Live: With female trainer, Judy! #WilsonLogistics #TruckerLife

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Tune in at 9:30am today as we speak to female driver and trainer, Judy!

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Kathy Kurth
· February 13, 2018
My husband just started and is loving it so far! If you are thinking about Wil Trans DO IT! Our recruiter Ryan Touchstone has been awesome (and deserves a big fat raise Lisa) I had read nightmare stor...ies about recruiters and Ryan was the total opposite of those. He answered all of my questions, even the stupid ones, and trust me there were plenty lol. He was totally upfront and honest about everything. And when you read about how Wil Trans is like a family, I am here to tell you it's true. Ryan even called me from his grandma's house one day because he hadn't gotten the chance to touch base with us while at work. In fact I am pretty sure we have talked to Ryan more in the last month than we have with our own family lol At some point if you get a chance to deal with Casey (another one that deserves a big fat raise!) she makes it impossible for you to fail! Their rider and pet policy can't be beat either! See More
Robby Dolby
· March 2, 2018
Started with the company in their CDL program and when they say they are a family company they mean it ! All staff are passionate about getting you ready to be a solo driver and will go Above and beyo...nd to get you ready . I did a lot of research and found no company close to what they can offer a new driver . Justin,Tom,Kem,Jeff and Shawn are so talented and make up the training team! Even the program director Justin spent a Saturday with me after working all week to lead by example that Wil-Trans is committed to producing the best ,safe and highly trained drivers . If your looking for a career change like I was then they are an easy choice to make that happen!!! See More
Dylan McClanahan
· February 12, 2018
I went through the training course and got my CDL through them. 10% of the ppl are excellent the other 90% are just ok. The training program consisted of me going with 1 trainer for 2 weeks then comin...g back to do my vel driving test. Then I got to go home for 4 days and had to head back on the road the following Monday. I sat around in Springfield for 4 more days that I could of been home with my family. Finally the trainer I ran teams with showed up and was half way a respectful guy at first and then turned into the biggest ass hole known to man and made me drive every night shift and wouldn't speak to me when I tried to get him to switch shifts with me. All of the night shifts and him being an ass hole caused me to save all my money on my comdata card and with draw it when we got to Atlanta and I told him to stick it up his ass I was flying home. Got back to the terminal in Springfield and no one would speak to me and they personally lied to my face by telling me I could get a local job in 6 months of driving for them when I went back and they found out I had picked up a different local job they changed their minds and said if I would of stayed with my trainer another week they could of offered me a local job. One of the 2 statements was a lie. They also told me when I started that I would be home every 3-5 weeks by the time out was my option. 7 almost 8 weeks later I had seen Missouri for 45 minutes and they for sure weren't trying to get me home. Last but not least out of the time I spent there I met around 15-18 ppl going through the training program and as of today only 3 of those ppl are still driving for them. He'll of a turn around right hahaha the recruiters will tell you what ever you want to hear just to get you in there See More
Zak Quinn
· January 18, 2018
As just turning 21 I decided to make the decision and commitment to become a over the road truck driver. You will start with recruiting my recruiter was Maryann a very sweet amazing lady who always co...ntacts you. Just make sure you get the job and documents done. When approved you get a bus ticket or however way there. You go to the hotel on a Sunday and get a roommate, you may be by yourself if your lucky. Monday comes and you meet the amazing training staff and a classroom experience and a tour of the facility and what wiltrans is. It’s not just a company, you aren’t just a number. They make you family and want you to succeed. You will get a physical and have to get your permit if you don’t have one in a two day span upon arrival. You learn shifting, backing, road training until you go on the road with a trainer for two-three weeks of non cdl training and come back a week or two days before your test date to get your cdl. I was so blessed to have the amazing training from Sean and Jeff those guys are the best and will teach you everything you need to know so you can pass your cdl. Just getting my CDL on 1-17-18. This is the company you should give a try because they are really a family.

Thanks WilTrans!!!
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Troy Leonard
· March 19, 2018
This company is amazing I have been driving 14 years and never had a company treat me like wil trans they treat me and my wife like family if your looking for a place to work this is it