Intro of Egypts DJ´s Set
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DJ Chris The Glove

Ice T and The Glove
Friday Nights 11pm
#1983 @alxjordanov @complex @iamdjbobcat @thegyptianlover @pntbtrwlf @worldmusicseminar #radio #hiphoproyalty

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Wow / General Jeff Rodney-O ..DJ Poo & Joe Anthony Cooley Dallas TEXAS Classic info

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Joe Anthony Cooley is with Rodney Rodney O Oliver.

General Jeff Rodney-O ..DJ Poo & Joe Anthony Cooley Dallas TEXAS Classic info

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West Coast Pioneers added 22 new photos to the album: Labels: Macola Sub Labels.
January 26 at 2:05pm

Many Artists distributed their own labels under the wings of Macola Records.
Byron Davis and the Two Live Crew made their debut under Macola Sub-Labels way before they became famous in the Miami Rap Scene. Jay King and his smash hit "Rumors" by Timex Social Club was first issued on Jay Records which was distributed by Macola. The list goes on and on. So in the years 1984 to 1990 almost every West Coast Pioneer was down with Don McMillian and his pressing plant located at 6209 Santa Monica Blvd.

Signed by Rudy Pardee and Chris Wilson.

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy discovers that Ice T used to do voiceover work for children's cartoons, like The Magic School Bus, Arthur and Scooby-Doo.

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HIP HOP Archives

Clips from Break Dancing in a Fame episode back in the 80's known as the Kids from Fame TV Series
featuring Suga Pop, Hugo and Ice-T and Chain Reaction
source : Crush video

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DJ Chris The Glove

Don’t call it a comeback.....been doing this for years 🎚ChrisTheGlove’s World Music Seminar 🌎 series
Hip Hop production skills plus music in film and televisio...n. Special Guests, performances, dance and other elements of Hip Hop 🍁#420friendly
Eventbrite link in bio ☝🏾
#losangelesrecordingschool #platinumproducer #studiolifestyle #420friendly #calihopstage @terpmarkethollywood @meengreensplayhouse @boilerroomtv @larecordingschool @losangelesfilmschool @ogarabianprince

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West Coast Pioneers added 84 new photos to the album: Labels: Macola Record Co.
January 15

Macola Records, founded 1984 by Don McMillian was a LA-based pressing plant where up and coming artists could have 500 records pressed for $1,000. You only have to bring your mastertapes and Macola did the productionand distribution. Many well known West Coast Artist distributed their songs over Macola Records like World Class Wreckin Cru, Unknown DJ, Bobby Jimmy and L.A. Dream Team. But there are also numerous small unknown releases only pressed 500 times that made their way to vinyl with the help of Macola Records. In the 80´s Macola Record was the place to go if you want to get your songs on wax. The bad thing was that nobody exactly knows how many copies were sold. So this often leads to conflicts between the artist and Macola bout the profits on the productions.…

West Coast Pioneers added 28 new photos to the album: Labels: Kru´- Cut Records.
January 7

Kru-Cut started back in 1984 by Alonzo "Lonzo" Williams. Lonzo also hired someone by the name of Swamp Dog to help run the label. The early Kru-Cut production were recorded in a small studio located in the back of "Eve after Dark" a famous nightclub owned by Williams. The first single World Class Wreckin Cru "Slice bw. Kru Groove" on the Label was sold 5.000 times which was "Getto Gold" back in those days. Followed by the 12inch records "Surgery" and "Juice" the World Class W...reckin Cru released their album "World Class" in 1985. First Kru-Cut was a sub-label of Macola Records but the distribution was low and the owner was very pessimistic with taking gambles on the hip-hop acts. So Lonzo was able to get in touch with Epic and pushed to get a record deal for some singles. Everyone in the group signed the contracts execpt for Cli-N-Tel who would be replaced by the group's dancer Shakespeare. On Epic they put out a couple of records and were even able to get the Cru's spinoff act, Stereo Crew, a single as well. But the singles that were on Epic/CBS (The Fly, Mission Possible) never did as well as the earlier stuff. So the group went back to Macola to put out "Housecalls" and "Turn off the Lights". After Dre and Yella left the group in 1987 Lonzo started a new label called Techno Kut Records. The logos for Techno Kut and Kru Kut were drawn by Lyrrad who also did most of the coverwork for the World Class Wreckin Cru productions. In 1988 Ice Cube did his first Musical Footsteps on Grandmaster Lonzos Label as a member of the C.I.A Crew.

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West Coast Pioneers added 19 new photos to the album: Labels: KMA Records.
January 4

K.M.A. Records, which stands for "Kiss my Ass Records" was founded 1985 by R. Vann and M. Rochelle which already run Jam Power Records. The first release West Coast Crew "We are the crew" is typical for the mid 80´s Rap. An uptempo song with vocoder and 808 Beats. Followed by several 12inch records like "D.O.A.", "Put the Pipe Down" and "Jailbait" the West Coast Crew released their album "In the Mix" in 1985. Other famous releases on the K.M.A. label are "Velocity", "Time to say goodbye" and "Purple Passion" by Kopper. After only two years in business the label disappeared in 1986. Check the Interview with Lemon Lime from the West Coast Crew for more details bout K.M.A. Records.…

The pressing plant and label was a key player in the birth of gangsta rap.
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Lee Johnson is in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

DJ FLASH Purchases ( Macola Record Co.) from Original Owner Don MacMillan 2017 (..I just noticed the Comments- Thank You all So Much for your Best Wishes - & fo...r those interested in becoming a part of the Legendary Macola Dynasty We do plan on Releasing New Material .Macola has always had an Open Door Policy and in keeping with that Tradition We will consider all New Material for Release.).

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A Happy New Year with Tony Poplion SL 35 18

(released Hollywood,CA) - 1985 On Next Level Distributed..