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rest.less Games is a German independent game development team, that just released their first game "Wait" on Steam.
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Check out new stuff from "The Quest Giver".

The Quest Giver
March 4

...and below you can see just a few of our guildmasters customization options for #screenshotsaturday. Why? Because we love customizable characters and we're just boldly guessing that you do too. Heh... cheeky rest.less Games people...

The end of the year has come and we've been silent about our development for quite some time.
We just wanted to let you know, we are still there, we are still developing, and there will be news coming up next year.
Have a fantabulous day and happy new year !


It's christmas time again - a time of cheerfulness, Steam Winter Sales and merrily priced "Wait - Extended" deals.
Happy Holidays!

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Steam has started something called the #Steam Awards and currently you can nominate games for certain categories (or even make your own).
If you feel like "Wait - Extended" should be nominated for something, please take the time, go on Steam and nominate to your heart's content. :)

"Wait" is a mystery horror game, inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series. The gameplay is put together by elements of exploration and riddle solving. Experience horror without jump scares or fighting monsters, but with the fear of the unknown and unimaginable.

The start of this year's Steam Halloween Sale also marks the first anniversary of "Wait - Extended", which we released exactly one year ago. To celebrate we are participating in the sale (of course), but also updated our homepage, on which you can download some "waity" wallpapers now.

We thank you for a great first year and hope you enjoy our Halloween Retro Banner.

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Greetings, while still working on "The Quest Giver" we thought we'd share some more of the "Wait - Extended" soundtrack. We haven't really shown that much of it and also it's a great way to fill up our YouTube channel... ehem...
The soundtrack consists of 23 songs, of which we selected 6 to upload. Hope you enjoy.…

Music from the mystery horror game "Wait - Extended". The soundtrack aims to create a sinister, isolated and gloomy ambiance. We hope we have achieved that a...

Greetings from the #gamescom2016 . We're having a lot of fun although our feet are now punishing us for sitting at the computer most of our time. There's an area with lots and lots of retro gaming consoles and hardware here and it is mindblowing. Greets from the team.

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Hey there, we'll be at the #GamesCom2016 next week. If you happen to see us, feel free to come and talk to us. We're really looking forward to it.

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The Quest Giver

By the way, "The Quest Giver" is planned for PC, Mac and Tablet.

Quest Giver related news and updates are now posted on the Quest Giver Facebook page.

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The Quest Giver

Alright, as promised we now reveal our plans
for "The Quest Giver".
We've had so many awesome ideas for this project, we couldn't ever release the game if we ...tried to implement them all.
That's why we decided to release a Core-Package first, which will include all the main mechanics of "The Quest Giver"
and will make it possible for us to release it much faster.
Additonal game mechanics and content will then follow bit by bit.

Now we'd like to separate two things here: additional mechanics and additional content.
Additional game mechanics complete the game, in our opinion, and are therefore part of what you've bought initially,
which means they will always be free.

For the additional content however we chose to go with the usual DLC model, since it will mean we need more artwork etc.
Now don't fret. We would never let a DLC be as
expensive as the game itself (Looking at you, today's game industry!).

We hope you concur with our plans. If so, stay tuned for more info, pictures and news.

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The time has come to announce our next project, which is in fact an old project that we never got to finish: The Quest Giver.
Back when we first got the idea for the game, we wanted to create it, but it just wouldn't work out for several reasons.
Now "the world has moved on" and The Quest Giver is in the making again.
We stick with our game design from back then, although altering and improving a few things. Furthermore we have expanded our team and gave the game a new look....
If you don't know The Quest Giver from a few years back and have no idea what it is, stay tuned.
We will release more information on the game within the next few days.

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The Steam Summer Sale has started a few days ago and "Wait - Extended" is participating. So if you haven't yet purchased Wait or want to recommend it to a friend, thank the Old Ones for this opportunity.

"Wait" is a mystery horror game, inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft and the Silent Hill series. The gameplay is put together by elements of exploration and riddle solving. Experience horror without jump scares or fighting monsters, but with the fear of the unknown and unimaginable.

As you might have noticed we released the French version of "Wait" last Saturday. This concludes our work on "Wait - Extended". We had lots of fun, but will now focus on new projects. Anyone who was deeply into the world of "Wait" might feel like there is still one story missing. Maybe we'll do that someday. And of course we will still patch and update if necessary. No worries there.
As a final celebration "Wait - Extended" will participate in the next official Steam Sale. We hope you enjoy and stick around for news about upcoming projects.

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Hooray, surprise release!
The French version of "Wait" is finished earlier than expected.
Was it the doing of the Old Ones, or maybe due to some late night development? We'll never know.
What we know is that the French version will be online at 1 p.m today.
As we assume that the next official Steam Sale will happen in the near future, we won't do a release sale like we did with the German version. ...
Our gratitude goes to Laurène Sauzet for her wonderful translations and helpfulness.
Have fun with "Wait - Extended" in (now) three languages.
Hourrah, une sortie surprise ! La version française de "Wait" s'est terminée plus vite que prévu. Doit-on cela aux Grands Anciens ou aux nuits blanches des développeurs ? On ne le saura jamais.
Ce que l'on sait, c'est que la version française sera disponible aujourd'hui, à 13h. Comme les soldes Steam approchent, nous ne solderons pas le jeu lors de sa mise à jour, comme nous l'avons fait avec la version allemande.
Nous remercions particulièrement Laurène Sauzet pour ses merveilleuses traductions et son obligeance.
Amusez-vous bien avec "Wait - Extended" (à présent) disponible en trois langues.

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Check out the awesome roguelike that our friends over at Binji are working on. Really looking forward to it.

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June 3, 2016

We finished our first milestone on our road to early access!
Read more about the random level and biotope generation on our devblog:…/milestone-01-feel-the-world…

And if the "road to early access" irritated you, learn more about it here:…/the-road-to-early-access-in…

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Well, Facebook informs me that we haven't posted anything in a bazillion days. That's true.
Here are some different pieces of information,
neatly packed into a post:
- We have recently expanded our team to make the next project happen. It's not announcement time yet, though.
- The French version of "Wait" is progressing well and is ...
almost done.
- If you want to read stuff from us on a daily basis follow us on Twitter:
- We really like Uncharted 4.
- The LetsPlayer "Nesfate LP" that has already played the original version of "Wait" is back and playing the German version. Check it out.

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Hallöchen ihr Lieben zu unserem neuen kleinen Let's Play-Projekt: Wir spielen das Horror Rpg Maker Game "Wait - Extended" vom deutschen Entwicklerstudio rest...

What's rest.less Games doing? Well, part of us is working on the French version of "Wait", while the other part is already working on the next project, which will not be revealed just yet.
Furthermore we're happy to see that people keep acquiring all 18 Wait achievements on Steam and are also enthusiastic enough to report bugs, which is a great help to us. Thanks. :)
We hope you enjoy the German version, or will enjoy the French version (in case you're waiting for it).