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Hilso Hils
· September 12, 2017
They are criminals, placed an order since the last one month, until this moment I have not received the items nor my refund. only to get an email two days ago from Whitenicious asking me to drop the d...isputed claim I have filed against them before I could my refund of over $700 dollars. Let's see how this goes. Stop duping people please. Beware of the company!!! Not real!!!👎👎👎👎 See More
Fifi Sarr Seck
· October 15, 2017
Hello i start using your products and it's start giving a good result but in few months i Will leave Jeddah and go Back To my country senegal west Africa so i want To know if i can orders from there... cause i Don't want To stop this product See More
Filigirl Lee
· November 14, 2017
I have not received my whole order. I have left emails and messages but no response. I simply would like my order. Nobody answers at the number provided. This is frustrating. I was charged for a whole... order but didn’t receive it all. I want the situation rectified and I feel as if I’m being ignored and dismissed. See More
Follow Yeshua
· November 24, 2017
The dark spot remover worked to even out my skin tone to an extent and it did lighten some of my dark spots to an extent. But the chemicals in this product caused my skin to break out even more, there...fore causing more dark spots. Also I got significantly darker. and I know why because of the chemicals in the product. My skin was trying to protect itself by darkening. These products have harsh chemicals in it. I will NEVER buy again, and if anyone asks me about Whitenicious I will strongly advise them to RUN FAR AWAY. See More
Jashu Minhas
· February 12, 2018
They are cheaters..i cancelled my order and i was supposed to get a refund i haven't got it yet ..its almost been month and a half now dont buy anything from them
Shammie Rose
· August 25, 2015
I tried to order this yesterday. .. and I was excited to try the products but then I get an email asking for photocopies of my ID and credit card in a email it also stated that i will not get my order... unless I send them my information. I don't know if people working there are scammers but I never encountered that while online shopping before! Be careful who you give your information to especially over the Internet ... what pissed me off even more is that they said it will take 7-30 business days to get my money back.. it's kind of funny that they take my money instantly but fail to actually give me my money back because I didn't want to give them my personal info which could lead to fraud. I'm trying to give this company business spending $100's and I get treated like an idiot... BE CAREFUL they can't ship internationally I guess I'm in canada .. they just take your money then write you an IOU later See More
Mickie Ryan
· June 1, 2016
WORST experience I ever had with buying a product by far! My mom had slight discoloration from a burn and the product damaged her skin and made it even darker and the discoloration expanded all over arm! She cried at the terrible damaged it caused. It even burns her skin and she's in pain. We are looking into laser treatment to correct what has been damaged which cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. This is a horrible product and the customer service is even worst. They got really ghetto with me when I asked for a refund they even sent me a emoji when I respectively expressed my concerns. I paid $200 for them to DAMAGE my mothers skin. I would post the picture but there is no option for me to do so. I hate this product more than anything in the world DON'T BUY IT and risk the same to happen to you. See More
Amie Bongay
· January 4, 2015
This is a very good product but very expensive. I know a lot of people what to buy and use it but can not afford it. Hope you will do something about the price. Better to sell in volume that to th...e selected few. Please think about it. See More
Brittney Dickens
· July 16, 2016
I had send a email to this business and somebody had reply back and stateing that "on Fridays they will approve me to be the representative of this business and they will email me a link that look lik...e the Whitenicious website." That was this past February and nobody had reply back to my email and I never got the link. I had been waiting for months. There timing skills and replying skills SUCKS!!! See More
Christian Faustin Mbedy Moukoko
· March 1, 2018
Nice i like it because everybody can use
Ty Tragedy
· October 14, 2015
Your products do what they say. Lighten the skin very quickly. It's bit expensive but I do get the results I want within weeks. I'll be trying out your lightening lip gloss to see how fast that works.... So far the dark spot remover works great! See More
Kaydi Kerr
· February 3, 2017
I placed an order on January 28, 2017 totaling $589.95. On January 30 they sent me an email stating that I have to provide a picture of my I.D and credit card or my order would be canceled and my mone...y would be AUTOMATICALLY refunded. That deadline expired on February 1 as I noooooo intentions of providing that info. However my money was not AUTOMATICALLY refunded, they resent that email AGAIN after the 48 hours was expired, VERY VERY suspicious. Called the company on February 2 concerning my money and the representative said she had to pass my information to the CEO because she can't authorize my refund...again this was VERY VERY VERY suspicious. I had to open a dispute against them with PayPal. It is so ironic that they are concerned about fraud when they are trying to do the same thing to their customers. In all my life no other company online has ever requested a copy of my credit card and I.D to verify my PayPal account......PayPal already verifies your identity so there is no need for Whitenicious to verify ANYTHING.....PayPal protects both the buyer AND the seller so your request for my I.D and credit card was bull****, this company is a FRAUD!!!!!!! See More
Patricia Hunter
· March 22, 2016
I have black spots on my face don't know what went wrong I have try everything ! So I think this is the cream for me I'll try it if it work I'll spend all my money on this cream because I love my face
Samalina Monteiro
· May 18, 2014
I just started to use whitenicious. From what I can say at moment is that it smells lovely and it keeps the skin smoothy. I'm going to wait a week in order to see the first result. I will give you a...nother review soon. See More
Elizabeth Beyootch
· November 28, 2017
I messaged them on Instagram to ask why disable the comments when people are speaking the truth about the products WHITENICIOUS DOES NOT WORK ....DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY....
Maharani Raj
· June 30, 2015
Bought it, used it as directed...didn't work. And anything promising to work in 5-7 days has steroids or other harmful ingredients. The pictures she is using are from photo stock. Go to Ali baba and t...ype in monobenzene and you will see the picture she is using. It got 1 star because it smells great. Denicia should tell the truth how she got her new color she will be a billionaire. But don't waste money on this cream. See More
Shantel L. Rowan RN
· September 7, 2017
With these comments I have chosen not to purchase your product. ��
Kimberley Mary Amber
· May 15, 2017
They need to refund my money I've ordered today and now they need my I'd and card nr ect if after this 48hour they don't refund my money after am suing them
Quit Elles Rodrigues
· May 28, 2016
I have dark spot on my face i want to know if how much and where i did order this product please help me for my face
Sileny Chamorro
· June 16, 2016
My girl posted a tweet about this company, so they responded by insulting her appearance online.
That's how much they respect black women. Spend your money elsewhere, ladies. This company is bullshit.
Brand new Two Icons Brand new but already now Music: Oluwa by @iamdencia

