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live show prep. took me 5 tries to prgrm the mpd w/o logic crash
Rhys Langston X kai OD West Coast Late Night

“Aggressively Ethnically Ambiguous” is out now everywhere! After 18 months of waiting (sititng mixed and mastered), many of which were spent being simply tryin...g to figure out how to visually articulate the whole thing, it is here, and I’d like to call it my strongest public statement yet! I know I’ve been hyping it up to an unprecedented degree of annoyance, so thank you for all who have stayed interested. Please if you like it, share it with a friend, a colloquial enemy, or a stranger who might be interested in a rap album equally arresting and euphonic. Help a young vassal out with just a moment of your time. This is grassroots LA shit, and I do this for my city!

We really took our time to be as thorough as possible here on the Estate of the Lord Davis with all logistics, and we have to thank a few cats involved in the formation process:

My main man, Alex Hensley for co-producing the shit out of this record, as well as Kenny Segall and Daddy Kev for respectively mixing and mastering the record, believing in a young, no-longer-itinerant polemicist such as myself;

Parker Day and Elyn Kazarian for unknowingly collaborating with each other, and for each lending their extraordinary talents in culling the Langstónian split personalities into a viable audiobook cover and package;

Nick Davis for giving me strategies to best aesthetically and strategically float atop timelines to make myself;

Brian Kinsmen for continuing to relate publicly and gracefully holding a high ambassador position to the leadership of the Lord Davis;

and finally Will Schube and Jeff Weiss for taking the time to premiere and add my record to the decorated annals of Passion of the Weiss. I’ve been reading that publication for years, and it was quite literally a expressed, written goal to have my work covered over there.

(Oh yeah, don’t forget to snag an early bird ticket to the Bananas Anniversary for September 3rd—this Sunday— at the Echo… and with that $10 saved you can cop a physical edition of the record from meeeee)

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POW premieres the new LP from LA rapper Rhys Langston.

Peep Rhys Langston's new project "Full Frontal Incumbent, an Incongruous Mixtape"

full lyrics: artwork by Rhys Langston written and performed by Rhys Langston (electric guitar on track 3 by Leo

The homie Rhys Langston just put out the second single from his upcoming project. Peep game! Don't sleep!!!

Fresh off the press we have a new single for you folks. It is titled MSRP (the Untimely Ballad of a Coatrack), and my good friend MVNTRA gave me the blessing t...o do my thing over this classic beat he made.

This is Spoken Soul, and an extended window into what is to come when Full Frontal Incumbent, an Incongruous Mixtape arrives on November 4th.

Shouts to EARMILK for premiering the work and believing in the Estate of Chocolate Davis.

From Langstónia with love,

The Resident Harebrain

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Rhys Langston is a little over a week away from the release of his new project, Full Frontal Incumbent, an Incongruous Mixtape. He has returned with the se

Our very own Rhys Langston put out a fire single from his forthcoming project "Full Frontal Incumbent, an Incongruous Mixtape"

Peep the dope feature that Impose gave him.

Within the past decade or so, the infusion of melody into the craft of MCing has gone from a specialty to a veritable prerequisite. Artists explore the line between rapping and singing more than ever, representing a gradually forming fusion of multiple genres. LA-based musician and multimedia artist...



Don't miss out on all the fire RIO been droppin!


The young ambassador Rhys Langston just launched his website which features his music writing and visual art. Check it out along with the premiere of his new EP, "Future Suite", on EARMILK!

Rhys Langston of Los Angeles, CA, is a triple threat; he is a man of words (MC and poet), a producer, and a visual artist. He uses all three elements of hi
WYSF Collective shared their post.

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Champ Brown just dropped a new tape produced exclusively my WYSF's very own MVNTRA and OMARU:;DEVOID! Check out "HEIGHTZ" EP on soundcloud now!

Champ Brown x WYSF - "Heightz" EP Vibes alone. Virgin Islands to Miami to Worldwide. #EMBP #Legacy #BlessTheSpeakers

Champ Brown just dropped a new tape produced exclusively my WYSF's very own MVNTRA and OMARU:;DEVOID! Check out "HEIGHTZ" EP on soundcloud now!

Champ Brown x WYSF - "Heightz" EP Vibes alone. Virgin Islands to Miami to Worldwide. #EMBP #Legacy #BlessTheSpeakers

Rhys Langston just dropped his beat tape: Producer's Commentary a Series of Unspoken Arrangements. It's fresh.

0:00 The Aria 3:54 Flotilla 5:10 Garden Tools 6:48 Old Flame Suite 12:03 Flood Session 13:18 High Road 16:36 Causal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ a medley of off-kilter boom-bap and minimalist, electronic dustine

We've been updating the collection. Come check out the discography on our bandcamp:

fresh arrangements from MVNTRA

Prod. MVNTRA :; Off the new tape Dream Sequence coming this week :; WHENEVERYOUSEEFIT // PORTAL // 340