Our first attempt at a weekly chat between us in the same time as a network radio newscast (7 minutes ish). Two or three topics, no big time commitment, just a few things to think about before the ne

So many of us could write this letter. There are still great station groups and individual stations to work for but they seem fewer and far between.

In the spring of 2015, Kate decided to say goodbye to Radio. Read her goodbye letter to Radio.

Say what you will about her, she has a habit of making savvy business deals: Bought a 10% stake for 42 million in October, now worth $143 million. Not a bad payday in one business quarter! provides continually updated industry news and information for broadcast television, cable and on-demand 12 hours a day, every business day.

I was an early Sling TV subscriber. I loved the service but I rarely watched it so I ended my subscription. It was the easiest tech breakup ever, and their system allows me to log back in and sign up again if and when I want to. After reading this article, I want to sign back up just to show my support!

In a recent FCC filing from Dish Network, the parent company of Sling TV, they complain that Charter is aggressively trying to prevent content owners from working with Sling TV. “Charter’s laser-like focus on Sling TV shows that it views Sling TV as a serious competitive threat rather than a benign…
Love Watch ABC and love your Roku? Well Christmas just came early as ABC has released a cord cutting friendly Watch ABC Roku channel. The only catch is if you do not have cable you need to wait 7 days before you can watch the show for free. Also after 30 days the show is …

Popular on both the news and sports desks, it will be interesting to see where he goes next. He was clearly poached by NBC to hurt GMA then basically benched. With over 500 million dollars in Today Show revenue at stake it was worth paying Elliot 3-4 million to get him out of the way. Something is definitely up if he left NBC Sports before their coverage of the Rio Olympics in the new year.

The former 'Good Morning America' co-anchor was considered a major hire in spring 2014 when he was poached from ABC.

ESPN has lost 7 million subscribers over the last few years. To put that in rough dollar terms, a $49 million dollar a MONTH revenue loss, just shy of $600 million dollars less annually. So the half a billion dollars Star Wars made this weekend, leaves them only 100 million short on the Disney balance sheet. Oy! I am a huge fan of cord thinning/cutting from a consumer stand point. On the industry side, yet another big game changer with no real idea how it will ultimately shake out.

Even the Force can't protect Disney and ESPN.

With more television networks bypassing cable packages and offering à la carte subscriptions, some predict trouble ahead for ESPN.

A little FYI if Tech Claus plans to leave a ROKU at your house this holiday season, here is a great short list of new channels to try. Included in this list are free streaming channels from ABC and NBC that don't require some kind of cable log in. There are viewing windows, no different than grabbing shows on your DVR to watch later though. They also recommend CW Seed. I've checked it out, not that impressed, but it could easily and quickly improve in the new world order of program streaming.

2015 has been a great year on the Roku with hundreds of new channels added and just recently many great ones. So we thought we would take a look at what are some of the best new channels on the Roku. Here is our short list. CW SEED The CW Seed website currently offers hundreds …

No surprise that Netflix is number one. As this article points out though some of the top channels didn't exist last year at this time.

Roku has posted the top 10 most-watched Roku Channels in 2015. This looks at how many total hours every Roku channel has been viewed and ranks them from most to least. Roku currently has thousands of channels but these are the channels that are viewed most frequently. So, here are the top 10: Netfli…

This is not a surprise at all. I think this is why companies like are amping up their library of original audio content. Uses much less bandwidth compared to video so DSL works fine at home or mobile when on the go. Time Warner Cable's everyday internet is less than 20 bucks a month and equivalent to DSL speed, for example.

High-speed home Internet has become a luxury.

Meanwhile, the number of people relying on cellphones alone for Internet is on the rise.

Distinctive voice, distinguished career, well earned retirement.

Our friend Doug Limerick signed off the air for the last time today. Listen to his final broadcast here:

Doug Limerick has been an ABC News correspondent since 1982. His radio career began in 1961, at WOHS Radio in his hometown of Shelby, N.C. Limerick attended Wake Forest University, majoring in Speech and also working at the campus radio station. Read more about Doug Limerick’s career.

In addition to a streaming device, a digital TV antenna is a good idea. As more 'netlets' like these are launched and carried by established local stations. Great compliment to streaming TV.

The list of reasons to cut the cord just grew by five. Here's an overview of new over-the-air networks that launched in 2015 you can watch for free.

The much anticipated Full House sequel launches in late February on Netflix. A teaser was released today. The twanging country music soundtrack concerns me a bit , are they trying to go 'heavy" now vs just being an update of light hearted entertainment? We shall see, but, for now, the teaser.

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Fuller House

Your favorite family joins the Netflix family. Watch Fuller House only on Netflix, all episodes available February 26th, 2016.

When TV isn't TV but is still TV. Read this, it will make sense, I promise

Full seasons, released all at once, are something genuinely new. And we’re just starting to figure out their conventions and aesthetics.

This is an interesting history. Worth a read.

Roku is one of the more interesting companies out there. Today they are known as a streaming set-top box manufacturer; however, they started out being owned by Netflix. 2007 Roku’s story began in December 2007 when Netflix was weeks away from releasing a set-top box to stream Netflix content. When t…