Dec 25th 2013 launched 2 products I didn’t even have online from my sisters apartment in VA.Basically had pictures,a standby chemist & a website.

Jan 6th 2014 boom the world is in shambles
Feb 2014 we start shipping from VA


Feb 2014 Back in LA full time working 24/7
April 2014 finally found space 2700sq
Struggled with the small space 2yrs🤦‍♀️ March 2016 Moved🙌🏽 into the bigger space 7000sq

March 2018 Almost 5yrs,We here almost 70 PRODUCTS 5 different brands, it’s more than whitenicious.

All products are made in The USA. 99% of our Products have Organic Content and made in FDA approved facilities.

Did You Know That 👉🏽Roughly 20% of new businesses survive past their first year of operation. That was the case two decades ago and is still the case today.

@whitenicious @whiteniciousnigeria
Contrary to what you thought, not made in China our facility is not in China.

My biz seminar Tickets

Whatever business you are into, my goal is to help u build.

#AddisonsDiseaseBroughtMeHere #CreateYourOwnLane #WeAreGrowing
#MadeInAmerica #MadeInLA #MusicByNightBusinessWomanByDay #theamericandream #TheNewAmerica #TheAfricandream #AfricanGirlInLa

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#clientUpdate 21 year old Puerto Rican girl suffering from bad acne. Progress looks amazing.its been 10 days
To achieve similar results you will need
1) citrus face mask ( hers was home made by @iamdencia )
2) papaya soap
3) facial cleanser with but c These 3 things are essential for the healing and drying process of the acne.It’s important to heal this stage fast to avoid scarring, holes as the acne eats away your body tissue & you will need a lot of needling,dermal to produce collagen to fill up the holes.
Using the mask 3 times a week, papaya Soap & cleanser 3 times daily. Stage 2

She will use the dark spot remover to clear spots & night cream to even out her entire face.We will bring you updates on her final update.

Soap : $20

Vit c cleanser :$35

Dark spot remover :$135

Night cream :$175

#acne #skincare #update #whitenicious
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To achieve this results, you’ll need the dark spot eraser set.
Client is happy with her results so far,she has a few more weeks to be completely spot free.

... See More
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Anyone who needs help or my routine . You can message whitenecious privately to get my handle .
I don't know where to start from . Honestly speaking . I'm just very happy .i used to have really bad acne


Before I found out about whitenecious . A friend decided to get it for me on my birthday .i was so scared it wasn't gonna work because of the stuffs people have been saying about it . I was given the papaya soap and dark spot corrector . I used it religiously and I also stopped using makeup and you can see the difference . I don't think I'm ever going to stop using this cream because like you can see it has made me face 90 percent better . I still have spots but no pimples . My dms are open for anyone who wants to know anything

Company note : Using the papaya soap and Vit C cleanser helps a lot with acne,avoid cream when acne is still active,use when acne dries out.
Products work differently for different people,it takes longer for some people and some less time.As you work on the external, try working on the internal causes of you skin problems too

#Acnetreatment #women #Feminist #blackwomen #acnerepair #acnesolution #Whitenicious #Soap

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The New Darkspot Removers & Dark knuckle creams Aren’t As Thick As Before,Here’s Why.

Dear clients,we want to thank you for your continuous support.Through out the years, we have listened to your complains and adjusted products to work for you.Our chemist has gone through batches,changes and this year we started off new.A lot of you may have noticed your Dark spot removers aren’t as thick as before and here’s why.

“Because active ingredients are more expensive than thickener...s, serums are also the costliest product in many skin care lines. But when applied properly, a 1-ounce container of serum should last months. ... "The thicker, heavier ingredients in creams form a barrier on your skin,The serum can get deeper into the skin. Serums are highly concentrated skin treatments.”

So we reduced the thickeners that form the creamier look so the active ingredients don’t get lost in the creams and thickeners So products can work faster and better for your skin that’s why the creams have the Serum look and feel.

I hope this explanation helps.

Thank you

Order today

#skincare #darkspots #hyperpigmentation #whitenicious #dencia

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Client Update👏👏👏👏👏
We love reviews. We love when this happens!😆
Client used
Papaya Soap $20
Coconut scrub $100...
Dark knuckle cream $200
clarifying serum. $150

Order yours
In her own words!👇 " I used a cream which made my face light and my hands and feet darker than my original skin tone,I was very sad because I couldn't go out in my nice pumps as seen in my before picture. A friend told me about this products and although I was skeptical, I read a lot of good things and decided to try. Look at my feet!!!!! I'm so happy I will be wearing Sandals this summer" #whitenicious #realresults #Spring #springbreak #easy #beauty #money #Night #Monday #transformationtuesday #happy #happyfeet

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Client used Whitenicious for Her Hands.

Dark knuckles cream $200


Papaya soap $20

Advisable to add scrub $100

Order online

Checkout our website under location to see which retailers are near you.

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Brand new
Two Icons
Brand new but already now


Music: Oluwa by @iamdencia

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Two new icons
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Merry Christmas
4 Years Strong.
Thank you all
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