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Alicia Jane Symons
· November 14, 2017
I want to give a massive shout out to the young gentleman who was working in stand N today for the England V Brazil match after our seating got completely split and he really understood that my autist...ic son needed to sit in a disabled area with his grandad so he wasn't crowded in at a normal stand I can honestly not thank you enough! And it's because of you my boy enjoyed his first proper Wembley experience so I hope you go home tonight realising you made a huge difference to a child who suffers aniexty and autsim. I hope you get see this thank you! See More
Paul Lloyd
· December 8, 2017
The stadium itself was an impressive venue. I went there for Tottenham Hotspur’s champions league game on Wednesday and thought that the stadium was fantastic. The reason why the rating is so low is b...ecause of the staff, the security mostly. I am an insulin dependent diabetic who is prone to quite frequent and sometimes severe hypoglycaemic episodes which require me to carry something with me in case my blood sugars drop low. When I went to the football on Wednesday I had a small can of coke 150 ml in my bag along with my medication in case I might have needed it, when the security guard found it I explained the situation to him before he laughed, told me that I should have something else on my person and threw the coke in the bin while sniggering slightly. Asides from that it was an impressive venue. See More
Georgia Bell
· October 1, 2017
Yesterday me and my friend went to the nfl game and was told by one of the men at the front of the tailgate we weren't allowed to take our bags in (bearing in mind that they are small enough and we w...ent to the other game last week) he was very rude about it saying 'that was last week' and told us the policy changed about 20 minutes ago? How were we supposed to know with such short notice?? We were directed to a place where you can get clear bags and one person told us that we had to put our bags in a locker and then the other person (security supervisor) told us that we could take our bags in, there seemed to be a big miscommunication with the staff there and it took up a lot of our time walking backwards and forwards. Also all the other security staff actually in the stadium and tailgate said our bags were fine. See More
Rose Kauffman
· November 6, 2017
you should be ashamed about every aspect of your Stadium, shocking and disorganised entry through the turnstiles. Inedible pricey food offering, no salads or vegetarian food. Tea, coffee and hot cho...colate tasteless no matter what you do with it, exorbitant cost. Worst display of English hospitality, ever See More
Kerrie Footitt
· February 19, 2018
Did the tour yesterday with tour guide Dominic & it was great, way better than Chelsea's stadium tour, I'd love to visit as a fan in the not too distance future, but the tour was great very informativ...e very good value for money, highly recommend See More
Alex Brennan
· October 3, 2017
Wembley stadium as a whole is a great stadium and I enjoy going there. Atmosphere is excellent on nfl games, however, on my recent visit to Wembley to see the @[121195131261394:New Orleans Saints] vs ...@dolphins I had the unpleasant experience of meeting with terrible so called security staff. Upon lining up and getting ready to go through the security I removed my cap and undid my small shoulder strapped handbag, which you're allowed to take with you and which I used the week previously, only to be told I wasn't allowed said bag as it was the right size. The lady didn't get out a measure to clearly show me it wasn't regulatory size she just said u can't take it with you. Now I had personal feminine hygiene products in that bag along with money, keys and my phone that's all. I got told either throw it away ( bag) or go put it in storage somewhere " over there " as stated by this lady. Now I'm sorry but I don't know who can get I to that storage and go through personal items so I wasn't going to do that and besides my bag was ok the previous week. But no I had to be subjected to humiliation of taking my sanitary stuff of the bag and carry around with me in my hand as I had no pockets!!! Myself and lady behind me had to throw our bags away. Then as I turned to go through the turnstiles I saw at least half a dozen ladies all with bags larger than mine go through! None of the staff cared and I got shrugged shoulders. I get the bag policy but what I dont get is why I subjected to that whilst others were allowed through. I think your security checkers should all be singing the same song because clearly they're not and I'm appalled by my treatment. So maybe you should state a size of bag e.g. inches on your leaflet of info rather than small bag because clearly some people don't know what one of this is. See More
Stevie Pages
· November 25, 2017
I went to Wembley Stadium today for the football. I had a bag with me and I naturally got searched.

Now I didn't have anything on me, but the bag search was pathetic and not thorough AT ALL. The gen...tlemen pretty much man scanned it, I pulled out my gym wash bag which he didn't even ask me to open. I could have had ANYTHING in there.

Then he went to put on the security tag to show it had been searched, but he didn't attach it, so it fell off. I attached it ( he wasn't even watching by this time as he was on to another 'bag search' ).

