Most of you have probably seen it already, but in case you don't follow our "The Quest Giver" page, here are some exciting news.

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The Quest Giver

Greetings, we promised there will be some news coming your way in October, and here they are:
The Quest Giver will be on Kickstarter in 4 weeks from now. We're very excited and hope you guys are too. There will be nice rewards to be had, so write it in your quest log.

Working hard, or hardly working?

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The Quest Giver

Hey everyone,
as you can see we are working late to make progress in The Quest Giver. ...although, this actually looks like he is thinking about something that...'s difficult to solve.
In any case, we are now working on the upgrade menu and the citymap and will keep you up to date on the developement of these features. Also there will be some news coming your way at the beginning of October.

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Our talented friends from Binji are releasing their game "Botlike" in Early Access on Steam next Thursday. Don't miss out on this excellent piece of indie-work.

Make yourself ready to shoot hordes of robot's or die trying. Botlike - a robot's rampage will hit steam early access on Thursday next week (14.09.17)!!…/…/Botlike__a_robots_rampage/

Currently visiting the GamesCom 2017. Having a blast at the Indie Arena. Seen some great games so far. If you're there it's worth checking out. And if you happen to see us feel free to say hello.

Had a great time at the Hamburger Indie Treff (Indie Developers Meetup) yesterday, where people could playtest the quest creation menu of "The Quest Giver". Thank you for all your interest and feedback.

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Did the protagonist of "Wait" really appear in "The Quest Giver" through some strange distortions? Or is this just a PR-Stunt? Who knows...

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The Quest Giver
June 26

A strange adventurer has applied for a quest that has not been created.
Find out more about who he is, by getting a copy of
"Wait - Extended" in the Steam Summer Sale.

Here's some new material from The Quest Giver, showing the hero selection menu (as we call it), in which you can see (and choose) the heroes that have applied for your created quests.

The Quest Giver
June 17

What's this? Looks like heroes have applied for a quest. Let's check out the applicants for #screenshotsaturday. We hope you enjoy this small example of our hero selection menu.

Happy Father's Day from the team.

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The Quest Giver
May 25

Happy Father's Day to all humans and mushroom-folk. Wait, what...?

Check out new stuff from "The Quest Giver".

The Quest Giver
March 4

...and below you can see just a few of our guildmasters customization options for #screenshotsaturday. Why? Because we love customizable characters and we're just boldly guessing that you do too. Heh... cheeky rest.less Games people...

The end of the year has come and we've been silent about our development for quite some time.
We just wanted to let you know, we are still there, we are still developing, and there will be news coming up next year.
Have a fantabulous day and happy new year !

It's christmas time again - a time of cheerfulness, Steam Winter Sales and merrily priced "Wait - Extended" deals.
Happy Holidays!

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Steam has started something called the #Steam Awards and currently you can nominate games for certain categories (or even make your own).
If you feel like "Wait - Extended" should be nominated for something, please take the time, go on Steam and nominate to your heart's content.

"Wait" is a mystery horror game, inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series. The gameplay is put together by elements of exploration and riddle solving. Experience horror without jump scares or fighting monsters, but with the fear of the unknown and unimaginable.

The start of this year's Steam Halloween Sale also marks the first anniversary of "Wait - Extended", which we released exactly one year ago. To celebrate we are participating in the sale (of course), but also updated our homepage, on which you can download some "waity" wallpapers now.

We thank you for a great first year and hope you enjoy our Halloween Retro Banner.

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Greetings, while still working on "The Quest Giver" we thought we'd share some more of the "Wait - Extended" soundtrack. We haven't really shown that much of it and also it's a great way to fill up our YouTube channel... ehem...
The soundtrack consists of 23 songs, of which we selected 6 to upload. Hope you enjoy.…

Music from the mystery horror game "Wait - Extended". The soundtrack aims to create a sinister, isolated and gloomy ambiance. We hope we have achieved that a...

Greetings from the #gamescom2016 . We're having a lot of fun although our feet are now punishing us for sitting at the computer most of our time. There's an area with lots and lots of retro gaming consoles and hardware here and it is mindblowing. Greets from the team.

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Hey there, we'll be at the #GamesCom2016 next week. If you happen to see us, feel free to come and talk to us. We're really looking forward to it.

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The Quest Giver

By the way, "The Quest Giver" is planned for PC, Mac and Tablet.