Incase anyone still gets out notifications, 'our' new band just released a song from our ep that's coming out soon. give it a heeeeeen!

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Cole moved to america a while ago, and we haven't actually done anything since 2012, so I guess we broke up or something.
Shot for coming to our shows and such

RIP When We Get Home

hey look it's a post

We're actually doing things, we're not quite dead yet! Even though Guy is in Auckland we still wanna do things like play at weddings and pre-school birthday parties.

When we get home updated their cover photo.
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Hey babes, what's crackin'?

Hey ladies
Our bandcamp is all fixed up with our new EP.
Also we have a show coming up, spam it.

And if these holidays you want us to crash your grandma's birthday party with some metalcore, give us a yell.

Peace homies.

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We wanna play house parties!

All of the band have matching profile pictures from the show. thug lyfe!

Massive thanks to Josh Yong for recording, mixing, and mastering the news songs! Give them a hoon!

Yo yo! We are a 3 piece Pop punk band from Tauranga. We like making music and stuff. Yeaaaaaaah!

We've been recording new songs this week! Hopefully have them mixed and finished real soon! Yeow!
Also, Mashup show this weekend! We can't link the page, because facebook is retarded, but come along! 7pm, $5, 6 bands! Mount scout hall. Churrest.

Any acoustic artists looking for some exposure? Sign up for this!

Primal Acoustic Sessions is one of our country’s premier competitions for singer/songwriters - if your a singer/songwriter between the ages of 13 - 22, this is not a competition your want to miss out on...

That acoustic show was chur as! If you missed it, we have a surprise for you

Seeing as we can post again, here is one badass show that you can't miss!