As much as we miss Tyler we are really excited with our new string heavy sound. This is us at our Sunday night rehearsal reworking Hard Earned Youth. Bear with us on the iPhone sound quality. Enjoy!
Tyler showing off his new tuning on the acoustic... preview of coming attractions folks!
Trent recording Love's a Myth

Here's another! Please check it out and show some love. Thank you all!

Hello everyone! Here's a little cover by my brother, Trent & I! A different style from my norm, but let's be real, Trent's insanely talented and I had to sho...

Hey WRH fans, check out Trent and his sister Sydney cover a radio-hit. It's not your average cover!

Happy Holidays everyone! This is my ridiculously multi-talented brother, Trent. The two of us are starting a band & should be putting out some original mater...