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While Warner Bros. made a swift decision this week to hire Patty Jenkins as its new "Wonder Woman" director, industry insiders are still chattering about why original helmer Michelle MacLaren sudde...

I have not posted for a while as it seemed my job was done, now this news that Director Michelle Maclaren is no long attached. So bummed...

Michelle MacLaren has exited as the director of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's "Wonder Woman" film due to creative differences, sources tell Variety. "Given creative differences, Warner Bros. ...

New Wonder Woman book out Oct 28th! Pre-order it now!

“The Secret History of Wonder Woman,” by Jill Lepore, is fundamentally a biography of Wonder Woman’s larger-than-life creator, William Moulton Marston.

We Want Wonder Woman Fans... We are FINALLY getting Wonder Woman!

I love Wonder Woman. I'm not talking about a casual affection. I LOVE Wonder Woman. I've collected her memorabilia for years, and I have a room in my house where I display it all. I call it my Ode to

Calling All Wonder Woman fans!! its Finally happening! Wonder Woman to be cast in stand alone movie in 2017!!!

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have announced 10 movies - including casting, directors, and more - all the way through 2020.

This cartoon says it all. Come on DC, get it together.…/cartoon-the-trouble-with-wonde…

Some theories on why Diana Prince can't get her own movie.

Warner Brothers has officially announced a Justice League movie for 2018 that will include Wonder Woman. They say that if Gal Gadot is well received as Wonder Woman she will have her own film after the Justice League.

Sometimes Justice just takes longer than expected. Warner Bros. says it is going to try again to create a big-screen version of Justice League, the long-demanded,...

Great cartoon from VitaminW #WonderWoman


Little girls deserve a Wonder Woman Movie!

“When I first got this role I just cried like a baby because I was like, ‘Wow, next Halloween, I’m gonna open the door and there’s gonna be a little kid dressed as the Falcon.’ That’s the thing that always [...]

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Welcome everyone to this co-presentation of Wonder Women brought to you by Women and Girls Lead, and the #SheDocs film festival!

A Very Happy 80th Birthday to a real live Wonder Woman, Gloria Steinem!

I was an insecure and confused high school student when I first became aware of Gloria Steinem through the pages of my mother's issues of Ms. Magazine. ...

Gadot signed up for more films. We may just see WW in her own film in my lifetime! Woo hoo.

Wonder Woman fans have been denied the chance to see their favorite superhero on the silver screen, but she may soon be in as many as three feature films. Warner Bros. has locked up Gal Gadot for...

A new book on Wonder Woman!

You might recognize Tim Hanley's name around here for how often his blog is linked to when Wonder Woman or the gender balance of creators at DC and Marvel comics comes up. We're happy to make the announcement that he's got a new book coming out, a history of the Amazon Princess that goes by the name...

Merry Wonder Woman Christmas!

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A shout out for a Wonder Woman film makes it to the front page of the New York Times. WOO HOO! Might this drive action?

Despite strides in 2013 and the miracle that is Jennifer Lawrence, Hollywood still owes us more heroines than we get.

Wonder Woman to make an appearance in Batman/Superman film! Its not her own movie... but its a start!

Gal Gadot has been cast to play Diana Prince, and her superhero alter ego Wonder Woman, in director Zack Snyder's upcoming Man of Steel follow-up.

It's been said that people don't want to see movies with a female lead- guess Catching Fire blows all those ideas out of the water! Racking in $161M opening weekend. Turns out female super hero's ARE popular!

It's been a big fall for movies starring women at the box office. Catching Fire starring Jennifer Lawrence has seized the mantle and with an opening weekend gross of $161 million and has broken all November box office records.