Now this could be made into an hilarious comedy joke by a top stand up but, let's be honest with everything that's going on in London right now surely EVERY SINGLE BAG should be properly screened by a trained person. It's NOT rocket science. �
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Chimara Chukwuemeka
· February 10, 2018
What a magnificent stadium and is a beauty to watch,well equipped with ultra modern facilities that meet up world standard of hosting a world cup matches. It's current home ground of Tottenham Hotspur... an English club based in London. I am really happy being here to watch Tottenham Hotspur take on Arsenal fc,in a London derby and Spur the home side won by one to nothing courtesy of Harry Kane's classic header at fourth minutes of resuming from the break thanks! See More
Charlotte Rebecca Lutwyche Mua
· September 24, 2017
Never visit this stadium again, didnt feel safe, once you inside your locked in an no way out until the event has finished, asked secuirty if i could go outside got told sorry but you locked in and ca...nt go out until the end, been told that scared me as well knowing if anything happens no way out, and felt like been caged in a building
Parking gold car park dont park there only if you want your front and back end crushed by walls when exiting and no help from the wardern as he was more instered talking on his phone
Disabled access dont bother has you have to walk more miles to the lift and my partner is suffering now in really bad pain

So wembley thank you for that bad experience and i couldnt enjoy the game which i was looking forward to for months
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Miso Lo
· September 2, 2017
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Karolina Pawlak
· November 14, 2017
Hey Wembley, I'm standing outside, waiting to get in, like 100s of other people here. Do you guys reckon I'll be able to see any of it before half-time or should I just go home?
Gemma Berry
· December 29, 2017
After booking Taylor Swift disabled access tickets direct through the arena I can’t say we are looking forward to attending the arena. If you need disabled access seats you are only allowed 2 tickets don’t attempt to go with you friends or family. Complete disrespect from the arena throughout. Complained by email twice direct to the disability liaison officer and just been ignored. Partner feeling very apprehensive about attending this arena. See More
Paulo Miguel Morna Sousa
· November 26, 2017
The stadium is fantastic, one of the best I’ve been.. only a bit disappointed with the atmosphere created by the Spurs fans, almost nonexistent. WBA fans on the other side were brilliant. All in all I... had a great day out.. will be back again See More
Conor Hagan
· October 22, 2017
Garfield the supervisor at turnstile L clearly enjoyed his power trip today as he turned away and took peoples tickets of them purely because of what they were wearing and where they were from. As one... of the main tourist attractions in London you’s should be ashamed of yourselves you horrible cunts See More
Hayley Ashforth
· June 10, 2017
Came for the capitals summer time ball. Great sized stadium, plenty of food stations, toilet facilities etc.. Didn't get 5 stars due to the food/drinks being extortionate prices, I don't mind paying a... lot for food and drink at events however I don't expect the coke to be watered down or maybe it was some cheap branded coke and not branded coke cola as advertised on the drink dispenses See More
Dee Liberty-Spark
· June 29, 2017
had a drinks package that was limited on offer no spirits and nothing suitable for diabetics. all food was over priced £9.00 for a little pot of lettuce two cherry tomatoes and a little chicken, with added 45 wait for the salad as a simple request for no croutons was requested. See More
Pat Seymour
· June 25, 2017
Was at the ELO concert yesterday. First time I have visited the 'new' stadium, which is a great venue-seats were comfortable with plenty of leg room. I was really impressed with the security, the stew...ards and those marshalling the queues for the stadium train station at the end of the evening. All contributed to a fantastic evening � See More
Louise Cash
· October 8, 2017
We were at the Wembley Cup game yesterday and my boys had an amazing time. Big thank you to all the staff, stewards and security for the excellent organisation and safety in and outside the ground �
Malwina Radoszewska
· June 28, 2017
The increased security measures, while absolutely needed, are very poorly organised. Massive queues for some of the gates and no queues for the others and it's not possible to enter via a different ga...te even though once inside everyone can easily move around from one gate to another. Queues are not managed and people join from all different directions. Being here well in advance of the show doesn't guarantee getting in on time. See More
Matt Asbury
· September 19, 2017
I looked at your choices and decided on a 'pint' of sommersby. For £4.95 I was served a 500ml bottle. I'm sure you will be horrified to know....500ml isn't a pint! Thanks for the rip off �

Full time!! Congratulations to Man City who have won the Carabao Cup!!

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Silva makes it 3-0!!

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