Read about the WHEATON WHEADON DNA project.

If you are a female Wheaton (like myself) you may participate by encouraging your male surnamed Wheaton relatives to be tested. I also accept atDNA from anyone not surnamed Wheaton but descended from one of our Wheaton families.

For those of you wanting a good mystery story which connects up with a Roman age beheaded skeleton in York, Try this…/lesson-18-exploring-the-y-haplot…

In April 2015 I met with my long time Wheaton correspondants in Devon, England in search of Robert Wheaton's origins. I also visited the beautiful walled city of York, England in pursuit of a FRANKLIN/ FRANKLAND putative ancestor (still unproven) who was imprisoned in York Prison and sentenced to de…

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Two maps showing variants of WHEATON, WHEADON< WEEDON etc in southern England, courtsey of Howard Mathieson.

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There are Wheatons (and spelling variations) across the globe. Highest concentrations in United States, Canada, Australia, and the homeland Great Britain. In April 3 different WHEATON DNA lines met in Devon, England: A, B and E. More here

More information on each line is available on Jean's site Wheaton One Name I have dubbed Jean the Master Archivist or "Keeper of the Trees" and she maintains the Family Tree side of things. The following are abbreviated with just enough info for identification purposes. Please see links for more in…

If you need help with a Wheaton line please contact me. I was able to connect two people recently who share the same family fairly recently but the families had completely lost touch. Its not just about DNA.😄

From a recent trip to the Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life.

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Out of Nine letters I set to N. Devon and Wales I have heard back from 4 all of whom knew very little about their families and with Jeans help we have connected all four to their ancestry in Devon going back hundreds of years. What are you waiting for. See where you fit in.

To follow theprivate WHEATON WOODS Blog please send me a message. You can do that through FACEBOOK but for more expedient replies just go to the Wheaton website and contact me there.

There are 66 members in our group at FTDNA. The largest subgrouping Group B: descendants of Robert Wheaton of Salem and Rehoboth, MA and related families soon to be 16 results at FTDNA plus others including 7 no longer with the surname but descendats none the less. With upcoming results we will have results for all of the known sons of Robert whose lines continued.

The next largest Group is Group E which like Group B represents Wheatons in England and the US. We have many L...ineages but they all lead back to the UK. Their ancient origins lay in many different directions, Alpine Celtic, Celtic, Germanic (Anglo Saxon) and Viking. Wheaons have soread acoss the globe and we have members from Canada, England, Australia as well as the US.

If you are interested in following devlopments please contact me for a invite to our WHEATON WOODS Blog.

If you are a WHEATON male please consider joining our search to trace the origins and families of WHEATONs worldwide.

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We now have Complete Y sequence results for two different WHEATON lines those descended from Robert WHEATON and those descended from Thomas WHEADON (later spellings changed to Wheaton) If you are a male WHEATON please consider joining us at FTDNA wheaton Surname Project.

The Wheaton DNA now has 59 Members from all over the world including 6 in England several in Canada and Australia and the remainder in the US. We have established 10 different genetic signatures with 6 of them having origins in Devon, England and another in Staffordshire., England. We are seeking males of the surname WHEATON especially those from England and those representing the line of John 2 of Thomas WHEADON of Branford CT; Samuel 2 of Rehoboth, MA and NJ of Robert WHEATON of Rehoboth, MA; Obadiah 2 of Boston of Robert WHEATON of Rehoboth; and finally descendants of Christopher WHEATON of Hull, MA. Especially interested in WHEATONS with ancestry in Barre, VT.

Wondering where you fit in? A Y-DNA 12 marker test is only $49. To join and order a test via FTDNA

Please see my New Beginner's Guide to Genetic Genealogy

The DNA replicated in the cells of your body is essentially your personal building and operating instructions given to you by your parents. But more than that it contains the encyclopedia of where you came from. It is the story of your ancestors told through the bits of DNA that they have passed dow...

FREE Y-DNA KITS while they last to any of the following
Male Wheatons with demonstrarted lineage to any of the following:

* Christopher WHEATON of Hull and Hingham, MA
* Obadiah WHEATON (son of Robert) who was born in Rehoboth, MA but lived near Boston....
* John WHEADON son of Thomas of Branford, CT
* Any Wheatons with recent (last 100 years) connection to Devon, Somerset, Staffordshire ENGLAND or Glamorganshire, Monmouthshire WALES.

If in doubt contact me.

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Two Resources to check for heat on information.

And Jean's terrific website

We are looking for Wheaton surnamed males who are willing to be DNA tested to unravel the origins of the Wheaton, Wheadon, Whetton, Weeton, Weddon more definitively. If you are a female Wheaton (like myself) you may participate by encouraging your male surnamed Wheaton relatives to be tested.I am no...