Isis Pascal says, "Black is beauty. Please your hair is perfect the way it is. Am 3 years natural and I love it. Momma keep your daughter strong."

Miranda Parker says: Hi everyone! I just want to thank you all for continuing to show your love and support for Tiana. Please use our story to encourage your children and all children!

With Love,


Check out Tiana and her beautiful family!

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Tiffany Higgenbottom says, "Talk about wow moments! Where is the focus? Motivate our children to be and do their the best in all aspects, so that happiness begins within. So proud of Tiana's confidence and her family's support."

Delbert Jackson says, "My daughter Khepera from Houston, Tx. We started her locks at 7 years of age. She has no regrets about her tradition."

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YAY! Such a gorgeous family. What a positive mark they've left on the world!

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VICTORY! Yesterday, Deborah Brown Community School's board voted to change their racist dress code policy and issued an apology to Tiana Parker and her family. Read more >>

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Melissa Miller says, "Tiana, you are beautiful and strong! I'm proud of you for sticking up for yourself!"

Nalungo Harkless says, "Keep your head up Tiana. You're hair is beautiful!"

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Johnye Gober says, "I just wanted you to know that my heart broke when I found out how you were treated. I have two girls & would have been really hurt if anyone at the school made them cry over their appearance. You did the right thing by changing schools. In life, people will treat you badly but how you react to them is what is most important. Keep being your fabulous self & making straight A's.

Hal Cooper says, "I am white and 69 years old, and I love it that the school had to change the stupid policy. Your parents are handling it in a very classy manner as well! Way to go!!!"

"I just really want people to understand that it's about building self worth and self esteem in our children. No amount of makeup or any hairstyle is going to make you feel better about yourself. It has to start within. That's the message that we want to send. Be yourself. As long as you're a productive citizen of this world, you should be allowed to rock your locs and not have to worry about what anyone else thinks."

Last week, Tiana Parker was sent home from school for wearing locs. Now, her mother is sharing what she's done to comfort her daughter and how to raise our girls to understand that beauty comes from within.

Sara Smith Arnold says, "Miss Tiana you are a beautiful young lady do not let anyone tell you any different. My daughter walks right along with you she's had dreads Sense was four years old she's now nine.....BlackGirlsRock NaturalGirlsRock"

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Elizabeth Thomas Broadnax says, "What a beautiful child. Keep loving yourself Tiana."

Rene'e A. Barksdale says, "Black is beautiful and hairstyles that reflect styles that are for black women and black men should be supported not demonized for wanting to wear styles that works for their hair texture.

It is okay to be black and Black Americans should no longer try to change everything black to fit into a societal mode that others set as exceptable.

Love being black!"

Eddi Jones says, "Tiana you are a beautiful young girl. Dont let nobody tell you differently. Your locs look beautiful on you."

Jennifer Dumas says, "You are beautiful girl and your hair looks good, hold your head high,keep that beautiful smile on your face,and keep going,and remember"Black Girls Rock!!!!!! Hairstyle and all."

Toni Clark Oliver says, "Tiana, you are so, so beautiful just the way you are! Thank you Terrance Parker for showing how Black men should stand up for their little girls."