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Tony Limon
· April 10, 2017
I have no complaints about Westminster Mall. The mall is very big and yes it is kind of empty but I had a good time with my family at that location. You have a ...decently nice food court you have a horse carousel and you have a choo choo train for the kids. My little ones really enjoy the indoor playground. I would actually prefer to go to Westminster Mall then South Coast Plaza or Bella Terra. See More
Angie Reddick
· September 9, 2017
New to HB area. Stopped by to check it out. Loved the eyebrow threading place - very thorough. Loved the pedicure too!! The pedicurist took her time and did a great job!!
Louis Macassi
· May 10, 2017
Great place to do donuts and burnouts. The parking lot is very spacious and provides a lot of ample space for Motorsport activity.
Margaret Simas Blizzard
· November 24, 2016
This mall is not fancy like Bella Teria but it's so much better I wish we still had the Disney store and old Navey but it's always a pleasant place my kids love... the merry go round the train the playground the food court we can park shop enjoy our selfs with out the hassles of the over built badly planned experience you get at other malls I have will always love this mall I and I pray it will not be destroyed like so many others I will not go near Bella Terra or south coast plaza those malls are overcrowded no parking and not at all laid out well and not at all kid friendly like Westminster mall for me it's the best mall I do hope they get more stores opened but otherwise it's great See More
Michael V Woolbright
· January 14, 2017
I was shopping in this mall the day it opened and my father's office was across the street. This mall has had better days and I was really surprised to see soma...ny empty shops. We have come here for the last 11 years at Christmas to visit with Santa Claus but when I think back I did 80% of my shopping online this year so I'm probably the reason contributing to a malls decline. It's still a nice Mall parking was easy and it was not crowded See More
Luke Peters
· October 25, 2016
I'll admit the food at TGIF was pretty good and the service was great there! I wish we had just gone somewhere else after that. We went to Sears to get some je...ans and I was a little miffed at them trying to sell a pair of jeans for $70 just Levis nothing crazy,but whatever 8 just went somewhere else and got the jeans for $20 less, same jeans no sale just bad pricing on sears part. Now if that hat been the only issue I really would have just shopped somewhere else where they know how to price things appropriately, but it was the 2 inch long cockroach running across the floor that wasn't really scared of us. I would understand by his size he probably wasn't that scared, but more likely he was just used to being there. Sorry but buying clothes at a place where cockroaches run around like they own the place is kind of gross. I mean they look like nice clothes but taking home a bunch of cockroach eggs in the new pants I buy isn't my idea of a bonus deal for my purchase. See More
Benita Delfin
· March 22, 2017
Good place for the kids and also to shop and eat !

Will go back again!
Jaycob Fernandez
· June 26, 2017
Had a good time going out to my home town now it's time to get back on my grind
Ha Thi My Anh
· March 31, 2017
The staff are very helpful n friendly. Thank you very much.
Teofilo Tenorio
· May 27, 2017
First time visited mall on wesminister Cal.? Im be happy because Walking which dauther, grandson Jayrin, grandauther Bella and was fany day on travel carrusel.?
Mary J Crossin
· December 24, 2016
Definitely looks old. Many closed stores. Food court is best thing there. Macy's doesn't have furniture department and a trip to south coast didn't sound inviting. Sears is a mess.
E Phuong Ho
· October 22, 2015
No security driving around and no help when needed We had our car hit, dinked, scratched by someone and we asked security office to review camera in the area, they declined saying we have to obtain court order. . what the hell the security cameras there for?
Kim Woodhouse Williams
· February 2, 2017
Awful....unkept not one store besides Macy's and Pac Sun and Zumies I'd buy anything from when shopping you want a clean store well organized this mall is pitiful best mall is South Coast.
Cain Catalan
· September 26, 2016
I like it it's not super elegant or super classy classy but it's a cute awesome family spot with a playground for kids it's fun it's calmer not always packed it's cute I like it
Parks Lynn Mrsjocee
· May 16, 2016
Victoria Secret Shop will not allow Filipinos to shop.Victoria Secret Shop staff against Filipinos. I love Westminster Mall in fact we do shop our appliances,... clothing, and other beauty stuff in Macy's but what happen to me and my daughter today at Victoria Secret is really awful i felt bad to our daughter, she has a victoria secret credit card when she's ready to check out, of course i understand that they ask an ID and were glad on that, when my Daughter show her Philippine Passport the staff decided to become immigration officers. See More
Lorena Lara
· December 18, 2013
This mall brings back a lot of memories from my childhood, I do miss some of the stores that used to be there but still I love this mall no matter what :)
Mary Louise Beltran
· March 13, 2017
I prefer this mall compared to South Coast Plaza, the sales people are very friendly. A very nice atmosphere.
Vanessa James
· May 2, 2016
They keep closing all my favorite stores but the crowd is light so that's nice!
Ha Bui
· February 13, 2017
The Orchid Show and the Bonsai/Art exhibits were fantastic...
Roni Valdovinos Luna
· December 5, 2016
Great place, good avenue is a bit limited but the mall itself is pretty big.
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