it be sure to like the video, an...
Suddenly, on a Wednesday afternoon, our favorite scholar Dan asks his "friend" Luke if he wants to record some Walls. Luke responds with "kay". Then this (wo...

btw new video

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Had to get this game, just because of the name. Might do a video on it, lets see if its worth the $4 i spent.

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Uploaded a collab video, check it out!

Can Luke learn how to fly a plane? Nah, nah, thats a good one. Alex + Victors Channel: Music Used: Super Mario 3D...

So, I beat a korean today in Starcraft II...feeling pretty accomplished:

Best thing I've ever seen in my life.
(thanks reddit for showing me this fantastic shit)

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