We are LIVE at our open house!
We are LIVE with financial aid to answer your questions!
We are live with continuing coverage on Dental Assistant Recognition Week!

Check out our coverage from (Fox 25/48) on our robotics competition from yesterday! What a great event! 😀🔧

High school students from around the Coulee region were at Western Technical College this morning for their robotics competition.

Students from schools around the area are at Western today for our annual robotics competition! It's a great showcase of student talent! 😀🔧

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Emily Rearden - Yang
· November 15, 2017
We aren’t students at WTC but several friends attend classes here, from their accounts it’s a great school with lovely staff, acceptable learning environment and with reasonable ease of access. the above is not the reason for the low stars.

While we don’t attend courses at WTC we do live two blocks up from it with the parking ramp in full view of our location. A parking ramp that scarcely seems to be occupied by the students attending classes. This also seems to be true for the various parking lots around campus...

Our building does not offer a lot, garage or personal spaces. We are told in our lease that we are to park on the street in front of and to the side of our building which becomes exceedingly difficult when WTC students occupy available space.

Not long ago we were forced to park roughly five blocks away from home and make multiple trips to retrieve our groceries.

We have to make plans later in the day on our days off to ensure we have parking when we come home, which if making them with friends and family it can be difficult because some work nights...

If we do have to run an errand in the morning we ether have to park blocks away and retrieve the car later or go sit somewhere for several hours before returning home (effectively wasting our time...).

Not to mention some students like to leave their garbage on the boulevard...

There is more but I’m sure anyone reading gets it by now.

We aren’t the only residents having an issue with school parking and WTC isn’t the only school who’s students are unable to utilize available campus parking...

Coworkers are having problems with students parking in their privet driveways or on their lawns, some friends had their vehicle damaged due to a students rush to get to class...

Please consider lowering parking fees for your students so it can be an affordable option, encourage them to car pool (if this is appealing to any one also consider taking a pool of resources and purchasing a pass for one vehicle to park in the lot or ramp.), encourage students living with in reasonable walking distance to do so, make the bus a more apparent and viable option. Bikes are great for exorcise and transportation in the warmer months ���

To be 100% honest, parking on campus should be included in tuition the same as free bus fair, the only people that should pay to park are people who don’t go to school there...��

Help your students better utilize the parking resource you built for them! ����

And students -

Please remember, if your parking on the street be considerate of those who live where your parking, leave as much room as possible for residents or other students to leave safely. Don’t park to far into the street and make visibility hazardous for other drivers. Please take your garbage with you �

And don’t forget, alternate side parking starts today! Odd days odd side of the street, even days even side �
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Faith Rebellion Buerger
· March 20, 2018
Hard to apply and get things done that was needed tried calling multiple times for enrollment drove all the way to la crosse for a meeting and couldn’t get signed up there either for anyone who’s new apply and enrolling for college not recommended See More
Lauryn Genardo
· December 22, 2016
Seems like the staff doesn't really care for your well being. No availability unless you can make your college your #1 priority. But DON'T Work full time and DON'T have kids. And let's not forget: I r...eally hope you don't come down with a chronic illness because if you do, and decide to drop your classes, this school will decide to make life a living hell for you. They will even have "federal regulations" and snappy attitudes to back them up when you call to ask why you are being harassed by emails and letters every couple of weeks. Oh yeah, western is the "essential experience". See More
Amanda Coughlin
· April 21, 2017
I am a full time student who works part time and i raise my two year old daughter by myself. There have been plenty of times where she has gotten sick and been unable to go to daycare. It is very rare... that i am able to find last minute child care and most of the time I've had to miss class or work to stay home with her. My teachers and employers in work study have been so understanding and accommodating and really helped to relieve a lot of stress. As long as you communicate with your instructors and advisors they will move mountains for you to help you succeed. I cannot thank the people who work at Western enough for everything they have done for me. I am truly and eternally grateful. See More
Bree Boelke
· March 12, 2017
Its a great campus with a lot to offer. Awesome updated classrooms and labs. But I did have a hard time trying to be a part time student. The nursing program doesn't really work for part time students... based off their class requirements. If you only do 2 classes instead of 3+clinical in the program you won't have enough credits to get financial aid. Thats a problem.
Also I wish everyone was slightly more informed.. ive had a few instances where two people tell me totally different things.
If people are better informed & prepared their rate of success would be better
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Heidi Pieper
· October 24, 2017
The teachers are so helpful. And if you have any question they are there to help you out thanks again
Juan Daniel Gonzalez
· September 2, 2017
Former student from Colombia, Class of 83. Currently working at the Colombian Stock Exchange Director of Public Market. Best experience ever a WWTC. Great Friends, great time!!!
Courtney Osvatic
· May 24, 2017
Being a transfer student, I wish I would of came here first! I absolutely love my instructor, and love that they offer evening classes for my degree.! Extremely pleased with my experience so far!
Chris Magnuson
· April 19, 2017
Before I landed my current position at Western Technical College, I worked for Workforce Connections in our local Job Center. Our business: Employment and Training. When we referred clients to Weste...rn Technical College and they chose a program, we knew they would find employment, and at a good wage. The Essential Experience is what you get at Western. Your Community. Your College. See More
John Meier
· February 4, 2016
I studied electrical engineering at a school like this ,Marquette University in Milwaukee, you guys are a lot like Marquette, you care about your students and don't forget them when they leave you. Yo...u're a small school, but in my day, all we had were blackboards and dedicated teachers. That's all it takes if you have dedicated students! See More
Jessika Troyanek
· June 13, 2017
I love the new buildings! But I wasn't impressed with the hand washing stations in the bathrooms. Very little water comes out and even less soap. I understand trying to be "greener" but watch out flu season!
Tom Ludwigson
· April 13, 2017
We had our race car on display for the open house. We really enjoyed talking with the students and answering their questions. Thank you for inviting the Henderson Motorsports team to this event.
Christine Magnuson
· November 5, 2015
As quoted from The Essential Experience - "A technical college degree gets you into the workforce in two years or less. The annual average salary of a Western Grad is $32,822. Nearly 30% of American...s with associate degrees now make more than those with bachelor's degrees." Come to Western, Gain a skill. See More
Kelly Schanhofer
· September 11, 2014
I wanted to find out some information on when she can start cna certificate? She's enrolled in Robert cooper so can you please contact me I'm Kelly her mom 608 633 6648 or you can contact Maisie Muns...on at robbery cooper. Thank you See More
Kacie Jo Thomas
· April 3, 2014
It is a great hands on experience. I learned a lot. The instructors are great and work well with you individually and are there to see and help you succeed.
Shena Burkum
· April 26, 2014
Had an awesome experience in the welding program... Cermak, Sorenson, and Scott are amazing at what they do and I feel privileged to have had the chance to know them and learn from them!
Lolly Pornasdoro Habito
March 26, 2013
This needs introspection:
Each person is a force existing in opposing pairs of positive and negative nature. Just like water, which can give life and also can take life, fire also can give life and can take life. Such is the nature of things in this world and such is the nature of each and every person.

The opposing pairs of positive and negative nature in each and every person are thoughts and emotions which are both angelic and demonic but they both exist in each and every person. They are very powerful but invisible. Due to this nature of each and every person, each one has the responsibility to weigh or balance one's thoughts and emotions through practice of virtues, to maintain spiritual and moral values, to acquire adequate knowledge of the nature of human beings, and to have mental, emotional and physical health. Linking various branches of science is one way to have clearer understanding of the human nature. Life style considerations is of utmost importance. Owning duties and responsibilities requires corresponding virtues, capacities and abilities to perform.
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Tammy Laxen
· August 31, 2013
Not a fan about all the changes lately but I love my instructors and my class and all of the experience we get in the program!
Jennifer Menard
· June 10, 2016
Easy to sign up for classes and my advisor is very helpful with everything I need.
Jil Kondracki Karr
· August 2, 2015
Earned an RN license here and also am on faculty - great environment for teaching and learning.