Galilee Medical Center, the largest hospital in Israel's northern Galilee region, held a full scale Mass Casualty Incident Drill yesterday to strengthen and raise its level of preparedness to deal with emergency situations including a war in which the area is under rocket attack. The drill was held in cooperation with the Home Front Command, first responder forces and various government ministries. General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum: Located just 6 miles from the Lebanese border, Galilee Medical Center operates on the front-lines of the regional conflict. For this reason our staff trains throughout the year. but the uniqueness of this drill was the variety of scenarios that were practiced and the broad cooperation with all the forces who work together to respond to emergencies." Our facilities feature Israel's first protected operational Underground Hospital equipped to deal with real-time casualties from the northern region. Our fortified Underground Hospital has been expanded over the last decade so that it can now comfortably accommodate 550 patients. Additionally, our secure facilities include a fortified Emergency Room; protected Labor and Delivery rooms as well as a protected Cardiology Department all of which afford a secure environment to patients in emergency situations. Photos: Eli Cohen
What fun! We held a "Purim Happening" in our Surgical Wing lobby in collaboration with the nonprofit "Simcha Layeled" ("Happiness for Children"). The event included magic acts, photography magnet booths, a D.J., refreshments and more for all to enjoy, Hundreds of people of all ages attended —patients, family members, medical center staff and residents of the Galilee region. Happy Purim from Galilee Medical Center! Photos: Spokesperson's Office
Galilee Medical Center stops to commemorate Yom HaShoah
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Behind the scenes at Galilee Medical Center, a many people provide invaluable support for our patients’ quality care. Everyone plays an important role. Meet Emil Aga, Clinical Epidemiological Supervisor -
”As an epidemiologist, I seek to decrease the rate of infection contracted by patients during their hospitalization because infections can lead to complications...Although my position is considered a management one, I have not lost the elements of patient care that I expe...rienced as a nurse. I consider my role to be vital and lifesaving in nature. Consequently, I receive enormous satisfaction from my job and I try to fulfill it with great dedication and loyalty."
Photo: Tom Casalini for the Healers Exhibition, a joint initiative with Galilee Medical Center and Partnershiptogether WesternGalilee. #FacesofWesternGalilee #FacesofGalileeMedicalCenter
אמיל אגא, מפקח קליני אפדימיולוגי:
"במסגרת תפקידי אני מקדם תהליכים במטרה להפחית את שיעור הזיהומים הנרכשים ע"י המטופלים במהלך אשפוזם. כידוע, לזיהומים יכולים להיות סיבוכים קשים...עבודתי חשובה ביותר בהפחתת שיעורי הזיהומים וסיבוכיהם. למרות שתפקידי נחשב לתפקיד ניהולי, הוא עדיין לא מאבד את אלמנט הנתינה למטופל. אני תופס את תפקידי כחשוב ביותר ומציל חיים. על כן אני מלא סיפוק מתפקיד זה... ומשתדל למלא אותו בנאמנות ובמסירות ככל האפשר, ובטוח שאת עבודתי יש מי שיודע להעריך.... אם לא על האדמה הזו, אז בטוח מי שנמצא בשמיים."

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Today is Good Deeds Day (yom maasim tovim) in Israel and we were happy to welcome visitors of all ages, from different organizations and communities, who came to brighten up our patients day with smiles and gifts.
Pictured here are 3rd graders from Abadl Alaziz Amun elementary school in Deir al-Asad who held a secondhand goods bazaar and raised NIS 5,000 to donate to our Pediatric Department through the Friends of the Galilee Medical Center -עמותת ידידי המרכז הרפואי לגליל. The wonderful children even remembered our staff and brought them bouquets of flowers. They met with Dr. Hussein Dabbah, a pediatrician who is also from Deir al-Assad who was happy to join and thank the children for their amazing contribution and Head Nurse of the department, Albina Gelfand. Kol hacavod - good job!

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The drama of Israel's caring for Syrian nationals continues to capture interest of people around the world. Dr. Samuel Tobias, Senior Neurosurgeon', gave a moving presentation at the prestigious CDI conference in his native Mexico about Galilee Medical Center's ongoing lifesaving care for Syrian women, children and men and expressed hope that they will be ambassadors of peace. Watch in English and Spanish here:

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La Ciudad de las Ideas

¿Te imaginas salvar a tu peor enemigo?
Existen héroes como #SamuelTobías, reconocido neurocirujano quien salva a personas que sufrieron impacto de bala en la cabeza.
¡Una vida es valiosa en todos los aspectos!

As we start a new week, we're still thinking about all the great Galilee Medical Center women integral to our success. A shout out to all of you in every sector! In recognition of International Women's Day Ocampo Smadar, Head Nurse in our Pediatric Surgery Department, was interviewed for the Jewish weekly in Uruguay SEMANARIO HEBRAO by it's editor Ana Jerozolimski, also known as Jana Beris.

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Wishing happy #InternationalWomensDay 2018 to women everywhere! Meet Dr. Irit Weissman, Director, Pediatric Nephrology Dept., just one of Galilee Medical Center's many hardworking, dedicated and wonderful women. "My decision to work in the medical field stems from my desire to help people. It comes from how I was raised — to always look around me and see if anyone needs assistance…Today I consider my profession as a mission to help families who cope with difficult chronic ill...nesses and to help them transition from the disease or a transplant to a rosier future. I try to pass on my optimism to my patients." On this #WomensDay2018 we too issue a call to #PressforProgress and gender parity
Photo: Tom Casalini, for the Healers Exhibition, a joint initiative with Galilee Medical Center and Partnershiptogether WesternGalilee. for all. #8thOfMarch #FacesoftheWesternGalilee #FacesofGalileeMedicalCenter
ד"ר אירית וייסמן, מנהלת היחידה לנפרולוגית ילדים
"הבחירה לעסוק ברפואה הייתה מהמחשבה היכן ניתן לעזור לאנשים.
זהו חינוך מהבית- תמיד להביט בסובב אותנו ולחפש למי ניתן לעזור?!
...היום אני רואה במקצוע: שליחות לעזור למשפחות המתמודדות עם מחלות כרוניות קשות ולהעביר את הילדים ממחלה קשה להשתלה עם עתיד ורוד יותר. יש בי מין אופטימיות נאיבית ואותה אני מנסה לשדר."

