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Joanna Kinloch
· November 16, 2017
I wish I could give less than a one star having live Raindeer in a shopping centre is cruel making money from a caged innocent animal disgusting these poor Raindeer will be scared and you are making m...oney from this scared caged animal and I must say I am truly disgusted by this I youst to come in to your shopping centre two to three times a week and spend money and I will now think agen before spending money in your shopping centre if this is how you disrespect Innocent animals See More
Gareth Louch
· November 16, 2017
Was sad to see that they had a live reindeer to promote Christmas, at least have someone selling venison beside it to let the kids have an idea where their food comes from, reindeer are not props they... are living beings just like people, they belong in the wild or at least a big field lol, get a grip management and cancel this, here's an alternative I want whoever okayd this dressed as a reindeer in a cage all day in the centre.
Good for the goose n all.
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Steph Mccoll
· December 9, 2017
I would like to thank the girls in the new look store for today! My 3 year old daughter hid under a rail of clothes for 15 mins and we went into complete panic mode! The customers and my family where ...all in a panic and needless to say I was hysterical! The staff in the store where amazing and turned the music off, alerted security etc and it was one of them who then spotted her whilst looking outside the store window ! I think she scared the entire second floor of the wellgate! Thanks to everyone for ur help! She’s def off Santa’s list now �� See More
Mikie Dewar
· November 16, 2017
Utterly disgusting to see animals being put on display in a busy shopping centre where they will be under such distress and full of fear purely for the entertainment of people. There is never any to have animals put through such horrendous stress like this.

'Animals should never be used for entertainment or any other purpose.'

You are a disgrace and I will never set foot in this centre again.
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Gillian Docherty
· November 16, 2017
Today i went to the Wellgate Shopping Centre with my work. Within our group were 4 wheelchair users. It took us 20 minutes to get the lift up one floor due to the queues. I am wondering if there had be a quick evacuation for any reason how would we get out of the centre. There was another long wait in the lift to come back downstairs. Im aware there is a ramp however only for one level. Surely there needs to be more than one lift available, especially when also some of the escalators are not in use. Very poor Wellgate. See More
Kirsty Ann Campbell
· November 16, 2017
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I know the Wellgate can scarcely be described as a 'shopping centre' but it is certainly not a zoo. This is not a good place for Comet and Blitzen. I find the Wellgate stressful and at this time of year, can you imagine how scary it could be for reindeer? Get them back to the North Pole ASAP. See More
Sandra Ann Mitchell
· September 7, 2017
So I had to go in town today for a few things and because I use a crutch and struggle with walking I'm normally conscious of how much I get when I'm on my own. Not today though! Stupid me had more bag...s than I could manage and all were heavy! So there are two incidents that I feel warrant positive feedback. One of them being that when I was struggling through the wellgate, I realised I was never going to make it to the taxi rank on my own and this is where your security guards stepped in. I approached them and asked them if there was any way they could help me to the door with my bags even though it's not really part of their job description and they kindly agreed. One of them even went further and helped me to the taxi rank! Can I just say how kind that was of them to help and you should be proud of what helpful staff you have. The other one is not long before that I needed to make a trip to the ladies (with bags and crutch in tow) and I asked one of the attendants if she could watch my bags. She went one better and kindly unlocked the disabled toilet for me making sure to get the door for me so I wasn't stuck. Nothing but helpful, positive staff today and it was very heartening to experience. Keep it up! See More
Nic Van Dyke
· November 16, 2017
I thought we'd come to a consensus as progressive people that parading sentient beings around like toys isn't a ethical thing to do? The wellgate top dogs would be better off spending their money on p...utting some actual shops in the wellgate. People go to shopping centres to shop, not for the wildlife. The place is falling apart and you decided a reindeer would spruce it up? I'll be going to McDonald's in reform street now cos that was the only reason to be there at all. See More
Annie Fanny
· February 28, 2018
Absolute joke of a place that's falling to bits. Where's the new Cinema & Gym? Never happened did it? Utter and total ballocks from the Wellgate Managment was never gonna happen. Looks like New Look w...ill be pulling out of that dump too. That's another major playing leaving a sinking ship! They really need to admit defeat and bulldoze the dump.

Lifts that never work, doors with out of order on them, flooring with yellow tape all over it, countless empty shops that nobody wants, tacky stands selling utter shit all throughout the centre, security staff that look at you like something they have stepped in, dam Utility companies like Scottish Power, Sky, and Virgin all with staff who accost you everytime you come in and out of the store.

I could go on all morning!

In conclusion, the place is a fucking dump!
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Steven Jack Wilson
· November 16, 2017
Appalled at the Wellgate and their Christmas event which is not well thought out. Reindeer belong in the wild, and should be free to migrate like nature intended, not be used in a shopping centre for ...entertainment. Events using animals cause them distress. One day or not, just cruel. See More
Nicole Campbell
· November 16, 2017
So shocked that a shopping centre would use reindeer in one of their Christmas events. Can’t imagine how distressed those animals must have been , not just during the event but on their journey to get... there! Won’t be visiting your centre any time soon that’s for sure ! See More
Amanda Clark
· February 16, 2018
Was in yesturday my mum had a monilty scooter waited ages for lift as it was full of kids and people who could walk and easily use stairs they should open the ramp up again to the bottom floor of the ...wellgate as 1 lift for all prams and disabled is not enough especially when kids and people who could walk can easily use the stairs See More
Kadie Zaczek
· November 17, 2017
truly appalled at your use of live reindeer to promote the centre. the poor souls would have been terrified. reindeer are not a commodity they are living beings who suffer just like we do. leave them ...where they belong!! (not in the UK and certainly NOT in the wellgate!!!) See More
Asiel Yessengeldina
· November 16, 2017
Why would you have a reindeer in a shopping mall to promote the Christmas season? (As if that’s necessary anyway)
It’s not a natural location, confusing and stressful for the animal and not to mentio...n exploitative. See More
Lynsey Smith
· November 16, 2017
I am disgusted that poor reindeer are used as entertainment in this shopping centre, which is so noisy and distressing for them to be in. Animals are not for entertainment!
Jenny Guz
· November 16, 2017
Completely disgusted that the Wellgate are using captive reindeer to promote their business. I'll be refraining from shopping here and encourage others to do the sane. These poor animals are being use...d as entertainment in an unnatural and likely very stressful environment for them. Simply inexcuseable. See More
Sara Brannigan
· November 16, 2017
Bringing a defenceless reindeer into a busy environment like a shopping centre is a callous stunt and the animal will be terrified, just so you can promote Christmas shopping. This shows a worrying of judgement from whoever organised this. See More
Noreen Forster
· August 5, 2017
Use to be a bustling shopping centre! Would have been nice to have kept the Fountain from way back when 1st opened as gave it Character! And everyone loved it!
Half empty now! Sad to see!
Plus only tiny Elevator to transport people with disabilities or Prams ect! No use for a Centre that size!
Hope this place gets better and all the plans for its future come true and become a success again!
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Agathe Jégou
· November 16, 2017
A crowded and noisy shopping centre is not an adequate space for an animal. Whether it is a reindeer like today, owls like you do quite often, or any others.
Exposing them, attached or caged, in this ...highly stressful environment is pure animal cruelty. See More
Judit Makara
· November 16, 2017
I am shocked that this shopping centre is using a live reindeer to promote Christmas. This was a very poor decision by someone. Can you imagine how much distress this causes to that animal which doesn't belong to a shopping centre. Very upsetting! See More
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