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We continue to improve our facilities to better serve our community. Last week at Galilee Medical Center we held a festive ceremony to dedicate our Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department, headed by Prof. Samer Srouji, for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, tumors and defects involving the bone and soft tissues of the mouth, jaws and facial structures. Our Oral & Maxillofacial team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to our community while emphasizing professional competence, up-to-date practice and academic excellence. Read more here:

Galilee Medical Center updated their cover photo.
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Meet Prof. Samer Srouji – Director, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Department
"…It is hard to describe my feelings as a surgeon, not only for treating patients and enabling them to function in a natural manner, but also because I feel that I have removed an unbearable burden that caused them to suffer and, for the happiness I bring to their lives and their families."
Photo: Tom Casalini for the Healers Exhibition, a joint initiative with Galilee Medical Center and Partnershiptogether WesternGalilee. #FacesofGalileeMedicalCenter
-פרופסור סאמר סרוג'י, מנהל היחידה לכירורגית פה ולסת:
...התחושות שלי מעצמי, כרופא מנתח, הם בלתי ניתנות לתיאור, לא רק בגלל הטיפול הרפואי שאני מעניק למטופלים כדי שיוכלו לתפקד באופן רגיל, אלא בגלל שאני מרגיש שהצלחתי להסיר מעליהם את המועקה הבלתי נסבלת של הסבל שלהם ושהצלחתי להביא אושר ושמחה לחייהם ולחיי בני משפחתם.”

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As with all our patients, our Social Work Department provides services to our Syrian patients alongside their medical care. Read about how our Social Work Department emphasizes the emotional well-being of Syrian women, children and men receiving medical care at Galilee Medical Center here:…/syria-survival-trumps-mental…/

Purim is the air at Galilee Medical Center! As part of the festivities leading up to the holiday, Tal Mosseri - טל מוסרי Israeli television host, and theater and television actor, visited bringing smiles and laughter to children, family members and staff in our Pediatric Department and the Afik School, located on our campus. He cheered everyone and spread joy!. General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum, and medical staff members, also enjoyed the visit along with the children and thanked Tal for the heartwarming gesture to our hospitalized children.
Photos: Ronny Albert

Meet Alain Koginsky – Medical Clown (The Dream Doctors Project)!
"What is more amazing than reaching adulthood and realizing that you have fulfilled your childhood dreams? Since I was 12, I dreamed of becoming a clown; however, life took me in other directions and I studied veterinary medicine. Over the years, I have been involved in many endeavors including the theatrical field. At a certain stage in my life, I decided to become involved with clowning in a place where most o...f the world’s pain is found — in a hospital. A child’s smile serves as my source of satisfaction and strength."
Photo: Tom Casalini, for the Healers Exhibition, a joint initiative with Galilee Medical Center and Partnershiptogether WesternGalilee. #FacesofWesternGalilee #FacesofGalileeMedicalCenter

אלן קוז'ינסקי, ליצן רפואי
מה יותר מדהים מלהגיע לגיל בוגר ולהבין שבעצם הגשמת את חלומות ילדותך? מגיל 12 חלמתי להיות ליצן, אבל החיים הובילו אותי למקומות אחרים ולמדתי וטרינריה. במשך השנים עסקתי בלא מעט עיסוקים ובמקביל לעיסוקיי הרבים פניתי גם לתחום תיאטרלי. בשלב מסוים בחיים החלטתי לעסוק בליצנות במקום שבו מתרכז הכאב הגדול ביותר בעולם – בית החולים. הרווח והכוח שלי הם– חיוכו של ילד.

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Galilee Medical Center
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A new day, a new week! Galilee Medical Center wishes everyone a good, quiet and healthy week. Every day our dedicated staff members in our 69 departments and units, provide medical care to hundreds of patients from the diverse community, of over 600,000 residents, we serve in northern Israel.
Photo: Isaschar Ronen - רונן יששכר

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Galilee Medical Center
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We love stories like this! Senior surgeon Dr. Einal Bathish who specializes in knee surgery and sports medicine in Galilee Medical Center's Orthopedics Department A, performed complex surgery to restore a youth soccer league player's ligaments and meniscus. The athlete, Samih Kiwan (18 1/2), from Maccabi Tzur Shalom's team is expected to resume training soon and return to the soccer field. Read more here:

We're glad to report that Samih Kiwan (18 1/2), from Maccabi Tzur Shalom's team in the Youth Soccer League, recently underwent complex surgery using an innovative method that restored his ligaments and meniscus. Thanks to the surgery's success, he is expected to resume training soon and return to th...

Proud to welcome civic and political leaders from Germany with AJC Project Interchange and AJC Berlin Ramer Institute for German-jewish Relations, for an in-depth look at Israel's frontline hospital, six miles from the border with Lebanon. Director General Masad Barhoum, MD, briefed our German guests on how we are advancing medical care and services for the diverse community we serve and Galilee Medical Center's ongoing humanitarian medical care of over 2,300 Syrian children, women and men since 2013.
Photos: Roni Albert

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